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  1. cinnaman348

    Hey man. The 2nd and last picture are good for the clutch medal yes. The clutch medal is currently made in a way that high kills don't generally tie in too much so even NW noobs can clutch a round every once in a while and get a cool medal. You have been awarded the medal! That being said, if somebody posted images and a good explanation of how while they might not have been the literal last one alive in the round, but they clutched for their team because "blank blah blank" and have a lot of kills, other people alive are like 0-3 while you are like 15-0, or something like like that with explanation and good screenshots that explain it all, that might also be okay. Instead of making another award like that, might need to edit the current Clutch medal requirements, we will see. Also making a max one or two "I killed a bunch of people" awards might be okay later on, but I like them to promote good server and roleplay elements that everyone can get, whether good at the game or not. To everyone else: the medal system is pretty easy to change when something needs to be steered differently for the players. If you do not meet the listed requirements for an award, but post evidence that makes us say "well that is definitely deserving of the "blank award", requirements can be changed on the fly if needed. Stick to the requirements best you can, but if you got something that might surprise us, feel free to post it and see if we like it. Thanks for applying you beautiful butterfly.
  2. cinnaman348

    Yeah okay, nice job. Nice story and screenshots, you have been awarded the medal. Also you can make several medal requests in one application instead of posting seperate ones if you like. Your distinguished service medal was denied on account of having zero information and it being blank. Feel free to apply again sometime when you actually have something as reasoning for a medal other than "give medal pls". -cinnaman348
  3. You @'d me in discord with this insinuating I am a weeaboo. I am not a weeaboo, I just really like anime and cute girls. There is nothing wrong with liking really cute girls and animation art. You people think liking anime is weeb, but you don't even know what REAL weeb is. If I really am a weeb, I am a very high functioning weeb.
  4. cinnaman348

    Okay thank you. Well that explains that part. For your application though, really just need more. Or if you do post less than wanted, make a good story and interaction to help push the reasoning of getting a medal. Thanks for applying, but have more than just an image of you selecting a unit for the Orchestral Medal.
  5. cinnaman348

    Okay so, I don't understand. I have seen several of these now exactly like this and don't understand why. I counted and the medal you requested "13" is the clutch award, not even the Orchestral medal. Just say you want the Orchestral medal, you don't have to count what number it is. Look at attached image, does it look like that for everyone else or is it just broken for me? As for the Orchestral Award, give a story and why you should get it. "I picked a musician unit and want a medal" isn't good enough, and that is what it looks like. You were in spawn playing bagpipes on D-Day, an image of you up the wall playing despite dudes dying all around you is "unwavering dedication to music on the battlefield" - taken from the Orchestral medal's description. But you were just in spawn playing a bagpipe, everybody does that all the time. The medals really aren't supposed to be nazi or anything, but you have to give us something to award other than "I picked a musician unit gib shiney medal shekels". So if the Visual Proof at the bottom didn't work for you, go ahead and edit them. Or give more screenshots and why you should get it, otherwise it is denied for lack of info and "give medals mang".
  6. cinnaman348

    @Rhodesian Floppy The Visual Proof 1-4 aren't links, try to fix that if you can. For the sapper award you don't show you have the sapper unit selected if you are dead which you were because of the spectating angle, and there is another guy as sapper there making it. Also do not use sapper planks horizontally on top of sandbags and what not like that, it isn't good sapper form and isn't fun for players to play with. They are abnormally hard to break and easy to place, not very fun to deal with. For the Orchestral medal, all you showed you did was pick a cav trumpet unit in cav v cav rp. Show playing in groups on different rounds/maps or as different factions/instruments for the Orchestral medal, all you did was pick a unit. Leadership medal wise, same as Orchestral medal really, you just posted 2 pictures of you playing officer. The first image was close to being what we were looking for, if you get them to play along with you all being sneaky and all crouching, things like that get you the Leadership medal. We can't give medals for just picking units, medal inflation would happen and it wouldn't be fun to get medals/fair to those that really deserve them. Thanks for applying, but try to re-read some of the medal requirements for next time, and always try to have more information than you need, as much as possible helps us and helps you. https://nwrp.eu/awards/category/1-achievements/ -cinnaman348
  7. Yes I was lucky enough to talk to @Meow for an hour straight about his medals so I am very aware of his award situation and ambitions. Cavalry Captain's award is good to go, I was admining when it happened and the French cav really was killing a lot of the UK inf. I see four dead infantry there, and taking consideration of what I saw, your scoreboard posts which we don't love for medals but still, I think the Cavalry Captain's award is safe to be given to you. The Captain's Medal seems good to me, you have different unique units being lead by you, simple there. You even included the unit names, looks like a nice random, wish I stayed on a little longer for it. Random deserts are my favorite thing about NRP, they are perfect. Distinguished Service, your reasonings are sound, and you have been very active in the discord and in game recently. You have grand behaviour, and are one of the more enjoyable people to talk to; whether it be small talk on discord to you DMing me for an hour straight about your damn medals you didn't understand, you are a beautiful butterfly and it was nice to talk to you about your large interest in the medal system. You have been awarded all three medals, thank you for applying and being a great NRP community member. Your awards are on discord and I will add on forums in just a moment. You also have Decorated status now, changing hoisting and color on discord. For everyone else, achieve the Leadership and/or Distinguished Service medal to get the Decorated Status. Alternatively, you can get enough officer/personal medals without the two previously mentioned awards and earn it that was as well. Thanks again, cinnaman348
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  9. cinnaman348

    I love women's voices, and I unironically love a lot of eastern Asian music, but mainly woman vocals. Also consider using the "Spoilers" function of the forums if you are going to be posting a lot of videos. Not a big deal but no need to have an entire page of just a ton of spam copy paste of one person's songs. Can help it look nicer if you want to post a bunch of songs. In your post just click the eye symbol and post videos inside the "Spoiler" box if you want to share several songs. Or you can also use hyperlinks.
  10. cinnaman348

    Nice job you have been awarded the medal, thank you for applying. 2 rounds, same people, lots of places on the map, all good stuff. That one flute guy even has a ramrod, well memed @Wiggles Rip that guy in the last picture, but you now have medal on forums and discord. Orchestral medal is nice because you don't have to do a ton but just have fun with other players in a way some people just don't normally play. And you never have to explain people what to do, they just naturally make the lines and march together with you, is pretty nice. Edit: Wiggles talked to me and added some names of the other musicians that are interested in credit and being awarded as well; simply message me on steam, discord, direct message on forums, or reply to this thread and we can assign them to you. [1PWRR] Camjovetz has already been asigned to forums, but just message me what your name is on discord and we can give you there as well, I couldn't find you on the member list.
  11. cinnaman348

    Who cares if it is with Pres, Scandy made a proffesional post saying he would look into it and check logs. This is why NRP is great because players are taken care of when they have a problem, and are made so they can understand why something happened. Wurst's post looked fine to me personally. Minisiege there ins't a reason for you to harrass @Wurst for making an official complaint after Scandy himself addressed it and said he would look into it. If you or anybody else doesn't have a good reason to be commenting don't post on the thread. Complaints are for all NRP members to feel heard and understood as to why something was done the way it was and we don't need somebody shitposting to the next degree on his post especially when he is properly responding to your posts when he just wants it to be known to others.
  12. cinnaman348

    Since it looks like this is going to be a thread for suggesting a bunch of medals, I assure you everything is being read and when medal shakeups come and medal changes are done the ideas in this thread will be taken into consideration as actual awards or inspiration for different ones. Thank you for making suggestions!
  13. cinnaman348

    @thalkhe Yes of course no problem. You can apply again for the same award. If you need help putting more images into the thread message me and I can help you out.
  14. cinnaman348

    @thalkhe Are you applying for the Orchestral medal? For the Orchestral award you need more than just a screenshot of playing an instrument. Anybody can spawn in for one round and find some other musicians to play next to, not really worth an award. Reapply sometime with information beyond "I picked the musician unit and found some other dudes to play next to". Give reasons why you "Show unwavering dedication to music on the battlefield." -taken from the Orchestral medal's description. You can all check the exact requirements at: https://nwrp.eu/awards/category/1-achievements/ Thanks for applying, reapply in the future with more reasons why you should be given the Orchestral award.
  15. cinnaman348

    I like the idea, though it may be hard to prove the person that was prisoner was the one that was rescued. Would be easy to show he didn't die, just spectate his name or look at him if you are still alive. A "Rescue" award could be cool I think. I mentioned it to the others and we can make it a medal, but if people fail to achieve it or it is too hard it will be removed like all the other medals. Thank you for your suggestion.
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