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  1. Name: Karma/ used to be Skipio Age: 19 GUID:494535 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198096551146/ Hours in-game: 2948 Previous Admin Experience: 59th NRP SA 59th JB Admin Roleplay mod experience as Admin (Persistent world) Celestial NA/EU Avalon NA/EU Vouches: Anyone??? Reason(s): I have always enjoyed roleplaying on NRP especially on game modes such as hostage and assassination. Previously I was an admin on NRP but became inactive due to exams. However after starting to play again for a few months I have noticed that the servers have become dead and that players rarely join when admins are not on, I wish to help the community by coming on during times in which other admins cannot come on due to my weird sleeping pattern as well as sometimes living in a different timezone. Etiquette and Server Rules: English in Chat Do not spam Chat No surrender-killing unless instructed to do so No BP wasting/ TNT spamming No Teamhitting No trolling (going in front of artillery) No rambo No delay Role Plays Assassination RP Russia is attacker Objective is for defenders to protect General, while attackers must kill General to win No cav Team balance in favor of Russia Russia go Partizani Hostage RP One hostage (attacker team) imprison by defenders Attackers must attempt to rescue hostage Attackers win if hostage get out of enemy territory or all defenders die Defenders win if hostage eliminated while escaping or attackers die DDay RP Siege mode Goal is for attacker to capture flag or kill all enemy Defenders have limited lives Palace RP Defenders defend palace, while attackers must eliminate defenders Russia is attacker Balance in favor of Russia Attackers are partizani Battle RP Random nations Infantry follow officers Do not kill surrenders unless admin/officer allow it Even team balance Line Battle RP Battle Mode Random nations Infantry follow officers No FOL/ crouching for line infantry Skirmishers may be enabled Town RP Russia vs Random nation Russia go partizani Other nation must patrol village, and maintain peace and order Russia can only revolt when the designated time has passed Cav vs Cav French vs French/ Russia vs Russia All cav Admin orders all charge Naval RP Battle mode Ship crew class
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