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Campaign 7.0 Battle Stories


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Tell your stories of the seventh campaign here include battle name and RP a little bit. I will write mine first :)

Battles of the campaign 

Battle of Alderiad/Crisogne Poitres vs Feldersburg, Poitres Victory  September 26


First Siege of Allard Attackers Poitres vs Breytona, Breytona victory  Sept 26th


Alderian Sept 27th Feldersburg vs Poitres, Poitres victory


Breytona vs Poitres, Breytona Victory October 3rd 


Second Sige of Allard Breytona vs Poitres, Poitres took the city, October 3rd 


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The 2nd Siege of Allard. On October 3rd The First Army of the Poitres sets there sights yet again on the city of Allard, last time they suffered utter defeat not even making it to the city walls, can they change the course of battle? The Breytona's confident in there victory with there new skirmisher force and strong cavalry thought they could destroy the Poitres forces in the field of battle again .The scene was a small ranch in a desert where the two armies fought. The Breytonas held a advantageous arty position blasting the Poitres infantry as they tried to advance towards the ranch, while the Poitres arty was disorganized during the battle even forgetting to bring a ramrod. Two assaults on the ranch surrounded by red sand which soldiers later thought was the blood of there comrades. The Poitres broke and routed and retreated to the grassy  plains. Broke and Jolly reorganized their forces as the Breytonas rapidly advanced to there positions. This time the Breytona were on the attack and pushed rapidly towards the Poitres positions. There was a surprise waiting for them Poitres arty that was disorganized had the legendary fighter SneakyPanda manning there arty and rained hell fire on the Breytona forces advancing towards their positions.  The Breytonas for the first time all battle broke and fell back the Poitres went on the offense the following engagement, maybe they forgot that the Breytonas has some of the best arty in the world but who knows the Poitres advance was broken again and retreated. The Breytonas pushed the Poitres back to there arty easily crushing the Poitres cavalry it looked like it was all over for the Poitres. Till a group of Poitres from different company's and different groups held at their arty position as the rest of the army retreated in defeat. The last company fought till their deaths till one man was left and proceeded to stab and kill the Commander of the Breytonas army causing a rout the likes which have never been seen before as the Breytona army retreated to there fortress walls. The Poitres Commander Broke never leaving a opportunity unused rapidly advanced towards  the city using the few remaining grenades' they had left they breached the fortress walls and rapidly scaled them as the Breytona motors rained shells after shell on them. But the Poitres knew this was on there one chance to take the fortress and they would not waste this one chance and kept climbing the walls till there wasn't one Breytona was left in the fort.The day was there for the Poitres at what cost though ? (I am school typing this on a school PC will fix and edit stuff later)   

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Battle of Verono. On October 4th, the Poitrean 1st Scout Army moves to bait the incompetent Felderburgian army into attacking. At first, it seems like the bait might have backfired but then the scouts turn the tide of the battle and win decisively. In his dying breath, uneasy prays to some foreign heathen god (Skeepr) to save his life and overrule Poitrean victory. So a compromise is struck. Uneasy and his army will survive, but there will be a rematch a week later.

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Robert Oconn

Battle of Allard, October 3rd 2020. CSC Bushwhackers patrol the rear line between Poitrean Artillery and the Right flank. Unbeknownst to them the enemy cavalry is thundering towards them. As two break of the Bushwhackers break off and head back towards the line, cavalry crests the hill, headed by a senior officer of breytona, general Macbeth. Hardened by many years on the frontier, our heroes drop to a kneeling position and both fire their shots at the lead horses, instantly killing Macbeth with a well aimed shot to the throat, and the rider behind him in the chest. As the rest of the cavalry comes over the hill to find their commandant dead, one charges in anger and is struck down with a bayonet to the ribs, sending the rest of the cavalry skirting away. 

Officer Safari Permit:

Issued: State of poitres, September 12th 2020

Officer hunting Permit-No exp

Permit No: 191965

Bag Limit-No


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The 2nd Siege of Allard. On October 3rd, From a Common Soldiers View.

It was a cool day, Antidote was hanging out with his friend Tim, they were marching into battle and were suddenly under fire, returning fire and killing a few enemies before then following their officer and reinforcing Friendlies, Unfortunately for most both sides ran out of ammunition and a fierce melee ensued , In the heat of battle Antidote struck down a few enemies but didn't notice the enemy just behind him, Tim jumped in front of the blade and saved Antidotes life but died because of it, which drove Antidote mad and he would then fight with all his will, Striking down enemy after enemy until... there were none left.. although he got many medals and so many loved what he had done, He mourned the loss of his good friend.

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It was a foggy morning. with lots of silence. Everyone was eager to serve their country, but not so eager to die. We were near a stream, silently standing side by side in a line, while Officer Polo made an inspiring speech about King and Country, you know the typical stuff some sod would chant before leading us to our death. 
This is where everything changed. Officer Polo, out of no where pulls out a fishing rod and says "If we're going to die, we might as well die fishing" He then orders us to present on the stream and fire upon the fish.

There we were, cannon balls flying overhead, standing in a stream filled with the blood of my countrymen.. fishing for bass.
At first I thought Officer Polo was bat shit crazy, but then it all made sense after we cooked the fish and ate it.

Officer Polo just kept saying "No man should die hungry"


-Privates Logs 

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The Second Siege of Allard, October 3rd, An Flag-bearer's Account.


It was on that raining dusk flag-bearer Asa awoke to the first volleys of cannon and musket. It was upon these first shots the Poitres soldiers charged into the fray, to make a breach in the Breytonian fortress. Asa was already lagging behind the assault, as the main force left without him. Stumbling, he raised up the flag he carried, and charged across the trenches with those who lagged behind following the colors. As his group approached the main gate, a explosion was heard to the left side of the fortress, sappers and grenadiers had made a massive breach on the walls, clearing a path towards the garrison's headquarters. Asa then raised the colors for the men to follow towards the breach in the fortress. Dozens of Poitres soldiers charged into the breach, into a bitter melee against the Breytonian defenders. Asa stood close to the battle, waving the flag and inspiring the Poitres soldiers in their struggle. Once the first Breytonian line crumbled, the Poitres soldiers charged the last set of defenders to overcome at the headquarters of the fortress. Hearing the intensity of fighting at the Breytonian flag, Asa picked up a musket, realizing his short sword won't be enough to defend the battle flag he has been charged with defending. Gathering himself, he charged into the fray, following after the men of the 84th who cleared the way for a staging point for the rest of the Poitres Army. He then set himself on the left side of the opening, where a brick wall stood whilst he stood stalwart with the colors, inspiring Poitres soldiers for the melee. Breytonian soldiers took note of this, and made every attempt to kill Asa, whether it be shot or bayonet. Nonetheless, he stood stalwart to the flag, having to shoot a Breytonian who went for a flag, and stab another who killed a member of the CSC who was going for Asa next. After some time, the Breytonians were at their breaking point, few of their soldiers remained, and another wave of Poitres soldiers began to storm their flag. Asa then dropped the musket he had been using to defend himself, and raised the Poitres flag high for one final charge to win the day.  The desperate Breytonians committed their last stand as their cannoneers fired their last shots, and charged into battle with only their ramrods to use.  The Breytonian flag started comming down as Asa and the Poitres soldiers fought hard aroud the Breytonian flag. The last shot from a Breytonian mortar however, proved the end of Asa's fight, for the explosion knocked him down from the battle. From the sight of the Poitres flag falling, the Poitres soldiers charged full of zeal to see the fortress fly the colors that waved proudly from the flag-bearer that stood alongside them.


The day was won for Poitres, the remaining Breytonians surrendered upon seeing the flag being lowered, and the remaining Poitres soldiers cheered on for victory. To much luck, Asa was only knocked out from the shockwave of the blast, collecting himself and the the now tattered flag, they both stood proudly once more.



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It all began with 1 tea bag, 2 teaspoons of sugar, 4 fifths water 1 fifth milk, all inside a beautiful mug. This is the story of how world peace was so close, yet so far. It was a cool autumn morning the olive trees of poitres, shaded our army as it advanced through the boggy terrain and at 0900 hours artillery began raining down, everywhere I looked blood and bone filled the air. I grabbed my cup of tea and ran until I met 3 felederburgians also drinking tea just as we reached each other and shook hands ready to begin talks for peace my fellow poitres’ brothers opened fire with canons and muskets, I mustered all my strength to tell them to cease fire, but alas it was useless. 

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The First siege of Allard, The Poitres first army set sights on taking the fort for the first time, little did they know alot of them will be meeting there end trying to make it to the fort wall. The Breytonas tried launching a surprise attack on the Poitres encampment on top of a hill but the Poitres scouts spotted them and the Poitres were prepared blocking any attempts for push up the hill by the Breytonas and holding there positions, The Breytonas knowing they lost spammed prayers to War God to change the map, The War god annoyed accepted these prayers and gave them a change to retreat they held a town by the river with a arty bunker set up on the other side and blasted the Poitres advance towards the bridge on two attempts, Broke sensing they wouldn't win this way knew of another town on  the East with another bridge  and rapidly advanced  towards the town with there full force while the Breytonas on the other side of the river did the same. Then a small Poitres then got to the town and rushed the bridge catching the Breytonas off there footing and inflicted heavy casualties on the Breytonas but with more and more Breytonas showing up by the second they are forced to retreat across the bridge, there second wave across the bridge ended in failure as the Breytonas set cannons overlooking the Bridge and blasted the Poitres forces trying to cross. Some Poitres did sneak around and it but it wasn't enough, the Breytonas with numbers pushed across the bridge and ended the battle.

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Alderian Sept 27th Feldersburg vs Poitres, Poitres victory...
The perspective of TheUneasyAlly leader of Feldersburg: 

The rain ran cold and the wind was strong on the hills of Alderian in the late of day. This was his second time on these damned hills, and his second time leaving battered and wounded. Poitres was determined to defend their land, that was for certain. Breytona stood across the country standing waiting for the two of them to tear each other apart and overwhelm whoever remained. But with every battle, Felderburg grew stronger, the new troops, officers, and even himself had slowly learned what it takes to put up more of a resistance. 

He stood with some of his Kingsguard watching the men pass with their supplies bundled over their backs falling back to the rendezvous point.  The wounded aided by their comrades in arms, as Poitres began to do the same. The first battle of Alderian had shown how new Feldersburg was to this conflict, but this second battle was closer. He smiled, Poitres was strong there was no denying it, but he was beginning to understand them. 

"Until next time..." 

He turned on the word and left the field, looking forward to the next time. 

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"So, the fact was Chinese thinks he is smarter than everyone here
He thinks cuz he hugged the wall and cried for mommy that was a actual win, pfffffff
If you had a single sperm of a man, you would not hug that wall while a horde of cav is charging at you
Did you have a bullet - yes
Did you have a bayonet - yes
Us - sword
Us - lance
So let's picture this
40 vs 60
If everyone shot and landed
It would take out 40 leaving us with 20.
Then let's say everyone knows that bayo vs horse + plus sword or lance would result in the bayonet victory so 20 charge 40 you ez win
But the case was your fac cannot shoot so you say you win skillfully 
The only thing you can do is expect 60 cav to crash in to the world border or crash into your sapper works or into your bayo
Learn to be a man
Learn to have strategies which are not for cowards
Learn to lead
Learn to teach breytonia to shoot
Good Day! Sir"

Poitres commander FazeStar calling Breytona Chinese a coward in a Letter on October 9th

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Second Battle of Chalon, 10km from the city walls
Breytona launches two attacks against the heavily-defended fortress at Chalon. Perhaps the second attack was supposed to join up with the first but somehow got delayed? Who knows.

The battle had been raging for hours and everything looked pretty even, but it was about to tip one way or the other very soon. The young commander of the Felderburg army mounted his horse, his uniform so pristine. Boots had no mud and his tunic was unstained. His sabre clearly had never even left its sheath and his pistol had never actually been fired.


As the battle rages, he cries "Everyone form up around me! We're going to hold on MY position and beat them back from here!" but his orders are unheard or ignored. Or both. Battle-hardened infantrymen charge down the battlefield towards the enemy encampment.  They suffer a few losses.


"Guys, I said form up on me! Why are you charging into the enemy artillery? We're going to lose this battle if you don't follow my orders!" the commander shouts, his voice cracking ever so slightly.

The battle-hardened infantry continue their charge and though they lose three or four men, they storm the enemy position and kill around eight to ten enemy combatants and then pressure the right flank of the enemy army while the left flank is pressured by another battle-hardened line. Their enemies die two by two until the Felderburg infantry outnumberes them 4-1 and have them surrounded on all sides. A resounding Felderburg victory.

"I alone won us this battle" says the commander who, moments before, was in tears because people didn't listen to him.

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Unknown battle [possibly Chalon], October 24th:
Breytonia meets feldish troops mixed with Poitrean reinforcements at a river crossing near Chalon. As the main force of Feldish troops quickly moves to the east to deny scout cavalry a flank, four men of Poitres went west to kill Niko-Chan the terrible, an artillery warlord from the north. The squad, Consisting of two officers; one of the CSC and one of Lazarosi, and a Senior NCO of the CSC as well as a random Feldish Conscript, moves through small creeks south of the main river. As they crest the small hill near a cyprus tree, they come within Twenty meters of a Breytonian line of around Seventeen men, including multiple footguards who were armed with fearmsome grenades. 

Acting quickly the men shot off their rounds into the mass crossing the river, taking them off guard and killing three. Angered by this the still quadruple sized line charged at the scouts, killing the conscript and sending the remainders fleeing. In the confusion, the Lazarosi officer went west while the CSC Men went south back across a creek and up hill. Still being chased by 6 men, the officer proposes a plan. Having seen much fighting together on the NARC Frontier for many years before, both men quickly turned around onto their right knees and began loading while the Breytonians barreled towards the. However neither men were actually loading their firearms, and as the first enemy reached them, they thrusted out with bayonets, hitting the throat and chest of the first two men, then Sergeant Major Gibby drew a large knife and stabbed a third to death while O'connor, the CSC Officer, picked up the musket of the first Breytonian and shot the man following him.

Seeing their squad being utterally demolished by veteran troops, the last two men of the Breytonian detachment turned to eachother, then ran back towards the creek and hill, attempting to reunite with the remaining detachment hunting the Lazarosi. Grabbing two more muskets off of the dead Redcoats at their feet, both Breytonians found themselves with mailslots in the back of their chests, and were soon floating downriver towards Allard. 

Hearing sloshing in the creek both men spin around and see the Lazarosi, grinning from ear to ear with a bloody knife,
"Just like aint it boahs" one of them remarked, and the men began to laugh.

Actual Photo moments before the attack, several of the breytonians can be seen giving chase, and the words of the CSC officer proposing the tactic


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