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  1. KL4R1NO the Indefatigable

    Pepe is a universal language while Rajoy is an esoteric meme that's only shared between Spanish kids and politics nerds When you restrict access to the Discord adminship to a select few, responsibilities come attached (you get to mute/ban people in exchange for running the thing well). The second you stop doing this, and instead leave the Discord (and this site, actually) with no memss for us to use, you have violated the social contract [TM] between us and you. I'm not sure why anyone would need to prove themselves worthy of meme-making to you - you should be the one justifying your admin privileges by making new mems and generally being competent if you have a difficulty sourcing new memes, keep the old ones in place until the new ones are ready (why on earth did you remove the pepz on this site when you have no option but to revert to the vanilla reaaccs?)
  2. KL4R1NO the Indefatigable

    ye the problem with your shit suggestion is that clearly no one high up in the NRP hierarchy is going to stop fingering their anus long enough for them to be able to upload new memes with any semblance of consistency
  3. KL4R1NO the Indefatigable

    Discord invite doesn't work
  4. KL4R1NO the Indefatigable

    aka only real lifeless nerds that were online during every single day of the server's existence
  5. KL4R1NO the Indefatigable

    The only seasonal map JB ever had was 9/11 RP or rather, would have had, had the roaches not roached us in time scuba diving was a weird meme I never fully understood
  6. KL4R1NO the Indefatigable

    Playing the crappy 'Waterloo' map endlessly because there were literally no other large maps
  7. KL4R1NO the Indefatigable

    I bet uve got a lot of experience with teh desabled No, seriously, what does a disability outreach officer do?
  8. KL4R1NO the Indefatigable

    Not surprised that you're doing the job any old Eastern European could do finally some honesty on nrp
  9. KL4R1NO the Indefatigable

    dis gonna be good?
  10. KL4R1NO the Indefatigable

    Thread stealer
  11. KL4R1NO the Indefatigable

  12. KL4R1NO the Indefatigable

    I'd rather be the guy shitting on someone than being the guy being shat on. I've never been too bothered about how the NRP 'tards perceived me.
  13. KL4R1NO the Indefatigable

    Nvm found the ultimate solution to garbage video sigs that take up too much space nothing personal scandy
  14. KL4R1NO the Indefatigable

    Taking shit someone said as a half-joke literally is peak autism. My comment about the clinic seems to be more suitable for you than I thought. Given that you've missed my entire point, and that you're several levels of intelligence below me, I'll just have to wait for Ewok or Scandy to give a reply before buggering off back to the somewhat-literate playerbase on JB. No point in me continuing to have a discussion with someone like you.
  15. KL4R1NO the Indefatigable

    Seriously, people like Minisiege are the sort of retards who end up wiping the fat off a McDonald's deep fryer as a full time job. I doubt that they paid much attention at school.
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