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  1. What a hard way to get this medal, you could of just got in with a cannon but you choose the ROCKET oooof. I can back you up on this due to me being there and you have proof of that you was using that class. So i have no choice but to accept. Congrats, you will be given the medal on the forums.
  2. Your a strong independent black woman and a well known one due to you falling of that cliff while screaming like one so for that i'm going to accept your Leadership medal I can also accept your Captain's medal for just being a strong officer and leading your whole faction into a battle for the Glory of the Crown Commonwealth. The Old Guard I can also accept because you have proof that your men was standing around protecting that fortification, If you did not have this proof then i would of struggled giving you it but you also have a lot of vouches so they also help. Congrats on all three medals you been given them on the forums and discord.
  3. I can surely accept the Distinguished Service medal because you make the discord fun and enjoyable for all of the days and are super active even to the point that i seem to think you have no life at all outside of NRP. The Artillery Specialist I can also accept for you being way to op with that rocketeer class and hit me almost 50 times across the map with it. You shall be given both medals on the forums and discord congrats on them both.
  4. Isaac

    This is getting a really petty now. Your both bad as each other what duke did was not the worst but was a problem which could of been resolved with talking with pres before removing him and actually explain why you was removing him rather than just straight up removing him. " I don't care if pres did not want to talk in pm's or what ever pres does". Pres you should of just talked to duke and listened to what he had to say rather than doing your general reeeeeeing at everything. It also does not help that everyone is throwing he said she said quotes and not actually having proof to back what your saying up because it's really useless to anyone and just making this complaint look like a huge fucking mess.
  5. Isaac

  6. Isaac

    ewok should be fixing the emoji soon REEEEEEEEEEEE
  7. Isaac

    Sure why not your a pretty chill guy and make RP enjoyable on discord, sever and forums. Accepted medal application Congrats You will be given the medal on the forums and discord.
  8. I shall accept this medal application due to all these picture proof you have. Congrats on earning this medal and good luck in the future with your sexy music. Accepted You will be given the medal on the forums and also discord
  9. Congrats on that head shot with the pistol, that takes some great skill to do. I shall accept your medal application due to you have a vouch and also picture proof You shall be given the medal on the forums and also the discord Congrats
  10. Hello Falcon I see you can pop head shots from a long distance with that musket and I gotta say it's very good skill to have. You have good evidence to back up your medal application also I'm not not why I shouldn't accept this application. So This Medal Application is Accepted You will be given your medal on the forums and also on discord. Congrats on your Marksman ship medal.
  11. I'm not sure who you are or what your doing here. BUT i shall tell you now I'm the BEST EVER running ADMON on NRP and would like to suggest not getting in my way. But I the one who is the best admon VOUCH's for you.
  12. Hi Faggot, I'm going to say that your shit at the game and was lucky on this head shot. So get Fucked DzikiWonsz. But your Medal is Accepted You shall be given the medal on this forums and on the discord. CONGRATS
  13. Isaac

    Hello DavidCameronThePigShagger As i can tell you have quite some experience in sapper work here and that the photo's you have taken are a good quality. Due to all this I shall accept your medal application. You will be given a medal on the forums and also on the public NRP discord (www.Discord.me/NWRP)