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77th (East Middlesex) Regiment of Foot [Recruiting]

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About the 77thth (East Middlesex)  Regiment of Foot

The 77th is a European-based Regiment on Napoleonic Wars.
Our members range from very experienced with a few years spent on the game to new players that are striving to improve, with all members striving to improve the 77th as well as their personal playing skills. 
The Regiment also provides leadership openings to those who have served with activity, loyalty, and reliability, but are only approved to those who seek leading, providing a relaxed experience for the players who simply wish to play and have fun with their community.
We are not all about the hardcore discipline; or even competitivity. .



Regimental Muster Roll




be.png Colonel. Vegi
russia-flag.png Captain. Lvov
nl.png Lieutenant. Movement

IXhV2vh.png Colour Serjeant. Zoom
be.png Serjeant. Vixtro

Officers: 3
NCOs: 2
Enlisted: 10
Recruits: 29
Total Strength: 39  
russia-flag.png Grenadier. WeeDick 
be.png Grenadier. SqeukyLedo
russia-flag.png Grenadier. 4elovek_Pauk
IXhV2vh.png Grenadier. Celina
95knmFP.png Grenadier. Cookie

epZmKgx.jpg Kingsman. Jonny Vos

russia-flag.png Regular. James Martin
8Dmus6L.png Regular. Dawson
8Dmus6L.png Regular. Piktonss

lS2UbJP.gif Private. Nexon
8Dmus6L.png Private. Kuni
95knmFP.png Recruit. Jack
sjnS6mG.gif Recruit. Alexandre
aDKis5C.gif Recruit. MTeksahin
sjnS6mG.gif Recruit. Michouix
sjnS6mG.gif Recruit. Vaniteez
sjnS6mG.gif Recruit. Theotiste
yPmmLH9.png Recruit. Badbot
8Dmus6L.png  Recruit. Oatmeal
8Dmus6L.png Recruit. Dawson
95knmFP.png  Recruit. Bubba
sjnS6mG.gif Recruit. Sreideur
sjnS6mG.gif Recruit. Jamez
pl.png Recruit. Baranek
de.png Recruit. EpicDude
russia-flag.png Recruit. nick-MONTROUS
8Dmus6L.png Recruit. Piktonss
95knmFP.png Recruit. OldFool
russia-flag.png Recruit. Kek_Lord
yG329A7.gif Recruit. Buzz
95knmFP.png Recruit. Skengman
sk.png Recruit. Urb4ne
russia-flag.png Recruit. MoNaH
russia-flag.png Recruit. Gans
95knmFP.png Recruit. PitchFork
russia-flag.png Recruit. Nestor
8Dmus6L.png Recruit. KrazyNazi
95knmFP.png Recruit. Antloveless
russia-flag.png Recruit. StarCat
IXhV2vh.png Recruit. Ugandan




Regimental Information




Regimantal Screenshots


1v1 vs 5e ! score : 5-5



Regimental Videos



Best moments of Groupfighting against 19th YR(Friendly):



1v1 results:


 5e | 5-5 | 77th 
12pp | 8-2 | 77th 
6eGreh | 5-5 | 77th 
3pp | 3-7 | 77th
2y_Nr12 | 3-7 | 77th
IVe | 9-1 | 77th 
2eFusGre | 3-7 | 77th

Win :3  Lose : 2 Draw : 2


GF Results:

1stelvN | 10-15 | 77th | 5v5
19th | 18-20 | 77th | 7v7
12pp | 20-11 | 77th | 10v10
3pp | 9-15 | 77th | 11v11
1erBG | 7-15 | 77th | 8v8
33rd | 15-7 | 77th | 10v10

Win : 4 Lose : 2


Add: 77th | Vegi, if you want to join our regiment 

Steamlink: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198090772038/

-Ranking Structure-

Non-Commissioned Officers
SjtMaj - Serjeant Major
CSjt - Colour Serjeant
Sjt - Serjeant
Cpl - Corporal

LCpl - Lance Corporal
Gren - Grenadier 
Kgm - Kingsman
Rgl - Regular
Pte - Private
Rct - Recruit

Commanding Officers

Col - Colonel
LtCol - Lieutenant Colonel
Maj - Major
Capt - Captain
Lt - Lieutenant
Ens - Ensign
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