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  1. Don't post explicit content; racist remarks, people getting hurt, people exhibiting an aggressive behavior or pornography anywhere on the site.
  2. Language or imagery intended to make it unpleasant to be an active part of our community is not permitted anywhere on the site.
  3. Don't attempt to post constantly to improve your rank. Do not pointlessly bump threads. Posting on others behalf is not allowed.
  4. Use common sense when posting. Don't spam whether it be text, images, links or videos. Keep your usernames clean and tidy.
  5. Don't post or otherwise use your own or someone's personal information, photos or any other content which could be considered private.
  6. Don't deliberately harass or troll other posters, or attempt to organise or encourage the harassment or trolling of another individual
  7. We encourage people to use English. Don't DM unwanted messages to our members.
  8. Don't raid us/others. Don't leave a bad impression here or anywhere else. Don't misrepresent our community or impersonate someone.
  9. Don't bait. Use DMs or a mediator to solve quarrel.
  10. Applications and complaints require posts to directly relate to the topic.


By using our services you agree to these terms and confirm you've also read what's stated in our Privacy Policy as well as our Terms of Service.

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