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Found 2 results

  1. NA NRP-BBG Campaign 1.0 Rules _______________________ The NA Campaign 1.0 gameboard. This gameboard will be displayed on a persistent campaign webpage which anyone with the link can access. Several tokens will be displayed on top of this game board as well. These tokens will represent armies, points and other indicators. This map is entirely fictional and is part of our own NRP/BBG Campaign fictional universe. The outcome of every victory, defeat, or campaign event on this map will influence battles and maybe even campaigns in the future. Campaign Rules Index _
  2. Hello there, fellow Europeans, Africans, Asians and Americans (NA folk)! The new HA of the NA server Broke, Vindication and I are organizing a campaign for this new server but we need help. We are horribly understaffed as far as the campaign is concerned and we desperately need people capable of doing anything related to this. Anyone from anywhere can apply, be you an admin or just a regular player as long as you have skills that can attribute to the benefit of the campaign and the server. I have been asked by Vindication to leave a link to the form here and there is also one posted on our dis
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