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  1. The 3rd 'East Kent' Regiment of Foot was formed on January 12th, 2019. Our aim is to bring back the excitement and joy in playing NW once again in what we believe to be its final stages of activity. The regiment is looking to be structured and discipline, while maintaining a casual atmosphere for our players. We will obviously be a smaller regiment as there are not many new players playing the game looking to be recruited. With this in mind, we hope to use our skill to make up for lack of numbers at the start of our existence as a regiment. Our leaders are skilled veterans with six years of experience under our belts. We expect effort and dedication from our members that are willing to sign up with the 3rd; however, we understand real life comes first. The East Kent regiment will be using historical ranks and commands. If this interests you please read on! We are eagerly looking for mature players to help fill the ranks. ♔ Please add the following officers to apply to enlist in the 3rd 'East Kent' Regiment of Foot. God Save the King! ♔ Captain, First in Command Lawrence Hemmings | Lieutenant James Brock 3rd Buffs Serjeant Commissioned officers; Captain Hemmings, Lawrence Lieutenant Brock, James Ensign Muller, Rutger Non-commissioned officers; Serjeant Costa, Henry Enlisted men; W.I.P. Overall battalion size; 14
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