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  1. Agelarasgamikoulas(psonaras)

    greek for dimitry is dimitris Δημητρης ;-)
  2. Agelarasgamikoulas(psonaras)

    the answer is no btw
  3. Agelarasgamikoulas(psonaras)

    thats exactly the kind of comments for this forum !!!
  4. Agelarasgamikoulas(psonaras)

    no i meant the mount and blades reg
  5. Agelarasgamikoulas(psonaras)

    Maybe balkans are the most politically unstable region in the world but balkans created :Kebab removers ,rakja ,kebab , democracy and michael george here you can praise balkans !!
  6. Agelarasgamikoulas(psonaras)

    in greek it is Dhmhtrhs (Δημητρης). Btw i am greek and your little article is nice
  7. Agelarasgamikoulas(psonaras)

    in the meanwhile how to join the regiment ?
  8. Agelarasgamikoulas(psonaras)

    thats good cuz i dont owe holdfast but i want to join the regiment
  9. Agelarasgamikoulas(psonaras)

    by far albania has the worst military in history .actually fyrom has worse
  10. Agelarasgamikoulas(psonaras)

    hi i am playing to the server some months and i really like it hope it stays that way
  11. Name Aggelos Age 16 Steam https://steamcommunity.com/id/enikolo/ GUID 1519649 Hours In-game 162 but i have been playing the game from other account which had 22,3 hours named aggelosd22 Previous Experience I have no previous experience but i promise ill tryhard Vouches i dont know anyone here except some guys we were playing with but as an admin while i have no previous experience i have no vouches Reason(s) I love this server having lots of fun while playing and id like to become an admin to try help the server i enjoy the most whilst i have lots of free time in weekends which i want to gift in helping this server Roleplays naval battle :1)dont throw teammates in the sea ,2)only navy class,3)dont drive boats around while alone . battle:1)no surrender killing,2)when your line is fucked up join an other line ,3)if you do rambo style you get banned too ,4)all gather in a line with your officer when the round is starting , 5)cavalary stays with general. basttille fight :1)sappeurs cant trap the flag in a way it cant be touched ,2)russians take the partizans ,3)dont troll the leader (general ) and last but not least is the all take cav (cav v cav) :1)all take cav (obviously),2)gather up before the fight starts and 3rd) listen to the general Etiquette and Server Rules 1)no spammers allowed(kick after some warnings ),2)anyone who trolls or doesnt follow orders etc gets kicked for destroying the roleplay experience for the other players (usually they get warned maybe twice or three times then kick or even ban) ,3)no modders/hackers (these ones get permabanned instantly )
  12. Agelarasgamikoulas(psonaras)

    pls dont be ironic its the first time i ever do this so pls show some understanding bruh (what is vouch or devouch and HA ?).
  13. Agelarasgamikoulas(psonaras)

    i know
  14. Agelarasgamikoulas(psonaras)

  15. Agelarasgamikoulas(psonaras)

    i understand your answers . but really now what is a vouche ? ps nice photo
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