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NARC - Unban Request - Apyr


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    About 1 1/2 monts ago
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    I was on NARC and was getting robbed by a guy and killed him in self defense but had to leave in real life so I wasnt able to give a reason why. I apologize for being on my alt account at the time as it just makes things more complicated. I do request to get unbanned cause I usually don't break the rules with mistakes here and there but all in all am a rule abiding rp'er

Ok so scratch the one above me,



About a week ago I was on NARC and was running a tiny gang called the blueshirts. It only consisted of me and coon I belive. We were KOS for killing an officer in the tavern so we were fleeing to the ruins after discussing in the bank. As we were running to the ruins R_V_S saw us and followed to either kill or arrest os (prolly kill) so as coon retreated to the 2nd floor of the ruin I fought with R_V_S on the stairs and as she backed off I fell off and as I was trying to run around the ruins she shot and killed me. In the moment I was disappointed as I could have avoided it but I was also salty about it so I left the server not thinking much about it cause it would prolly be voided due to rp rules or somthing along those lines. Then today around 12o' clock I try to to join and it says I'm banned and the rest is on the disc. I do belive the ban was worthy bacause if I were responsible and fucking competent for once I would have stayed and explained the situation. I thought Hmph knew the situation enough to just void valid/void it due to rp'ing but I guess my basic understanding of rules in meagre. I hope this is good enough for an unban as the admins are hopefully merciful or understanding.

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As a trial admin avoiding hosting like fire you entered the server undercover (you shouldn't do this) and led to a situation where another admin had to ask for a logban. However, after being fired you haven't learned anything and tried to kill someone in-game and leave the server immediatelyThis time you've hit the ban list.

This is the reason why I put off unbanning you. You will be able to rejoin on Friday or Saturday

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