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  1. Info: Name: Joeriig Age: 22 GUID: 1417987 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198037824128 Hours in-game: 1682 Previous Admin Experience: I helped develop both campaign 1.0 as well as campaign 2.0. I made maps, announcements, made in-game map screenshots, was admin and was HA during the first campaign. Vouches: @Wilhelm_II@Gay_ningaja @Predator @WaterPolo @diomedes @Ethelad @Greybeard @Wiggles @Darling Reason(s): Although I stopped being an admin, I never really stopped helping the NRP server. I feel that its easier to plan the events etc when I am actually part of the admin team. This way I can help out as well as hop on during the low-pop hours. Don't expect much more activity from me but I will always try to help out! Etiquette and Server Rules: Don't teamhit/teamkill, don't delay the round, don't waste BP's, don't spam chat, don't troll arty, don't kick players (of ledges), Don't Rambo, (in some cases) Don't kill surrenders, Don't continuously personally attack other players/admins/officers, Don't pick on one player with a large group, Don't abuse Admin tools/panel, Don't abuse external admin chat, Don't spam internal admin chat, explain admin actions before you do them, be friendly to the players on the server, don't threaten players in an abusive manner, try to revive players when the round has just started and they havent spawned yet, don't use any racist/abusive/curse words in purple admin chat, beacon the last player(s) in a long match and be nice RP's: Low pop Battle RP (1;1) [Dont delay, teamhit and troll] - last man standing Battle RP (1;1 Officer beacons) [Dont delay, teamhit, troll, waste BP, Rambo] - last man standing Cowboy/western RP (1;1 pick small map, set officers to 100% or enforce officers (not necessary)) {Crouch all players, delete all weapons, Add pistols as well as pistol carts or refill ammo, decrouch players} [Dont delay, teamhit and troll] - last man standing Assassination RP (1;4, pick ass map, enforce partizani for russia, switch general between maps) [Dont delay, teamhit and troll] - Gen dies, round over russ wins. Gen reaches russ spawn, round over gen wins. Double Assassination RP (1;1, pick (double) ass map, enable (1-3) gens per side, switch general between maps (beacon gens optional)) [Dont delay, teamhit and troll] no gens left, other team wins. Cav vs Cav RP (1;1, pick large open map, force cav and 100% cav, halt players at spawn and let them do a speech (optional) have them walk, trot, run and finally march and draw sabers upon closing in on eachother (optional)) [Dont delay, teamhit and troll] - last man standing Cav vs Cav RP (x;1 - start with 1;2, pick large open map, force cav on team 1 and 100% cav, force partizani/militia on team 2. halt players at spawn and let them do a speech/formation (optional) have them walk, trot, run and finally march and draw sabers upon closing in on eachother (optional)) [Dont delay, teamhit and troll] - last man standing Pike RP (1;1, pick bridge/ambush/small map {Crouch all players, delete all weapons, Add pikes, decrouch players} [Dont delay, teamhit and troll] - last man standing (optional pike formation) It has been a few months so pls forgive any errors in the RP's.
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    Battle of Livington
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    All of your suggestions are good polo! I would also like to see an "auto slay X tk's hits & X minute inactive players" functionality and a functionality that dm warns rambo's and slays them after X minute. A good functionality would also be to have beacons switch to sergeants after the captain has been killed. A somewhat harder and more controversial suggestion is to have auto set up RP's which can be run by the server itself; nothing beats a human touch but the reason the siege server's are so successful is that they dont require admins to work and can therefor be played on all the time.
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    @Noob Yes there will be 2 custom maps specially made for this event
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    looking forward to it!
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    NRP Username: Joeriig GUID: 1417987 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198037824128/ Preferred Faction: GR Preferred Role: General - (Infantry Officer) Why you'd like to lead: I would like to help my faction out! I may not be available every weekend but when I am, I would like to participate!
  7. joeriig

    Hey Legolas, You will be unbanned; You will be able to enter the server after the earliest reset! Make sure you read and remember what scandy said to you. Follow the rules or we will perm ban you again, its not funny and childish. Have fun and welcome back! Joeriig
  8. joeriig

    Hey there alex! Thank you for applying! You are relatively young but still you really want to help run the server! This actually means a lot to me and the team! It's a great compliment! I hope you are enjoying the server so far! You still have quite some years of mount&blade ahead of you and that's totally fine! You are free to explore the many mods, servers and possibilities this game has in store for you! I am really happy you discovered NRP and share our joy for the Napoleonic setting! We wont accept you as an admin as I don't think it fair to require such a commitment to a single server from you quite yet! Making you responsible for our server is something I wont burden you with! You may very well be in the next generation of admins, but for now just enjoy the server with us as a player! Thanks again for showing such interest and I wish you all the best! Have a good evening! Joeriig
  9. joeriig

    Hello Dark, Good to see you finally returning to the server! You are a good guy. You love to be involved but your server activity as scandy already showed isn't that great! I will therefor have to reject the application for now but I would like to make a proposition as well. As you are quite active on our discord, why don't you join the server as comm-staff? We can always use an extra hand on the forum and our discord as well! We will see how determined you are based on your activity there. Contact @Meow, our new head of comm-staff for the details! Thank you for applying and have a great evening darkie! Joeriig
  10. Hey jack! Thank you for applying once again! Its good to have loyal players around and I hope you are having fun in the campaign! If I am honest with you, I am not entirely sure if you are "admin material" so to speak. As an admin you will be exposed to hordes of salty players, something you wont be able to handle judging by your attitude. If you have a tendency to take offense quickly and act on it, I'm not confident enough to give you access to the admin panel. this app will be resolved pretty quickly as I personally have very little confidence in your capabilities as an admin! My advice is to enjoy the server with us as a player! Although you are not to be accepted as an admin, you can still have fun! The server population is growing again so I hope you make good use of it by fighting some memorable battles! I'm sorry to disappoint you jack and I wish you a good evening! Joeriig
  11. Hello Arno, admins and players, Thank you for wanting to help the server out Arno! We are always looking for enthusiastic people to fill the admin-ranks, be it 59th, people from other regs or randoms. For us, it doesn't matter what regiment you come from or what games/mods you play. Seeing how this little situation became quite big in my absence, I hope to finally put it to rest by covering the entire argument and judging this application! Before I begin with judging the application I want to take a moment to explain what i will be doing here. I will start by talking about the situation that led to the sudden arrival of Wookie, Struyvenzand and Arno; Its really not that exciting and a great example of miscommunication, but we need to clear that up first! Second, I will check the logs and quote some of the conversations here, be it good or bad! Finally, I will go over every point, vouch and devouch that became this entire discussion. Although i dont want to judge every application this extensively, I feel like this needs to be done in a transparent and constructive way. This way, I hope to come to a worthwhile conclusion and judge your application based on this conclusion. The "59th Recruiting Admin" misunderstanding the situation At the end of last week, somewhere between wednesday July 11th and Friday July 13th, one of our discord moderators known as Pew Pew You're Dead added three previously unknown people to the discord staff by giving them the "admin role"; A discord role which allows a user to see the otherwise hidden staff channels on the server. These three people are Wookie, Jan_Struyvenzand and Arno. Friday July 13th, I (Joeriig) have posted a message accepting Wookie as a Trial-admin (TA) on our server, posting it on the internal staff announcements channel. Sunday July 15, Arno posted his admin application on our forum; He was the only one of the three to do so. Between Saturday July 14th and Sunday July 15th, Wookie, Jan_Struyvenzand and Arno were with my permission kicked from the discord staff quarters by removal of the of discord admin role. My personal story The entire situation was both confusing and unnecessary; it also resulted in a few heated discussions that could have easily been prevented. I will now go over my personal experiences and the conversations as the situation alone doesn't make much sense yet. It will shed light on my actions as well as pew's decision to add them. This way, I hope to clarify the confusion that is still present. Last week, pew approached me asking if I white-listed Wookie yet. Until that point I didn't hear about wookie and didn't know what he was in context with the server besides being from 59th. Later on, Arno and Struyvenzand appeared and I pretty much figured they were in the same boat as wookie. Note that i haven't heard anything about the 59th "Recruiting admin role" so far. I was not aware of such a role and if we once did have such a role, it no longer seems to be in effect. Basically this was the cause of the entire misunderstanding. I cant enforce rules I am not aware of and after doing some research on the 59th forum, I couldn't find anything there either. Everything points to the fact that this rule is no longer in place, at least to the extent that it is to be enforced! Pew felt that they didn't need to apply because of this old rule; They would have just been 59th Recruiting admins. In contrast, I do feel that they need to apply if they want to help the server forward. In my confusion, I accepted wookie as TA, something I shouldn't have done as I will now request an application from him as well. From now on every player that wants to become admin will have to do an admin-application, something I wasn't able to enforce last week due to the campaign and my recent absence. I felt like this needed clearing up first in order for us to proceed to the applications of Arno. His sudden addition to our discord is not his fault at all, so its not fair to blame him for that. We will now proceed to the logs! The logs 07-11: No activity 07-12: No activity 07-13: Joined - 17:41:36 left - 19:07:52 07-14: Joined - 17:43:03 left - 18:55:03 joined - 20:03:23 left - 21:29:12 07-15: Joined - 16:53:51 left - 18:59:08 joined - 20:01:46 left - 21:35:23 07-16: Joined - 18:27:52 left - 20:20:57 07-17: Joined - 15:33:05 left - 23:44:48 (in between pauzes) Your activity is quite alright! although you are sometimes alt tabbed on the server, you are on every late afternoon/evening - enjoying the server as a player. Note that you have to be active after you join too, we dont do "backup admins"! I would just like to make that clear before I start. Although its quite logical we have had tons of admins become inactive after being white-listed. Also, you dont have to be an admin to enjoy the campaign as an officer. Being admin encompasses far more than only the campaign weekends! I hope you realize that as you still haven't applied for an officer but chose to apply for admin straight away. I know that pew invited you as an admin/officer but if you intend to continue the campaign as an officer, I would like to ask you to apply for your officer-character on our forum instead! The arguments --------------------------------------07-17 teamkill accident----------------------------------------- 21:33:35 - Vik teamhit TurboHyena 2 health. 21:33:35 - 20th_trp_Hunter40000 teamhit TurboHyena 1 health. 21:33:37 - 1stEB_HussFc_ThatGuy <img=ico_spear> Vik 21:33:38 - TurboHyena <img=ico_spear> 1stEB_HussFc_ThatGuy 21:33:38 - Gay_ningaja teamhit 20th_trp_Hunter40000 9 health. 21:33:41 - 59th_Crt_Arno <img=ico_spear> twittle_my_diddle 21:33:41 - 59th_Crt_Arno teamkilled twittle_my_diddle. 21:33:41 - BigCup has left the game with ID: 291201 21:33:42 - Diomedes teamhit Kubolakuba 9 health. 21:33:43 - Ragnarcock teamhit TheFatGut 2 health. 21:33:43 - 20th_trp_Hunter40000 <img=ico_swordone> degenerate 21:33:44 - [59th_Crt_Arno] wtf -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This teamkill is an accident - accidents happen. A single hit ended up killing twittle. No problem here! -----------------------------------------------07-14 Discussion---------------------------------- 18:31:51 - [59th_Cornetto_Arno] im half tempted to just purge you for retardation 18:31:58 - [65thFLB_SgtMaj_Dimitry] you dont have admin 18:31:59 - [65thFLB_SgtMaj_Dimitry] lol 18:31:59 - [Don_Francisco] "Purge" 18:32:02 - [65thFLB_SgtMaj_Dimitry] they rejected your app 18:32:03 - [59th_Cornetto_Arno] oh really 18:32:19 - [59th_Cornetto_Arno] You know I just got re-added today hm? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I cant accept this behavior, you weren't an admin and you threatened a player. We cant have this on our server - remember I see everything! --------------------------------------07-13 discussion---------------------------------------------------- 18:40:54 - [Diomedes]: not even spawned in and complaining about people 4 people having admin horses 18:40:56 - [59th_Cornetto_Arno] come on a different server if you want to do it 18:41:04 - [59th_Cornetto_Arno] no point in abusing the admin abilities 18:41:04 - [Predator]: ye this fag 18:41:08 - [Predator]: i dont like him 18:41:11 - [Gay_ningaja] abusing 18:41:12 - [Gay_ningaja] as in 18:41:19 - [Gay_ningaja] plaing on server 18:41:20 - [SacrificialLamb] lets keep a cool head here 18:41:24 - [59th_Cornetto_Arno] as in teleporting me for no reason 18:41:26 - [SacrificialLamb] we re all on the same team 18:41:30 - [SacrificialLamb] its been allowed arno 18:41:31 - [Gay_ningaja] do u seee me teleporting u 18:41:32 - [SacrificialLamb] it was changed 18:41:37 - [Gay_ningaja] because i ain't 18:41:39 - [Gay_ningaja] maybe on not live 18:41:46 - [SacrificialLamb] is allowed nowadays 18:42:07 - [59th_Capt_Wookie] No wonder this server has been brought to the ground 18:42:11 - [SacrificialLamb] you mean 18:42:11 - [Gay_ningaja] yea 18:42:13 - [Diomedes] lol 18:42:14 - [Gay_ningaja] all the admins fault 18:42:15 - [[GR]Mariando_Phelomene_Date] Wow 18:42:15 - [SacrificialLamb] it was brought to the ground last summer 18:42:19 - [SacrificialLamb] when pew was HA 18:42:20 - [Diomedes]: that is really pathetic 18:42:24 - [Gay_ningaja] figured out pretty quick i'd say 18:42:25 - [SacrificialLamb] then again early this year 18:42:27 - *DEAD* [SacrificialLamb] and came back? 18:42:31 - [59th_Capt_Wookie] cough pres cough 18:42:34 - [Diomedes]: why would he say something like that 18:42:36 - [[GR]Mariando_Phelomene_Date] If Im right the server got ddos from 59th 18:42:40 - [Gay_ningaja] well press was shit 18:42:42 - [Gay_ningaja] can't argue there 18:42:42 - [Gay_ningaja] can't argue there 18:42:43 - [Predator]: Dio he gay 18:42:45 - [SacrificialLamb]: It didnt date 18:42:46 - [59th_Cornetto_Arno] 59th owns the server you nonce 18:43:05 - *DEAD* [SacrificialLamb] I made the change arno 18:43:11 - *DEAD* [SacrificialLamb] and if you wanna say I didnt help bring the server back then fine 18:43:19 - *DEAD* [SacrificialLamb] but our recent pop speaks for themselves 18:43:26 - *DEAD* [59th_Cornetto_Arno] what are you talking about? 18:43:28 - [Predator]: who made him join 18:43:33 - *DEAD* [SacrificialLamb] I made the rule change 18:43:33 - [Predator]: i bet its pew guy 18:43:34 - [Predator]: ffs 18:43:36 - *DEAD* [59th_Cornetto_Arno] The only reason I am here is because I want to hep the server 18:43:39 - *DEAD* [SacrificialLamb] to allow admins to spawn in stuff in not live 18:43:40 - *DEAD* [SacrificialLamb] Yes I meant 18:43:42 - *DEAD* [Gay_ningaja] lol 18:43:44 - [Diomedes]: pew got him admin yes 18:43:48 - *DEAD* [SacrificialLamb] You claim this was why the server is brought low? 18:43:50 - [Predator]: he is shit 18:43:52 - [Predator]: bann 18:43:53 - *DEAD* [SacrificialLamb] On what basis do you claim that? 18:43:55 - [Diomedes]: hence no usual application 18:44:03 - [SacrificialLamb]: Thats why I have a bad feeling? 18:44:04 - *DEAD* [SacrificialLamb] ? 18:44:08 - *DEAD* [59th_Cornetto_Arno] Do the admins have some sort of disorder where they can't keep moving for 30 seconds? 18:44:19 - *DEAD* [SacrificialLamb] I have no problem with you not liking the rules but on what basis 18:44:21 - [Predator]: entitled little shit he is 18:44:26 - [Diomedes]: pew can read all this 18:44:27 - *DEAD* [SacrificialLamb] do you claim its the new admins fault the server was brought low? 18:44:40 - *DEAD* [59th_Cornetto_Arno] Never said that 18:44:42 - *DEAD* [SacrificialLamb] You did 18:44:43 - [Predator]: im talking about wookie anyyway 18:44:50 - *DEAD* [SacrificialLamb] Well not you I grant 18:44:53 - *DEAD* [SacrificialLamb] Wookie did 18:45:01 - *DEAD* [SacrificialLamb] on what basis does he claim the new admins brought the server low? 18:45:16 - *DEAD* [SacrificialLamb] I mean you know how its been arno and I think yo ure a good guy as well 18:45:20 - *DEAD* [59th_Cornetto_Arno] Wookie ain't me, however the way the admins act in admin chat and in game etc is childish 18:45:22 - *DEAD* [Gay_ningaja] wait are u guys actually still going at it 18:45:39 - [Gay_ningaja] childish as in 18:45:49 - [SacrificialLamb] anyways lets just all say 18:45:54 - [59th_Cornetto_Arno] There has been a stark change in behaviour and on going since the 59th left 18:45:57 - [SacrificialLamb] Compared to 1 or 2 months before, our pop is amazing 18:46:01 - [SacrificialLamb] ?? 18:46:06 - [SacrificialLamb] You mean its more professional? 18:46:22 - [SacrificialLamb] organise events and campaigns 18:46:23 - [Predator] 18:46:31 - [59th_Cornetto_Arno] no, i agree that is good 18:46:37 - [59th_Cornetto_Arno] however the daily running of the server 18:47:22 - [SacrificialLamb] So just wondering how its less organised nowadays? 18:47:28 - [59th_Cornetto_Arno] the lack of actual rp for starters, admins seem very kean on just making a poll for the same shit over and over again 18:47:37 - [SacrificialLamb] Lack of actual RPs? 18:47:37 - [59th_Cornetto_Arno] then random chatter in admin 18:47:55 - [SacrificialLamb] because unpopular rps cant be done 18:48:01 - [SacrificialLamb] due obsviously to lower pop 18:48:16 - [59th_Cornetto_Arno] what even about something as simple as war/peace? 18:48:24 - *DEAD* [SacrificialLamb] We do do that 18:48:28 - *DEAD* [SacrificialLamb] I mean I do that at least 18:48:37 - [SacrificialLamb] But whats wrong with doing something else instead of it? 18:48:43 - [Gay_ningaja]: mapchange anyone 18:48:46 - [Gay_ningaja]: ples 18:48:48 - [Diomedes]: lets do an rp 18:48:49 - [59th_Cornetto_Arno] What else though besides this? 18:48:50 - [SacrificialLamb] and for higher pops ofc war and peace works less well 18:48:52 - [Predator]: ohh 18:48:59 - [SacrificialLamb] Cav vs inf, cav vs cav, naval, assasination, hostage, linebattle 18:49:01 - [SacrificialLamb] are the main ones 18:49:05 - [SacrificialLamb] but less done ones are 18:49:05 - [Predator]: what did we have 18:49:07 - [59th_Cornetto_Arno] cav vs cav aint rp 18:49:15 - [SacrificialLamb] its a legit rp because people like it 18:49:33 - [59th_Cornetto_Arno] If you are going to do cav vs cav, alteast have a certain map, and try to stage it 18:49:33 - [SacrificialLamb] bastille, storm the keep 18:49:42 - *SPEC* [SacrificialLamb] wdo have that 18:49:49 - [SacrificialLamb] thats what we have 18:49:56 - [SacrificialLamb] arabian town day is the designated cav vs cav map 18:49:56 - [Gay_ningaja] jeez 18:50:01 - [Diomedes]: yeah lets enforce boring scripted `rp' on the playerbase that'll bring back people 18:50:03 - [SacrificialLamb] we do it like we always have 18:50:05 - [59th_Cornetto_Arno] cav vs cav, what we did earlier, was just instantly charge 18:50:12 - [SacrificialLamb] It depends on the admin and thats fine as well 18:50:19 - [59th_Cornetto_Arno] well there was 3 admins on atleast 18:50:21 - [SacrificialLamb] SOme claims people dont like lining up etc. 18:50:26 - [Diomedes]: it was what arno was saying 18:50:27 - [SacrificialLamb] Its honestly not a big deal 18:50:35 - [Gay_ningaja] can we discuss this on the forum 18:50:36 - [SacrificialLamb] judging by the fact that pop is pretty high lately 18:50:39 - [SacrificialLamb] compared to before 18:50:43 - [Diomedes]: he was saying cav vs cav isnt rp -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Having heard about this before actually reading it myself made me afraid of what I would find. Having finally read this myself I can say that its nothing more than a simple disagreement about how things are handled on the server. Some toxicity here and there from our admins, some entitled remarks by Arno, but overall a simple disagreement. Things have changed arno; for better or worse, its pretty important to know that NRP hasn't been super strict for the admins for quite some time - Allowing trolling in the "not live" periods between battles and RP's. Also the RP's have changed from time to time, sometimes we evolve, sometimes we take a step back. Its at least not static. after some successful events we started one of the biggest projects of the server, the NRP Campaign. Every weekend when these Campaign events are held, the server fills up to 220+ players. Although we were struggling in the past, we are in a good place right now and we remember those who helped us get here. The team has become closer and although I dont wish to brag, we currently have guys working night and day to make the server better than ever before. You suddenly popping up and criticizing their work doesn't make you look good, it just results in the admins becoming quite defensive. Having said that, I truly believe that you want to help the server out! You are not a bad guy be it just a little unfortunate in the way that you introduced yourself. Your experience is great and I think you would be able to push the server forward with us. Note that we are a team, and for you to integrate into this team directly is a bit much! As with any good new team members, you have to grow on us a little. What I would advise you to do is stay active for a few weeks/months and play with us on the server. Enjoy the campaign and make a character application; just have fun! We will stay in touch and when you are ready, you redo the application and we will reassess the situation! Have a good evening! Joeriig
  12. Hey Vixtro, Good to see you wanting to help! We are always looking for admins to help run the server, especially now that the player-population has been growing again. Although we had some bad experiences with some young admins in the past, as long as you are mature and relaxed, there is no problem at all. Besides, quite a few of our admins are 16 as well; They Help us out a lot! While managing its key to keep you head cool and don't just punish players if they don't follow the rules. You have to guide them and warn them first, make sure that they know what's up. They are our players and in the end we just want them, as well as the admins, to have fun. Being stern and merciless doesn't equal good adminship. I think you already know this but I just wanted to remind you. I'm afraid I don't know you personally but that doesn't mean anything. You could very well be a silent but active player, someone who just cares about playing the game. I hope you are; I will check the server for your activity these past few days. server_log_07_06_18 - joins the server at: 16:19:54 | leaves the server at: 16:33:36 server_log_07_07_18 - joins the server at: X | leaves the server at: X server_log_07_08_18 - joins the server at: X | leaves the server at: X server_log_07_09_18 - joins the server at: 14:25:28 | leaves the server at: 23:00:00 (on and off) server_log_07_10_18 - joins the server at: 15:49:23 | leaves the server at: 22:14:58 (on and off) server_log_07_11_18 - joins the server at: X | leaves the server at: X server_log_07_12_18 - joins the server at: 18:19:55 | leaves the server at: 18:31:09 (today so far) server_log_07_13_18 - joins the server at: (not yet joined the server) Your activity is not bad but its not great either. You spent hours playing this Monday and Tuesday, while you barely have any activity on the other days. Its mediocre at best and would ask you to play some more hours spread across the week instead of just playing for two entire days. Also, although we don't censor racism/sexism/insults etc for the players, you have to understand you will be representing the server as an admin. I would like to ask you to keep that in mind while being on, certainly during your application period! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 16:26:41 - *DEAD* [BE_Vixtro] yo nigger shootplayers 16:26:43 - *DEAD* [BE_Vixtro] why u bait 16:26:44 - *DEAD* [MixQp_PL] plis 16:26:45 - *DEAD* [BE_Vixtro] fucking nig 16:26:47 - [SERVER]: Nipple_Siege Toggled Beacon on Player Cheng_Pho_Sung_Dong_Tang. 16:26:48 - *DEAD* [BE_Vixtro] 1v1 16:26:49 - *DEAD* [BE_Vixtro] ft7 16:26:56 - *DEAD* [BE_Vixtro] and we see who is better you noob 16:26:56 - *Admin*[Nipple_Siege]: Pussyyah get down u mong 16:26:57 - *DEAD* [MadTomato] Bine Lattle Please 16:26:58 - *DEAD* [ShooterPlays] you mad or something ? 16:27:01 - *DEAD* [BE_Vixtro] ye 16:27:04 - *DEAD* [BE_Vixtro] because ur a pleb 16:27:05 - *DEAD* [BE_Vixtro] and u bait 16:27:09 - *DEAD* [ShooterPlays] its a game get over it 16:27:10 - *DEAD* [MadTomato] Pleb ? 16:27:13 - *DEAD* [BE_Vixtro] yes pleb 16:27:17 - *DEAD* [BE_Vixtro] shitty in melee 16:27:18 - *DEAD* [BE_Vixtro] and no reg 16:27:19 - *DEAD* [BE_Vixtro] pleb 16:27:25 - *DEAD* [MadTomato] im pleb too ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 16:32:02 - BE_Vixtro teamhit 96th_Pvt_Ali 3 health. 16:32:03 - [SERVER]: Vineyard 16:32:04 - BE_Vixtro teamhit 96th_Pvt_Ali 2 health. 16:32:06 - *DEAD* [Rebel_Of_Zimbabwe] no! 16:32:06 - <img=ico_punch> BE_Vixtro 16:32:06 - [SERVER]: Nipple_Siege Slayed Player BE_Vixtro. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 16:25:02 - [BE_Vixtro] nwrp is a meme server 16:25:05 - [BE_Vixtro] like jailbreak 16:25:06 - representativeofdeath <img=ico_crossbow> MadTomato 16:25:06 - [Rebel_Of_Zimbabwe] strenge uutfit 16:25:06 - Guy_Across_The_Street <img=ico_crossbow> Bamboozledownsyndrome 16:25:08 - [BE_Vixtro] racism allowed ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Breaking the rules and being prone to losing your temper are traits that don't make for good admins. Although this can just be a one time thing, you are in your application period, ofcourse I am looking at the logs. You have to take the server a bit serious if you want to manage it, a bit more than a player would to say the least. You say you want to punish rule-breakers while breaking the rules yourself. The admins and me don't know you and your activity isn't great as well. Although I really wanted to accept you as a new (old) face in our team, I am really hesitant to do so. I will decline the application for now but feel free to reapply at a later date on which I will reassess your activity! Joeriig
  13. joeriig

    Good shots nova! A true marksman I can see that!
  14. joeriig

    There are plenty of survivors in the screenshot you posted Italian. indeed try to post more screens and more drama of you standing alone while others have fallen! Survive the onslaught of your friendly line and live while others didn't. Cases will be judged on a case by case basis. Being one of the last one or two in a line of 20 or more is surviving for example, while being the last in an 8 man line would also be acceptable. Try showing your dead soldiers of uniform dead on the ground and/or before and after the attack that killed them.