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  1. I shall accept this medal application due to all these picture proof you have. Congrats on earning this medal and good luck in the future with your sexy music. Accepted You will be given the medal on the forums and also discord
  2. Congrats on that head shot with the pistol, that takes some great skill to do. I shall accept your medal application due to you have a vouch and also picture proof You shall be given the medal on the forums and also the discord Congrats
  3. Hello Falcon I see you can pop head shots from a long distance with that musket and I gotta say it's very good skill to have. You have good evidence to back up your medal application also I'm not not why I shouldn't accept this application. So This Medal Application is Accepted You will be given your medal on the forums and also on discord. Congrats on your Marksman ship medal.
  4. I'm not sure who you are or what your doing here. BUT i shall tell you now I'm the BEST EVER running ADMON on NRP and would like to suggest not getting in my way. But I the one who is the best admon VOUCH's for you.
  5. Hi Faggot, I'm going to say that your shit at the game and was lucky on this head shot. So get Fucked DzikiWonsz. But your Medal is Accepted You shall be given the medal on this forums and on the discord. CONGRATS
  6. Isaac

    Hello DavidCameronThePigShagger As i can tell you have quite some experience in sapper work here and that the photo's you have taken are a good quality. Due to all this I shall accept your medal application. You will be given a medal on the forums and also on the public NRP discord (www.Discord.me/NWRP)
  7. I can vouch for both of your medals and I agree that you should be given both. So I shall accept. CONGRATS
  8. Isaac

    what ones did you send to him then ?
  9. Isaac

    Do you know when they will be coming to the server ?
  10. Please grow up and actual make some form of a good so called SERVER IS DEAD thread.
  11. Really nice guy and his application is pretty good. He knows most Rp's and understands the server rules. so a vouch from me.
  12. Hello Herminius your application is not the best I've seen nor the worst at all. You seem to know the basic Rp rules and have a all right reason to wanting to join the Admin team. And you having experience in running events kinder help out at hosting roleplays on NRP. I was just wanting to know if you had any other name before this one because we are all a bit confused that we not quite seen you before. (But that does not affect anything) But overall I would like to VOUCH because I believe you should have a chance
  13. Isaac

    Good player active on both discord and in game when the server is alive. The guy needs a slapping tho if he just gonna be lazy like the other TA'S but gonna be a vouch from ME