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Found 12 results

  1. Chinese_Propaganda

    The Confederation Needs You!

    The Confederation needs you! After various setbacks the Confederation is lacking in officers, ability doesn't matter you just need to be able to read discord! We currently need line infantry officers and a cavalry general, PM me on discord for more info!
  2. The Tax Collector

    Graveyard of the Fallen

    Multiple mass graves of fallen combatants from all factions are found throughout the island. Most of the bodies wear wounds identifying them as killed in action rather then sickness or hunger. The air is somber as passerby's look on as families visit and grieve their fallen kin. Post the details of your character's deaths on here along with who they were, what they accomplished and how they died. As per the rules all soldier characters of a destroyed army die while officers also have a chance of dying. Remember that there will be many armies with most of them being destroyed
  3. The Tax Collector

    Hall of Heroism

    This thread is the main one where you will be able to post all the exemplary actions that you are witness to on the battlefield by your comrades or enemies. This could be clutching, helping the wounded under tremendous fire, assassinating the enemy general from across the map, playing music in the face of bullet-fire or even something like an average soldier rallying his comrades around him when his officer falls dead and bringing them into victory. You may not post for yourself and it must be something you witness firsthand. Screenshots of the person in question or the results of his actions
  4. SacrificialLamb

    Campaign Weekly Summaries

    This thread will be composed of updates weekly campaign summaries written by the staff.
  5. Thanks to our very own Tax Collector, the long awaited NRP campaign is finally finished! Have a read of the rules below! Feel free to comment any Questions you have! The first campaign battle will take place on Saturday July 7th with the campaign movements made during the weekdays leading up to it The faction leaders will be: UK - Shepard Russia - Niroc France - Tax Collector The NRP Campaign Rules and Overview The NRP Campaign is a war simulation game that will attempt to play out smaller-in-scale representation of the real campaign(s) th
  6. SacrificialLamb

    NRP Campaign Mod

    To enhance the NRP Campaign experience, we suggest you download our mod! You will be able to play the game properly with it installed. The mod will retexture your units skins to reflect the factions in our campaign! link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/voc80rr3z223wz2/NRP_Campaign.zip Step 1. Download Link Paste the url in your browser and search, you will find the mediafire page with a large green download button. Its quite a beefy download so make sure to download it soon! Step 2. Rename the original "Napoleonic Wars" Folder. You can only play multiplaye
  7. SacrificialLamb

    Introducing the Faction Leaders!

    Written by Scandy Royal Colonial Overseer of the Crown Colonies Name: (Mayor Elect) Shephard Kemp Player: Shephard Biography: The prominent settlement of Tawny was often seen as the unofficial centre of the Crown Colonies, even prior to the notion of the nation's existence. The arguable breadbasket of the surrounding settlements, it had always been a common source of supplies and manpower for other towns and mayorships as they attempted to further colonise the island. It was among the first of the major towns to suggest the notion of c
  8. Scandypandy

    Campaign Official Discussion

    Chat here about the NRP Campaign; post suggestions, ideas or generally discuss what you're looking forward to as well as what you'd like to see! Updates for the Project can be found here.
  9. SacrificialLamb

    Public Hall of Fame / Shame

    Any noteworthy experiences players had can be posted here (clutch, Mass kills, assassinating the enemy general etc.). The best ones may be incorporated into the Official Weekly summaries. Heroic as well as evil deeds can be included. Screenshots are highly desired.
  10. I have been planning for quite some time to host a form of "Campaign"-in simple terms, a Tournament with a dedicated narrative and progression system. The basics are: -2 or 3 factions -A set map -A system by which the map can be conquered by each faction -A majority of players will fight for whatever faction they choose however regiments can declare their support for one throughout a campaign -A continous storyline and "characters" of regular NRP players Sounds complicated, but could honestly just be done via a few maps of battle RP and some quickly slung together customs. T
  11. Scandypandy

    NRP Campaign: Development Updates

    This thread is dedicated to providing players with Updates regarding the NRP Persistent campaign. Updates to this thread will be shared on discord and steam, too. If you'd like to start a discussion about the project, or make a suggestion, feel free to take them to our discussion thread. Original Announcement
  12. Scandypandy

    NRP Campaign: Leader Applications

    We are now accepting applications to be a Leader of a faction during the NRP Campaign. Leaders will be mentioned a lot during the campaign and will be representing their faction as a whole. Leaders will be very involved with the staff during the campaign, as they are the only ones who can interact with the Map Mechanics. After enough applications have been put out, we will either choose our applicants or hold a vote to select one for each faction. Leaders must: -Be an active and enthusiastic member of the NRP Server/Community -Add the Head Admin of NRP on Steam -Be willing to
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