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  1. The_Docteur

    fake and gay /vouch everything but battlefield surveyor cause i cant tell
  2. The_Docteur

    Ebic gamer, a man that knows what hamsters REALLY are, active on NRP, good guy, mature and he may aid us in the WF conquest of NRP /vouch benis
  3. Name The Docteur Requested medal(s) Expert Grenadier Vouches Skeepr,Kenway, Broke, Vongil and likely other admins at today's battle Reason(s) I threw 2 grenades into the enemy forces defending a bridge and wrecked havoc, however not enough to save the battle Visual Proof 1 Visual Proof 2 Visual Proof 3 Visual Proof 4
  4. Now THIS This is epic /vouch
  5. The_Docteur

    Gotta say, the app itself isn't the worst, however the RP's are definitely lacking so it's a /devouch from me Benis
  6. The_Docteur

    /devouch Nothing personal, kid
  7. Is german, has insulted me in german, a Machoke, imperial cat, bullies people and feels sad when the person he bullies is afk /vouch
  8. The_Docteur

    This seems like the best solution to saving NRP. /Accepted
  9. The_Docteur

    I actually saw people leave their original lines to join Brendan's, so I really have no choice but to vouch if he inspires such devotion.
  10. Name Johannes_von_Docteur Requested medal(s) Combat mastery Vouches People that might've spectated me Reason(s) During the last campaign event i managed to kill enemies using a musket, bayonet, grenade and sword within one round, however i forgot to take screenshots Visual Proof 1 Visual Proof 2 Visual Proof 3 Visual Proof 4
  11. The_Docteur

    Now THIS This is epic. Noval is a gud boi, he is well known in the community as the destroyer of libtards and made a decent app /Vouch
  12. The_Docteur

    Decent RP list, however the rules for each specific RP can be expanded upon But, I know bmert and even though he is young he appears to be a good lad so far /vouch
  13. The_Docteur

    Rather young, but a good app /vouch benis :-DDDDD
  14. The_Docteur

    This... This is a masterpiece! ***VOUCH*** benis
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