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We're well aware NW is like an expired dairy product by now which gain less new players and even fewer remain. It's a natural death after twelve years since the release and seven years since the first founding of this community. However, the sudden decrease of players can also be linked to the past data attacks on our servers, senior staff retiring during a weak period, other games surpassing the poor graphics, the now adult players with less free time to spend playing games, a corporation which rarely put the game or it's DLCs up for sales, or their inherit despise of a DLC made by a separate team which gained more popularity than their native counterpart and has given them four (or five) competitors on the market aside from the generic mainstream games such as Fortnite and PUBG whom gained players from all other games.


Our campaign and servers still draw some attention. However, the effort that goes into advertisement is on an entire new level which anyone can realize is not sustainable in the long run. Most of those revisiting NW during our events do have fun whilst population is high, but they don't remain on a daily basis. There might be an influx of newcomers if the Bannerlord server is successful, and whether a native server is temporary, or whether we are able to host a server which takes place during the NW period again, or if we'll be able to host scripted servers such as Jailbreak again is something to be discussed when the alternatives exist. Bannerlord Multiplayer died down a month after its initial release, so it is unlikely we will gain a better population there. If that'd be the case, the community should otherwise decide to establish itself where it has a future and a way to get an influx of new members. Our main goal has always been to bring people together. Where and how is just a minor detail.


Main NW Servers




Saba's_Roleplay (now NARC_NA_RP)



Secondary Servers (Find the current password to protected servers in #games)

Minecraft @ mc.nwrp.eu:10224

Valheim @ srv.nwrp.eu:2456

Barotrauma @ srv.nwrp.eu:27015

SCP: Secret Laboratory @ srv.nwrp.eu:7777

Garry's Mod - TTT @ srv.nwrp.eu:27015

Project Zomboid @ srv.nwrp.eu:16261

OpenTTD @ srv.nwrp.eu:3979

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