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  1. DearUncleSam


    NRP - No Admins Chronicles.
  2. Mount & Blade - Napoleonic Beasts.
  3. DearUncleSam


    Sam and other drunkards in a pub.
  4. DearUncleSam

    Vouch for this lad. Remember him playing for a long time on NRP.
  5. DearUncleSam


    Fuck this war, i am flying away.
  6. Here is my screenshoots from JB: Earballs kicking me where it hurts (august 2017). Shimmel and Shalmeon (august 2017). Sam with Mrs Wankers (november 2017). Very fat Earballs (april 2018). No comments here (june 2018). Earballs, James and my own Mrs. Piggyface (august 2018).
  7. LMAO - last photo of Earballs is not Earballs tbh. It is my character called Absolute Banker. Still a very nice gallery. P.S. Almost got a heart attack when i saw this beast... I think you need to warn people next time.
  8. DearUncleSam

    Welcome all JB refugees. It's been a long way.
  9. DearUncleSam


    Mrs. Piggyface sleeping in the middle of a huge battle.
  10. DearUncleSam


    Pagan Gods of NRP.
  11. DearUncleSam

    NRP Username: DearUncleSam Character Name: DearUncleSam (duh) Faction: Rossiyskiy Soyuz GUID: 1456243 Why do you want a character: It's kinda embarrassing but i promised that pleb Niroc i will follow his suicidal charges as he will lead this weird "Rossiyskiy Soyuz". Also playing as badly armed horde is kinda hot.
  12. DearUncleSam

    Siege is a very ugly creature, but he/she/it was a good admin as i remember. Vouch (i know my word does not count but still), tho i will be banned probably.
  13. DearUncleSam

    Yeah, i sometimes think i am too old for this game at 21.
  14. DearUncleSam

    Kill this scum without mercy.