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    NRP In-game username: Joan_Of_Ark Discord username: VirulentCurbStomp#6284 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ohnopleasedont/ Preferred role: Second in command/ General Preferred faction: Confederacy Why you'd like to lead: It seems fun. I am pretty good at total war and also yelling at people so i mean that's basically the only skill set you need right? What makes you a good leader: u know, I have decent charisma, but i'm like, REALLY good at chess so as long as the troops have balls i can lead them to glory, under the orders of the leadership above me of course. Also I read Machiavell's the prince or whatever, I didn't really understand most of it but the old timey syntax is fun so I will command my troops using old timey syntax. Bonus rp points? Why i probably shouldn't lead: I am extremely stubborn and also this would be my first campaign. I really dislike retreating and I really enjoy flanking and outmaneuvering so I can be an asset as well as a liability depending on whether or not I am given explicit instructions.
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