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    ow god
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    Hedgehogs are small but deadly but Porcupine are better I think they're bigger and more scary looking/more dangerous.
  3. Name Benkach99 Age 15 Steam https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198203201092/ GUID 1924287 Hours In-game 260 Previous Experience Never Admined on Mount and Blade big servers but I have hosted servers and played with admining and I get how it works but not fully. But in other games, I played with friends before on private servers I keep Organization and I am strick when I need to be and don't let idiots ruin the fun for everyone. Vouches Non because I was never admin but I can get admin vouches from BBG server admins if you want, just ask me. Reason(s) FOR THE NA server I played alot of the EU version I am very aware of the rules. I'm actually 14 but my birthday is very soon(less than a month) so by the time I get accepted(probably won't) I will be 15. Some admins aren't strict enough, they let trolls get away, they warn them and the trolls are like "okay ill stop" but next second they repeat the rule breaking and the admins only warn them over and over not really taking actions, while I will be strict if I need to be. Some admins don't let fun happen they create situations in RP's that are strange and no one likes and the players say that they want to change the RP and the admin is like no were getting to the fun part and the "fun part" isn't there for like 20 min and I won't let that happen, ill listen to what the players want and I will try to stick to old classic rps and create fun rps but ill keep these rps if they like it. Sometimes players are trying to have fun with the RP's but other players are trolls and are not letting that happen. I will make sure they listen and will not let these trolls ruin the fun for everyone.
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