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  1. Name General_Fish Age 16 Steam KingGeorge_III GUID 1461957 Hours In-game 1050 Previous Experience I have no experiences but I know how it works. Vouches None Reason(s) The reason why I would want to join the team and help is because people want a longer online admin in a server and I am willing to do the job and to keep people interested in the community. This community is great the admins and I would want to join to be great with the others and how successful this team is and I want to let people have fun and feel like the old times on this game. If I do make it in the team I would remain active the only thing I may not be on is if a vacation or practice but most part I am online. I want to show this community that I want to help it grow and bring the Napoleonic Roleplay to over 100+ and keep it moving and different RP's.
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