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    are these Russians?
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    have some
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    *no replies*
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    I have server filters on but that's not the case for sure, only a very little amount of servers pop up even when I unfiltered everything. But thanks for trying to help. btw, after I posted my post yesterday, I checked out the server list and nwrp popped up, it was like a miracle. But there weren't many people, I don't get why people play other servers instead of nwrp tho, it's the best server in my opinion.
  5. 0leg0legsson

    I'm 0leg 0legsson. I've been playing mount and blade for a long time. Started playin' NW one or two years ago. NWRP is one of the first servers I've played in. But because my computer is fuccy, I cant play in all of the servers, only a random small list of servers pop up. Everyday the servers randomize. I have no idea why. Some months ago my jewish Mac got broke so I couldn't play mb for a while. But I found a way to play a week ago or something. The same thing still happens but NWRP never popped up in the server list after computer got broken. I falt it was killed like jb but thank god it isn't. Anyways sorry for talking too much, I'm basically a salty kebab which is hated by everybody cuz salty