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  1. MiniSiege

    This man we are vouching for is a very wise / grey old fool. His application is looking damn fine and his experience kinder makes it acceptable but he must be a racist for joining Jailbreak staff. Duke would also be acceptable for having the role Trial ADMON due to having a heavy involvement with NRP at this very moment with his HEAD OF COMMUNITY STAFF ROLE but due to be having a coup for that role he shall not be it for much longer OwO Overall I would like to give this fag a Vouch
  2. MiniSiege

    I can strongly agree to both of these since I was there watching. You was really good with that rocket you was shooting. Congrats on get these medals.
  3. Yes the rules where all over the place today, But that was due to the map so some rules had to be changed to keep the balance. I also used the name Campaign_Admin due to I feel like people would listen to me much more with a name like that and understand that I have no biased approach to any faction and yes i would like to have a clear layout of the rules before the event starts next time.
  4. MiniSiege

    I shall accept both. Congrats Docteur
  5. I also strongly disagree with you calling it abuse. There was no abuse called at all. I gave you all enough time to be able to still camp but it seems to all the CF they charge out of the fort. I never gave anyone possible advantage at all you all had the even side of me and the all charge was just fine. Yes that's true that the all charge is a very powerful order. But when a admin calls it. it is all for a good reason not to just piss off players and make a big drama seen for them. It's actual to move the game along when needed and to stop people camping the whole game. If we never call a all charge the game would be going on for 5 hours.
  6. As we talked in the staff quarters, we agreed that all the all charges we had called where justified. The reason I called it for 42 was because the whole both teams where camping and was not moving for a good 4 mins. WHILE I did call that, that did not force you to run out and get yourself killed due to be calling it at 52:00 so you had enough chance to still camp you way around the battle. Also you never even reached that time zone for the all charge to happen. As I was told in the the event has nothing to do with any of the NRP rules nor what have to follow the all charge layout of 50 players below to call it due to the reasons above.
  7. MiniSiege

    What is this bad cumcumber for
  8. MiniSiege

    What about emoji like this.
  9. MiniSiege

    bring back pepe. this guy really wants them
  10. MiniSiege

    I would give you this medal due to you having some people backing you up. But the Requirements for the medal you have not met fully. If you could tell me your discord name and if I've seen that you have been active on that also then I shall hand you this medal. Medal Requirement "Awarded to players that are regulars of the server, forums and discord. For people who make the experience of NRP more enjoyable for others."
  11. MiniSiege

    All the general / captain roles are all taken. Your a bit late on applying Mr Lexxe
  12. MiniSiege

    Sorry this server we do not vote and we are keeping the pepe emoji.
  13. Accepted because Joeriig also back him up on this. Well done my small child here is your medal.
  14. MiniSiege

    A Script that's allows donators customise there skin through the game. A script that's helps us get the officers in the event there slot. A Admin ranking system so that Trial admins can't ban higher ups. ( Due to Taleworlds letting admins ban each other.) A script that lets admins chat in all chat while dead to alive people rather than spamming the pink chat.
  15. MiniSiege

    Nothing needs doing and it's a troll report. Thread Closed