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  1. Admin Application Template: Name: Ranbir_from_India Age: 21 GUID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/EmildaBoss/ Steam: a real сука Hours in-game: 2500 hours on this account, 1500 on another Previous Admin Experience: Been admin and owner of another roleplay server some years ago, so I think it's fun to create roleplay. Vouches: My parents, my boss Reason(s): I would like to join the team because I like to play on NWRP and because I would like to be able to admin when there is no other admins around. I work full time in real life but my schedule changes a lot, so sometimes I will be online during the day, others during the night. The types of roleplay that I know of: Battle roleplay: 2 Teams is chosen, one must fight another to the death. Players should be following their officers to their type of troop. Musicans and surrenders should be killed at a firing line. D-day: - Almost the same as Battle roleplay. One nation defending the beach and the other must fight their way to the enemy flag or kill all. Cavalry vs infantry: In this roleplay the team of the infantry will form a square to defend themselves against the cavalry. Both teams wait in their spawn for an admin to start the battle. Cavalry vs cavalry: Same as previous, just both teams are cavalry. Naval: Both teams are in ships, big or small, and they are supposed to kill the enemy team. Arty is possible in certain maps. Not sure what it is called: This roleplay will have a team consisting of russia and some other team. Russians will be forced partisan and they are supposed to fight the other nation who is outnumbered. The outnumbered team must then defend or pull back until they're at their flag. The flag can be pulled down by the partisans and if so, they win. Admin horse race: Haven't seen this in a while. The admin switch to the map, spawns admin horses to the players. Once everyone has a horse the admin counts down from 3 and open the gate. The players must then rush to the bottom of the map to win. General rules: No teamkill/teamhit No tnt spam No trolling No delaying Listen to the admin
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