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Regimental Information

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Regiments are player-lead groups who compete in events against one another in Holdfast and Napoleonic Wars. Each regiment has a hierarchy and various ranks you can achieve by performing well, and each regiment is quite unique.

Finding the right regiment for you can mean seeing what various regiments have to offer, such as:
-Geographical location/primary language
-Event schedule
-Rules/style of play
-What units the regiment use (Infantry/Cavalry/etc)
-The people in the regiment itself

Don't just join the big regiments; joining a smaller or newer regiment can be a very exciting experience as you become part of what may become a large presence in the community!
Have a look through the various recruitment threads and see which ones take your fancy!

NRP is currently hosted by the 59th Regiment of Foot, who have their own recruitment thread in this forum.

Note for Regiments:
-Do not spam recruitment threads or pointlessly "bump" your own threads.
-Do not troll or attempt to damage threads made by other regiments
-Your thread can contain whatever media or content you usually use to advertise your regiment but can't break any of the site's rules
-Your thread should contain means for users to get in touch with you
-Please clarify what games you operate in, both officially and unofficially.

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