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  1. Name Tuldbluck or Tsar_Joseph_Stalin Age 18 Steam https://steamcommunity.com/id/Tuldbluck GUID 1118714 Hours In-game 1778 Previous Experience A bunch of Small RP servers (such as RoR/KRP/TRP) and previously was an admin for this server during 2016 til mid 2018 (resigned twice during those 2 years because of inactivity/issues), honestly I dunno if anyone recognizes me so if you want proof check some of my comments or announcements in the following groups: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/59thNapoleonicRolePlayAdmins , https://steamcommunity.com/groups/nrptrialadminsandmentors . Vouches Waterpolo gave me his Reason(s) I've played a lot in M&B and I just returned to this game after a long break a couple of days ago. Most of those hours were spent in this server because I both hate it and I like it (specially the cancer). I have a ton of experience from playing and admining here. I used to be pretty active back then and I'm planning in staying that way if I ever get accepted. Roleplays Battle - Random vs random nations - Infantry follow officers, cav follows general (the beacons) - No surrender killings (Depends on the admin) Line-Battle - Random vs random nations - Infantry follows officers, cavalry can be there depending on map/admin - Only light inf/skirms can crouch, If Line infantry or other unit does so they get slayed. - Infantry may only fire while in a line. Volley - Random nation versus random nation - Everyone must go line inf - Two officers are decided to lead each team by the admins, Or the admin can Lead both teams. - Everyone must walk following their officer in formation - Follow admins commands. (Halt, Present, Fire) Assassination -Random nation versus Russia. Protect the General against Russian Spec-Ops -All Russians must go Partizani class and try to kill the General -All defenders must protect the General until victory by annihilation or time limit. -Cavalry should be deactivated. -Grenadiers may or may not be allowed. -Team balance should be in favor to the Russians. Town -Russia versus random nation. Maintain control of the Russian village. -All Russians must go Partizani class and do commoner work with their tools. -The random nation must guard the village, suppress violence and maintain order. -Russians may not revolt before the designated time has passed. -Non-violent Russians may not be killed before being rounded up in the city center. Hostage -Random nation (Defenders) versus Russia (Attackers) -One hostage will be brought to the defenders where s/he will be imprisoned. -The hostage has to be rescued by the attackers. -Victory if they get the hostage out of enemy territory safely or kill all the defenders. Stalingrad -Russia (Soviet Union) versus Prussia (Nazi-Germany) -Both teams may use sappers to build barricades. -Admins may decide if one team should try to push. -Red day every third round. (Melee only) *Is this still a thing?* Infantry versus Cavalry -Random nation versus random nation. -Admins force either Infantry or Cavalry on the teams. -Infantry prepare a square formation at spawn. -Cavalry line up at spawn and wait for the charge command from the admins. -Sappers / barricades May be allowed or not by the admin. Cavalry versus Cavalry -Random nation versus random nation. (Except UK since they don't have lancers) -Admins force both teams to go Cavalry. -Both teams line up at spawn and wait for the charge command from the admins. D-Day -Change game mode to Siege and select map Fort Al Hafya (Night) -Prussia (Defenders) versus UK (Attackers) -Both teams are allowed to have Artillery and Grenadiers. -Prussia may also use Sappers. -UK must either capture the flag or kill the enemy commander. -Team balance in favor of UK (2:1). Storm the Palace -Random nation (Defenders) vs Russia (Attackers) -The defenders need to hold their ground inside the palace. -The attackers need to kill every last enemy. -Balance should be in favor of Russia. Trench -France vs Prussia. -Map should be German Village (Morning) -Each round start with a peace period so everyone can get into their trenches. -Admin declares war after Both team's players get in the trenches . -Admin orders either of the teams to Charge Afterwards Western -Random nation vs random nation. -Everyone must choose the officer class. (Officer limit to 100%) -Map should be Spanish Farm (Day) (Or Other Village Map) -Cavalry may or may not be allowed, Depending on the admin's order. *also is this still a thing?* Ambush -Random nation vs Russia. (For Partizani Class) -The first team should try to reach a destination, End of the map, fortress, etc. -The second team should try to cut them off before they reach the destination. -The first team must fight after second team has arrived. -The first team win by getting at least +5 players to the destination. -The second team wins by killing all enemies or by stopping them from reaching the destination until the time limit is up. Russian Revolution -Russia (whites) vs Russia (Communists) -Team 2 (Communists) must go Partizani class. -Map should preferably be European City. -Team balance (2:1)in favor of Team 2 (Communists) Etiquette and Server Rules *Player Rules* -Do not troll. -No spam in chat. -Excessive team hitting is not allowed. -Excessive TNT spam is not allowed either. -Don't block other players/arty. -Follow your officers (in RPs such as battle/line). -Listen to the admins. *Admin Rules* - Respect other admins and players. -Always use your admin name while you're in-game as an admin. Inform the Head Admin if you change it. -Do not use the admin chat for conversations with other players. \ -Only use the admin chat for announcements, rules, warnings, and kick/slay/ban reasons -Use proper capitalization, spelling, and sentence structure when using the admin chat. (Like, Dont say ''Killing Stop'', kek)2) Listen To The admins (Admin have the only and final Word, you must hear and do whatever they say)
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