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  1. Kinree

    wow nice PROPAGANDA right here Our Lord NEON did NOTHING wrong Soon NRP will be reorganised into the first NeonSiege server. Remember that Lord is ALWAYS with us and nothing can stop him The plan continues
  2. Kinree

    Peak of American culture
  3. Plz post based music from your country Plz no rude songs okay g-guys :)))))))))))
  4. Kinree

    ye, this is why i said that neon is the best haha yes
  5. Kinree

  6. Kinree

    You all chicken wings fanatics can't spell two words huh. Okay, I'll help you, First you take "J" the tenth letter in english alphabet. Find it on your keyboard (the big thing with buttons) and press it! Next step is finding the letter "A". Got it? Good, now click it! Now we do the same, BUT for the letter "I". That was a bit harder but im happy that you made it! Okay friend now you should find the letter "L" and click it. Wow, you are getting better at this. Now find "R". Wow, you didn't even need help. This will be easy, because you have to find the "A" letter (yes, again!). It is time for the letter "C". Press it! And the final one - ===E=== Okay if everything went fine you should now have your pee pee stuck in a toaster Btw the best altmode is NEON RP ayy lmao
  7. That's Komandos, me, Moszniak und SovietT34 true chad epic despacito gaming group
  8. Dimitry you nog i told you to do something about it ehhh
  9. Kinree

    The plan continues
  10. Kinree

    ye soccer best game boy
  11. Kinree

    H A H A J A
  12. Kinree

    just a little chicken cheep cheep
  13. Kinree

    Babushka best girl