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  1. @DukeOfWellington.Here we go again.I already explained everything in that reply,i made everything clear.I made the mistake of tagging you in the second half of that reply.I actually think now that you dont read,only the part concering you.So here i will put it shortly .I made this application as a FILLER and explained in the previous reply that i cant play on the server when theres low pop as im in a busy school year.I will be available at @6 pm GMT and not for long.It seems that the app is everything to you,thats the only "proof" that youve got that you are a serious admin.But again an app can be faked,and i am not saying that you faked yours,but theres no point in me doing a good app for something i will never do.(I bet you are too slow to get it so i will explain,if i want to become an event admin i dont need to know all the RPs,i know some of them if theres a dire need for an admin on the server,and besides that looking on the steam group to learn while admining is not forbidden).And once again i say,you are a slow mind dude.How in the hell i can help the server if i make a good app.Ok take it that way and i know all the RPs perfectly.And?I already mentioned in this and the other reply that i cant come since im busy with school,but no I KNOW THE RPS SO NOW IM REALLY HELPING OUT THE SERVER.Tell me,when i can apply this knowledege of RPs when i cant even come to play during the day.You gave really weak arguments that i actually explained in the previous reply,but there you have it Dukey,an entire reply just for you.And if i dont play on the server(because i dont have T I M E) doesnt mean that i dont care about it.But thats your narrow mind thinking.Actually take your time to read,i made everything clear,even for the lowest of the minds now.
  2. Well thank you for all the replies.For the ones who actually read the reason section,my intentions were pretty clear that i want to be an event admin.I would gladly admin the server when theres low population.I didnt mention this quite directly so it was hard to deduce what i mean but i wont have time during the week to play,only after @6pm GMT and not for long.So i will reformulate, i applied to help with the events because firstly i saw the announcement by @WaterPolo,"We're looking for new and old Admins alike to help us with our campaigns. Every weekend we have about 170-200 players during the special events we do now adays. Come join us at www.discord.me/nwrp if you haven't already!".The said announcement was posted 31 DEC 2018.Thats why i thought i will be helpful,since you stated that you need help with campaigns.The application was posted more as a filler.And now you tell me,9-10 days later that you dont need any more admins for events?.And secondly,i applied because since i dont play that much with regiments,i have time to attend these campaigns,and i will say this again,i wont have time to come when the server needs admin to bring players.It makes most of your replies off the subject since i applied for one thing and you say im not fit for something else.And @DukeOfWellington,now after i informed myself on what kind of person you are,im really "motivated" to apply next week with such a good application so i get accepted and after i get on the team,my dreams of being muted and abused by you will become reality.Believe me after seeing how power hungry you are and how you talk with that air of superiority to all players that apply,believe me diomedes is doing me a service to reject this app.Again,you werent smart enough to realise that this app was more of a filler,but i bet you didnt even read the reason and jumped directly at RPs and Rules.And you are right,you are above me,but so are the other admins that replied,but they actually took their time to read and give good arguments back.You just try to glorify yourself,"even my joke app was better".Yeah Dukey you are such a great person and NRP will die if you leave.I dedicated enough time to you,time you dont deserve.Anyways,i wish you all good luck and good events,i really want to see this server do well.Now knowing that you dont need admins for campaigns,this will get rejected,so again i thank you for your time!
  3. Name: Frankie Age: 17 GUID:1351828 Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Disiux Hours in-game: 1341 Previous Admin Experience: NRP,Sword GF. Vouches:All the admins i knew are gone.RIP Reason(s): An oldmin bored.To be honest i never really know when i got removed,i just started being inactive,being busy with regimental stuff.But now since my regiment is dead and i rarely attend any events,i WOULD (not saying that i will be active,but i may be around when an admin is needed) be able to lose some time on the server.What i really want is to help when there are events or when the server is full and an admin needs help.I saw the announcement that says you need admins for events and thats where i want to help.I wont spend to much admining the server everyday,but i will be happy to help you with the events.If you can have me as an event admin and when the server is full,then i will gladly help,but i cant promise i will be there when the server is low on players as sometiems i will not be online at that time. Etiquette and Server Rules: -Follow the current RP rules. -Do not rambo.Always follow your officer(Beacon). -Do not troll. -Do not waste BPs(spam tnt,planks,etc.) -Do not spam the chat. -Do not kill surrendered players.Wait for an admin to give out the order. -Do not TK\TH. Roleplays: Oh boy here comes the hard part.(Gonna be honest i forgot most of them) -Battle RP:Follow your officer\general,do not rambo. -Line Battle RP:Follow your officer,form a line before shooting,dont shoot without his order,do not rambo. -Cav vs Cav RP-Both teams are formed of cav,they form a line at spawn(Map is waterloo if that still exists)and they charge when the admin says so. -Cav vs Inf RP-One team cav,one inf.The cav doenst charge until the admin says so and forms up at spawn while the inf makes a square at spawn(Again,map Waterloo) -Siege RP-One team defends,one team attacks.If you attack you must capture the flag,if you defend you must wait until the timer reaches 0:00.(Not so sure about this RP) -Trench RP-Both get in their trenches and wait for the game to go live.(Again i cant remember properly this one was added when i started being inactive) -Volley RP-Both teams make a line at the spawn(Usually played this on the ice map with the river,forgot the name).The admin tells them when to move,fire,charge. -Naval RP-Both teams get on ships and fight eachother.(Really i did this like once or twice and was fun but also forgot many things) -Trump RP-One team full of sappers,other partizani.The sappers get 5 minutes to build a wall,then the partizani will charge.(Lmao i remember doing it,not really sure)
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