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  1. At last it seems your pathetic factions have lost superiority ... Indentured Guilds State Historically a trade agreement between various slave guilds to maintain a monopoly on the region. After many decades this evolved into a stronger "Guild's League", bringing former rivals into their fold. After gaining control over the vast majority of all production through slavery. The Guild made the transition into a trade company into a sovereign state not long after. Dissolving the former monarchy, already weakened by powerful merchants and guilds, without any trouble. Region: The nation and it's people found themselves in a land devoid of the natural resources other nations took for granted. Those that were able to maximize the production of what little the region had became major influences in the region. This balance of power is what eventually caused the decline of the monarchy. Government: A well organized Plutocracy. The Ruling Council is full of the wealthiest of the wealthy. Wealth is the only status to be recognized, noblemen were cast out long ago. Economy: The economy is built off the back of a brutally efficient slave system. However, the lack of natural resources began to hinder the State. It was at this point the State began to fight brutal resource wars with its neighbors. The state is capable of producing enormous amounts of armaments, supplies, and fuel. However, this massive output is drained by the near constant riots and rebellions. Occasionally, the resources spent quelling rebellions will be surpassed by the production of that year. After many decades the State found itself in a perpetual cycle of enslavement and war. Without the constant flow of new slaves and resources into their armies and production, their economy will fall to ruin. Society: The vast majority of the population are forced laborious living in foundries, factories, and plantations. It is a hard and brutal life. Others may be lucky and born into wealth. However, the State maintains a vast security force. Who's sole purpose is to maximize slaves output and quell rebellions. Slaves who are shown to be particularly brutal will be drafted into this force. The living condition of the guards is comparable to the poorest citizens of other countries. However, in a state where the other option is slavery in wretched conditions, the status of guard is highly sought after. Some of the Elite of the State that displease the council may find themselves in one the numerous gulags the State is apparently in possession of. Many Elites have met their end in this particular fashion, occasionally causing uproar in the government. Military: The vast majority of all armed and trained men are guards. This force is not equipped to handle the modern rank and file battle. The state found this out after its early attempt of invasions were pathetically defeated. The state instead have them do what they do best, herd the slaves. The State's tactic simply is herding slaves onto the battlefield and shooting those that won't charge. This tactic is effective when deployed en mass and in many waves to wear down the enemy. The process cripples the State's mobility and overall ability to adapt. However, many of its smaller neighbors are simply dug in using conventional means. The tactic is branded as a "Jail Siege" and will eventually cause the enemy to simply run out of men. The military must be vary, the same slaves could soon be upon them in yet another rebellion.
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