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  1. I don't see why not /vouch please don't leave in a weeks time
  2. the guy is young but does seem quite mature and he's also quite active I don't see why not, /vouch
  3. Falcon

    I've seen you on the server and you are a decent and mature player but as The Guy said above, I think you do just need some more experience on the game and on the server, get to know RPs and the rules for them. After that, I think you should apply somewhere down the line.
  4. Name Falcon Requested medal(s) Surgeon's Ribbon Vouches N/A Reason(s) I healed multiple players, who some were close to near death. Visual Proof 1 Visual Proof 2 Visual Proof 3 Visual Proof 4 Visual Proof 5
  5. I think considering the fact that he was a good admin in the past, and that he's trying to populate the server when the pop is low shows that he would make a good admin again if he was accepted. I'll vouch.
  6. Your app is quite solid and additionally, I also feel that you'd be a good addition to our team, this only if you're are willing to stay dedicated though. But from what you've said you do seem willing enough for the role, so I may as well vouch for you.
  7. He's a well-known member of the community, and his app is also decent. Why not. /vouch
  8. Your application is much better now. /vouch
  9. There'd be no reason to reject him. A really solid app as well. /vouch
  10. Name Falcon Requested medal(s) Marksmanship Vouches No vouches Reason(s) I landed some decent headshots Visual Proof 1 Visual Proof 2 Visual Proof 3 Visual Proof 4
  11. Name Falcon Requested medal(s) Orchestral Medal Vouches No vouches Reason(s) I increased the soldier's morale to the very end Visual Proof 1 Visual Proof 2 Visual Proof 3 Visual Proof 4
  12. I will add that currently, I don't have much activity as my exams are currently ongoing. They will be over in the next week or so, so I will be able to play on then. Any suggestions for improvement of my application will be greatly appreciated.
  13. Name Falcon Age 18 Steam https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198160149057 GUID 1426084 Hours In-game 2189 Previous Experience My main experiences in admining have been on the 59th Jailbreak server, served for around about 2 years there until it shut down. I've also owned some RP servers such as Nova RP, Nova HG, and Anoma RP. That's about it really. :3 Vouches No one as I know of is vouching for me. Reason(s) For quite a while now I have been interested in joining the NRP admin team, but unfortunately at the time Jailbreak got in the way of time and what not. But now since it's gone, I felt joining the NRP team would be a good idea. I think the server has quite an enjoyable environment, I've had lots of good times on it and still do, my favorite RP being cav v inf. I'd like to help as much as possible and will dedicate a good amount of time for NRP. Roleplays General Rules For All Gamemodes -No spamming -No hacking/modding -No trolling -No ruining RPs -Follow all admins orders Battle RP -No Rambo -No Surrender killing -No Delaying -No TK -Cav has to stay with General -A soldier without a line has to join another line -All form a line on an officer at round start Naval RP -Do not kick teammates off your ship -Only naval classes are permitted -Do not sail ships alone -Do not sail ships when members of your team are boarding Assassination RP -The Russian side will be partizanis, defends being the soldiers and the general -Sappers cant make it impossible for the attackers. for example, spamming planks -Soldiers should not aid the opposite team -Soldiers should not troll the general Trench RP -Both teams must get into their trenches at round start -Do not engage the enemy at round start -Damage will be enabled when both teams are in their trenches and ready to fight -Both sides will not leave their trenches until the admin orders them to D-day RP -Each defender will have one life, whereas the attackers will have infinite -The defenders of the beach must defend their flag until the end of the round to win -Sappers should not abuse their powers against the attackers Volley RP -One large line on both teams shall be made -Each team should never leave their line -Only fire or advance if the admins order you to -No crouching Cav V Inf -Cav should only charge on the admins orders -Infantry should not leave their defensive position -Infantry should pick line militia and pick the pike option Cav V Cav -Both teams should only charge on the admins orders -Both teams should line up before charging Etiquette and Server Rules -No player on the server should spam on the server, these players are known as spammers. Admins will warn the player to stop spamming before kicking or temp banning. -No player should troll on the server, these players are known as trollers, players can do various of things to troll, such as blocking a cannon when they are firing, etc. These players will often be warned before being kicked or banned. -No player on the server should download modifications, these players are known as hackers. Hackers are normally instantly permbanned. -No player should hit friendly players, these are known as teamhitters. Admins will warn the player to stop teamhitting, and if they continue doing so will be kicked or banned. -No player should ruin RPs for other players. Players can ruin RPs by trolling, not following orders etc, this ussualy wastes times and can ruin RPs. These players will be warned before being kicked or banned
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