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  1. The_Docteur

    I call Benis on that :DDDDDDDDDDDD
  2. Name The_Docteur Requested medal(s) Clutch Award Vouches Ethelad, Brendan Reason(s) I clutched 8 people recently but sadly forgot the take screenshots, but still hope I get new shiny stuff for prestige and things. Visual Proof 1 Visual Proof 2 Visual Proof 3 Visual Proof 4
  3. Name 17th_The_Docteur Age 15 Steam https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198323906284 GUID 1702423 Hours In-game 700 Previous Experience I have played on NRP for many hours and learned alot about the server aswell as it's rules, including Roleplays. Vouches Wilhelm II, Brendan Reason(s) The server is sadly rather empty these days and I would like to do my part in stopping that by attempting to be an active and good admin, which includes joining the server on any day of the week, aswell if it's filled with a small amount of Players. Roleplays Battle RP: 2 teams, on a battle map such as "Champ-Élysee", 1 General, Cavalry reduced to 15% of the team, 15% of Cavalry may be Lancers, 15% of Cavalry may be Dragoons, 15% of the team may be Grenadiers, Infantry follows their respective Officer, or may guard the Artillery, if the Officer is killed or not taken they must join another line, Cavalry must follow it's General, if he is killed or the spot is not taken they are to stick together and may elect a new leader, won by eliminating all enemy players Trench RP: 2 teams, Infantry only, one or both teams charge at a given time, gunfire is exchanged beforehand, played on the Trench RP map, won by eliminating all enemy players Cavalry vs Cavalry: 2 teams, Cavalry only, Lancers 15% of the team usually, Dragoons 15% of the team usually, 1 General, all charge after having assembled lines, played on the "Champ-Elysee" map, won by eliminating all enemy players Cavalry vs Infantry: 2 teams, team 1 is cavalry only, team 2 is russian militia only, team 1 may usually be 15% Lancers and 15% Dragoons, team 1 may have a general, played on the "Champ-Elysee" map, Teambalance is 1:2, in favor of the Infantry, won by eliminating all enemy players Zombie RP: 2 teams, Teambalance is 1:3, team 1 may be any class, team 2 only has the Partizani class, team 2 has an all charge command after a while, end with everyone on one team either dead or the timer running out, in which case team 1 wins, played on the Zombie RP map, won by team 1 if the timer runs out, or if all team 2 players have been eliminated, won by team 2 if all team 1 players have been eliminated before the given timer runs out Line Battle RP: 2 teams, Infantry only, no Riflemen, peace until given order to fire, the teams form lines in fornt of each other, 2 rows each line, after a certain number of volleys the all charge order is given, no General, won by eliminating all enemy players Naval RP: 2 teams, No Cavalry, played on a Naval map, players must board their ship or smaller boats, won by eliminating all enemy players Stalingrad RP: 2 teams, both of which are the Russian Empire, Infantry only, played on the Stalingrad map, no General, won by eliminating all enemy players Assassination RP: 2 teams, Teambalance 1:3, team 2 is the Russian Empire, team 2 may only play as Partizani, team 1 may be Infantry, team 1 has a general, team 1 may win by eliminating all enemy players or keeping the General alive until the timer runs out, team 2 may win by eliminating the enemy General before the timer runs out, the General once spotted is given a Beacon Etiquette and Server Rules No spam No Rambo Only English in chat No delaying No surrender killing if not explicitly sited to be allowed No Trolling No wasting Buildpoints No Teamkilling Performing any of these offences may result in being slayn, if performed repeatedly the offender may be banned from the server temporarily.
  4. The_Docteur

    my discod tag is either :The Docteur#3839, or as it is right now :Beezow Doo-Doo Zoppitybop-Bop
  5. Name [CC]17th_The_docteur Requested medal(s) Marksmanship medal, Notorious fighter Vouches Kenway,Sir Memesalot Reason(s) I did rather well during the latest campaign battle on the 11,11,2018 in which I killed 7 enemies with shooting, 5 of which with headshots, and killed another 7 with my bayonet. I usually also am rather high on the leaderboard during regular games, so I hope I'll get to call these medals my own. Visual Proof 1 Visual Proof 2 Visual Proof 3 Visual Proof 4