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We're well aware NW has gained less new players and even fewer has remained throughout the years. Blame the poor graphics, the veterans growing older, the greedy corporation for no sales or their inherit despise of a DLC made by a separate team which gained more popularity than their native counterpart or maybe the rise of four (or five) newer competitors within the same genre with improved graphics and further niches only encouraging the split between U.S. Civil War-, American Revolutionary War- and Napoleonic Wars-enthusiasts. Our campaign and the various other game-mode servers such as NARC and JB still draws some attention from veterans, and with the help of a couple of regiments gain some popularity. The effort into PR and advertisement of these events is on an entire new level of trying to get those tired of the game back into action. Most of which have fun for a while whilst population is high. However, the now dead in-game chat with little politics or real talk doesn't encourage strong new friendships anymore, with the few being interested in conversations already in our discord server.


The management isn't worried though. There will certainly be an influx of newcomers if the Bannerlord server is successful, and whether a native server is temporary with converted game-modes in a medieval setting, or whether we move on to hosting a mod or DLC with NW-content again, or whether we host several different servers at the same time is a discussion to be taken when the alternatives exist. We might otherwise look towards a different game or reshape the purpose of our community, but we'll always aim to be a public organisation, encourage the creation of fellowships and allow for game events.


Skeepr and I rented a Minecraft server a couple months ago for a very attractive price. The server has been prepaid for a year so it runs every day until the end of next year (2021). It doesn't cost a lot to renew, but it'd obviously require a request from the community again to do so. Anyone may join and do whatever with whomever on it. Ethelad has created some puzzles on it. We have some basic protection plugins installed and we are open to admin or even manager applications, just with the sole request that those are somewhat active and promotes the server.


The same goes for this months new servers which by the way are sponsored by ZAP-Hosting.com. Thankfully we now have a way to see in what games interest exist. Currently we host games which are possible to setup with dockerfiles, or rather Pterodactyl eggs and webpanel as we want an easy way for any future admins and managers to work with the servers themselves, even if they lack a lot of expertise in coding. Although, interest in self-learning through guides, or earlier knowledge from admining or hosting similar servers is an excellent merit.


Main NW Servers




Saba's_Roleplay (now NARC_NA_RP)



Secondary Servers

Minecraft @ mc.nwrp.eu:10224

SCP: Secret Laboratory @ srv.nwrp.eu:7777

Garry's Mod - TTT @ srv.nwrp.eu:27015

Project Zomboid @ srv.nwrp.eu:16261

OpenTTD @ srv.nwrp.eu:3979

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