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  1. DearUncleSam


    "Only the dead have seen the end of war."
  2. DearUncleSam

    Sure... Thats why we dont have anything this week.
  3. DearUncleSam


    NRP - No Admins Chronicles.
  4. Mount & Blade - Napoleonic Beasts.
  5. DearUncleSam


    Sam and other drunkards in a pub.
  6. DearUncleSam

    Vouch for this lad. Remember him playing for a long time on NRP.
  7. DearUncleSam


    Fuck this war, i am flying away.
  8. DearUncleSam


    Mrs. Piggyface sleeping in the middle of a huge battle.
  9. DearUncleSam


    Pagan Gods of NRP.
  10. DearUncleSam

    NRP Username: DearUncleSam Character Name: DearUncleSam (duh) Faction: Rossiyskiy Soyuz GUID: 1456243 Why do you want a character: It's kinda embarrassing but i promised that pleb Niroc i will follow his suicidal charges as he will lead this weird "Rossiyskiy Soyuz". Also playing as badly armed horde is kinda hot.
  11. DearUncleSam

    Siege is a very ugly creature, but he/she/it was a good admin as i remember. Vouch (i know my word does not count but still), tho i will be banned probably.
  12. DearUncleSam

    Yeah, i sometimes think i am too old for this game at 21.
  13. DearUncleSam

    Kill this scum without mercy.
  14. DearUncleSam

    No one uses Discord server's voice chat. Only meet 2 people once during huge event. What's the point of this? I mean you can chat in game or Steam, and watch news in Steam group.
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