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    /d owo
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    "I should get unbanned because everyone loves me and I'm a popular figurehead"

    the restored log cabin on Champ Elysee (raining) is a more popular figurehead of NRP than you are

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    Russian Revolution wasn't a peaceful demonstration, and when people fight it's usually called BATTLE. So if you wanted to play BATTLE you could vote on second option. Also while playing cav vs cav you also fight, and it's called BATTLE. I don't know why have you posted this ¿complaint? Maybe you didn't know what BATTLE means?
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    Wonder who killed you >:)
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    Outnumbered 7:1, (14:2) two Confederate volunteers attempted to hold the Republican hordes at bay while their regiments regrouped.
    El Presidente was the sole survivor of the encounter, the blood of seven men infused to the tip of his bayonet.

    This is to commemorate that fateful day, for the few who are reached by fame and adoration, and the many who are not.
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