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19th Yorkshire (EU) - All Detatchments + EU4, HOI4, ArmaIII and more!

[19th] Fringo

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[19th] Fringo



The 19th are a friendly EU based regiment consisting of members from all nationalities (including American!). We have various large weekly Mount and Blade events for all detatchments, plus weekly games of EU4, HoI4, Arma III, and many other games! We are more of a casual regiment for players who value fun over strict re-enactment, although light-hearted and comic roleplay is not uncommon.


If you would be interested in joining, add "[19th] Fringo" or "[19th] El Presidente" on Steam and give us a message!

Or reply to this thread with your Steam ID and your preferred detatchment, and we'll contact you.



An average 19th Linebattle:

(Video by Nozza)



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