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-NSFW Content is not permitted anywhere on the site

-Bigoted or discriminatory language/content is not permitted 

-Do not spam or attempt to post constantly to improve your rank

-Do not pointlessly bump threads

-Avoid "necro'ing" threads; make a new thread instead of bumping one that died long ago

-Do not post your own personal information or the personal information of other players

-Do not deliberately harass or troll other posters, or attempt to organise or encourage the harassment or trolling of another individual

-Posting on others behalf is not allowed. If they are banned from forums they most try to contact staff directly to make a judgement whether they can be unbanned to put in their own unban app.

-Your signature may not contain any nsfw content. Your signature should not be too long; any embedded videos or images should ideally be put into a spoiler using the spoiler tool if they take up much space.

-Your avatar may not contain any content prohibited by the site's rules.

-"Official" Threads (admin applications, complaints, medal applications etc) are to be kept free of posts unless they directly relate to the matter at hand. Do not post in these threads until you have something legitimate to contribute to the discussion. Your personal opinion of the person who made the thread, or your take on the events (unless you were present and are able to provide a secondhand account) are not a legitimate contribution. Attempts to derail a thread or defame a poster will be treated as harassment. Leave it for the staff.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in disciplinary action.

If you need help with anything, Contact any of the Moderators/Webmasters.

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Forum Ranks

Soldat de Première - 0 Posts - premiere.png.481eb61be0c90bd176df21356c7

Caporal - 25 Posts -  Caporal.png.3050227b6ed73d4dc036d880db6b

Caporal-chef - 50 Posts - Caporal-chef.png.1b4045b8f66cbc1be8ed992

Caporal-chef de Première Classe - 75 Posts - 5a443e481e627_Caporal-chef_de_premire_cl

Élève Sous-officier - 100 Posts - 5a443e6aa315f_Sergent_appel.png.a1634e1b

Sergent - 125 Posts - Sergent.png.f36c27d6ef901e6864e34e0f2531

Sergent-chef - 150 Posts - Sergent-chef.png.d6d391f2e7f07f39370b170

Adjudant - 175 Posts - Adjudant.png.4716d11560b95f8b07a7b729896

Adjutant-chef - 200 Posts - Adjudant-chef.png.bacc098c2a0c30d3bfa724

Major - 225 Posts - Major.png.ab625bab19206b0d0e69b796c41f57

Aspirant - 250 Posts - Aspirant.png.2f5b9958aaabf4737ba94aff86a

Sous-lieutenant - 275 Posts - Sous-lieutenant.png.2f5fd5c9a3774d6f7496

Lieutenant - 300 Posts - Lieutenant.png.711da8d24d9d0de57e5c1d1d1

Capitaine - 325 Posts - Capitaine.png.da9dc2c3ed3e972b26cd396550

Commandant - 350 Posts - Commandant.png.a60b7e5c4423374ed9a3da93b

Lieutenant-colonel - 375 Posts - Lieutenant-colonel.png.db3f3d5c55b998782

Colonel - 400 Posts - Colonel.png.8127a631076e7beb7c4655a2075d

Général de brigade - 425 Posts - 5a4441a19dd7d_Gnraldebrigade.png.bd30e35

Général de division - 450 Posts - 5a4441bdd3137_Gnraldedivision.png.4db042

Général de corps d'armée - 475 Posts - 5a4441d84f5d8_Gnraldecorpsdarme.png.3cf8

Général d'armée - 500 Posts - 5a4441fd3527a_Gnraldarme.png.8c4d92adcb3

Maréchal - 1000 Posts - 5a8db7c9e1d3a_marchaldeFrance.png.8e7023

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