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  1. JewishFairy

    maybe 24/7 naval server
  2. JewishFairy

    army vs villagers huh
  3. JewishFairy

    what the fuck is this shitty game
  4. JewishFairy

    ur mom also gay
  5. JewishFairy

    and u r gay
  6. JewishFairy

    regs r gay
  7. JewishFairy

    i miss JewishWizard, JewishSorcerer or JewishFairy (?) idk
  8. JewishFairy

    NRP Username: JewishFairy Character Name: Jewinho Delagayniggeroix Faction: Grande République GUID: 1631972 Why do you want a character: soldier btw ill leave my comrades and run away
  9. JewishFairy

    op retardini
  10. JewishFairy

    i have idea, we can do a
  11. JewishFairy

    best: battle, hostage, NAVAL worst: assassination, helms deep, cav vs cav
  12. JewishFairy

  13. JewishFairy

    Jestem z Polski i lubię andrzeja dudę i pierogi, wierz mi
  14. JewishFairy

    its time to tell the truth tak, jestem robakiem i lubie grać na flecie, wybierz mnie