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    NRP In-game username: Ink Discord username: Ink#9102 Steam: (Link to your profile): https://steamcommunity.com/id/YesimInk/ Preferred role: (Faction leader/officer) Faction Leader Preferred faction: (Varnice/Creaniki) Varnice, long live the republic! Why you'd like to lead: ( multiple reasons) I would like to lead because i have previously been an officer in the last 2 campaigns and in some there has been some questionable leading in some cases, i would like to try and learn from people's mistakes and build on the strengths of the faction and not to play on the strength of the enemy which has been done before.the last campaign i was the leader of the grande empire skirmishers using the 19th rifles to great effect towards the latter part of campaign 5. I've often been quiet during most of the campaigns which i have been apart of since the end of the first, sticking with those i knew rather than experimenting, and as such i would feel like this would be a good opportunity to show my style of leading. What makes you a good leader: (...) I previously had my own small regiment, i have previous experience with strategy during my time as an officer in previous campaigns as well as outside of NRP, where i often research about historical battles and the tactics used, such as napoleon's 'masterpiece' of Austerlitz, and like most people who have applied i have read the art of war. Butts, Breasts, or Thighs?*: All of them
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