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  1. My apologies on the whole some admins doing bad, i had a problem with some of the admins, and how they handled the 59th incident yesterday. It was the salt speaking, and the issues have been solved, and i don't myself have a problem with anyone on the admin team anymore. I'll have to agree with the fact that i need to reintergrate myself into the community again, and i'm willing to do that, and i don't see the big problem with accepting me now, since i'm a former admin (not like you're taking a bit risc), but i will have to take a bit more time to properly intergrate myself into the community, but at the end of the day, its not like you're taking a big gamble with accepting me. I wont be the one doing most of the admining at the start, but i know i would do it when i feel like i've "reintergrated" properly it should not take too long, with the activity that i'm expecting my self to have. I'll take a look into the campaigns as you suggested. I appriciate your time.
  2. Waterpolo said he'd also vouch for me
  3. Name: 59th_Marc Age: 17, 18 soon GUID: 1221978 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ImNeverCocky/ Hours in-game: 878 Previous Admin Experience: NRP Admin 2015-2016 and again 2017-2017 Vouches: Skeepr, Reason(s): Recently started playing on NRP again, since the 59th went back to MNB, I used to spend alot of time on NRP in the past, and i've found that i'm still very fond of it, and found that alot of the time NRP is empty, and i'd like to be one of the admins that would help it get more populated so we can actually get more than 20 people on a weekday, also sometimes when i've been on the server there have been some admins who have done a shitty job and i know that i can do better than them and make sure people get a good experience. I'd also like to smoothen the relation between the 59th and the NRP admin staff since they're not the best at the moment. Etiquette and Server Rules: Follow the rules for the roleplay, and what ever the admin may command you to do Rambo - Do not go alone into battle, play as a team, follow your regiments officer Delaying -You should not delay the round by running away from the combat, it ruins the fun for everyone else. Sapper spam - Do not spam explosives or build towers or anything in such a way. Teamhitting - Do not hit you rteammates Trolling - Trolling is not allowed since its ruins the experience for other players. Racism - Any discrimination of any race is forbidden. Chat - Use common sense, do not spam in the chat, chat is only english, show respect to everyone. Roleplays: Battle: Infantry and Cav follow their officers (Cav on General) and battle against each other. Player and Admin rules are to be followed still. Surrenders may only be shot by the orders of an officer. Line-Battle: Line battle is a more realistic way of fighting. Line-Infantry may only fire while in line and may not crouch. Skirms and Lights are allowed to crouch. Infantry and Cav still follow their officers (Cav general). Naval: Only start sailing the boats when commanded by the admin, cav and grens are deactivated and people should go sailor or Marine. The ships then go at eachother and battle. - Should never be played since it kills the server Volley: Everyone goes infantry and the two teams lines up in a line infront of each other the admin then commands them to fire when everything is set. Town: In Town its a random vs russia. Russia must all go partizani and "roleplay" as a civilian, work with your tools and such. Before a certain time have passed the parizanis are not allowed to attack and the guards are not either. When a certain time have past the partizanis may rise up and attack the guards. The guards are only allowed to attack the partizanis who're revolting. Trench Warfare: The battle takes place in 2 trenches oppisite each other, (only played on the trench map, can't remember), peace mode should be on at the start to allow both sides to get into the trench. At admins commands a charge should commence by either one or both teams. Cavalry vs Cavalry: Pretty Straight up, both sides pick cav and line up at the start of the round then precedes with charging at the admins commands. Ambush RP: One team goes down a road at walking speed the other team sits on the sides in a forrested area, and prepares an ambush, peace mode should be on until the admin allowed the ambush to begin. Assassination: One team sits in a fortified house, the defending team has a general that needs to be assasinated by the opposing team that should consist of partizans (no respawn for defenders), the balance of the game should be 2-1. Zombie Survival: Zombies have to break the flag. Humans have to defend the fort. Zombies get Infinite life's. Human's get one life. Zombies goes partizani, once dead Humans switches to zombies.
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