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  1. KL4R1NO the Indefatigable

    Can someone explain why the Times are using this post-apocalyptic image as their cover photo?
  2. KL4R1NO the Indefatigable

    I swear that you're LARPing as a retarded lib right now Did you even watch the video? I don't read the DM - people post links to it, and I click on them when I'm bored
  3. KL4R1NO the Indefatigable

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6273199/Somali-man-deportation-stopped-good-plane-passengers-revealed-gang-rapist.html?ito=amp_twitter_share-top imagine being enough of a cuck to be scared of deporting a passenger because some brownskinned "Brit" tells you that he should be freed
  4. KL4R1NO the Indefatigable

    Discord invite doesn't work
  5. KL4R1NO the Indefatigable

    Why on earth would they ask you that...
  6. KL4R1NO the Indefatigable

  7. KL4R1NO the Indefatigable

    >pew >a NEET pick two
  8. KL4R1NO the Indefatigable

    peak troll attempt
  9. KL4R1NO the Indefatigable

    I love how the ombudsman used what lawyers call a 'fig leaf' in pretending that sexism against men is the reason why they were unhappy with the meme. Let's be honest here - the feminist who saw this wasn't happy with the way in which one chick was disposed of for another. Bahnhod sounds like a rare island of decency in Swedistan. Long may they thrive.
  10. KL4R1NO the Indefatigable

    https://www.thelocal.se/20180925/distracted-boyfriend-meme-is-sexist-rules-swedens-advertising-ombudsman " 'Distracted boyfriend meme' is sexist, rules Swedish advertising watchdog" Whoever wrote the decision seems to have gone through a liberal arts education at some women-only college in the US.
  11. You know that we had to create a new 'Country X is so cucked leleelele' thread, and this is it
  12. KL4R1NO the Indefatigable

    aka only real lifeless nerds that were online during every single day of the server's existence
  13. KL4R1NO the Indefatigable

    The only seasonal map JB ever had was 9/11 RP or rather, would have had, had the roaches not roached us in time scuba diving was a weird meme I never fully understood
  14. KL4R1NO the Indefatigable

    Playing the crappy 'Waterloo' map endlessly because there were literally no other large maps
  15. KL4R1NO the Indefatigable


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