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  1. Grandmaster Wootz

    nobody asked... loser
  2. Grandmaster Wootz

    cons: called me fat, unironically german, had prussian role......., possible manchild pros: sort of ok guy all in all, meow has plenty of admin experience and is relatively easy to get along with, so I think meow would make a good addition to the team /vouch :bicep: cough
  3. Grandmaster Wootz

    In the second final major engagement at the 2nd Battle of Böhmen, the last remnants of the Confederate forces take refuge in a humble shack on an eyot. The overwhelmingly large Prussian forces mean to destroy the army at said eyot. However, the Austrian-led Confederates bravely organize a counter attack, in which they push the opposing Prussian forces back across the river, effectively routing them and turning what otherwise would have been a decisive Prussian victory into a Pyrrhic victory.
  4. Grandmaster Wootz

  5. Grandmaster Wootz

    Tbh Wilhelm has a point about certain biases being left unchecked. I don't think Polo meant to be troublesome, it was only a 5 minute mute, seemed more like a joke than anything else, but on the other hand I was spewing similar bullshit and never got a mute, so I feel kinda bad. Again, I think it was more or less just a joke, but probably good if we make sure this sort of stuff doesn't get out of hand
  6. Grandmaster Wootz

    dont get me wrong. prussia is a fucking SHIT faction. whoever decided to spawn prussians into the world is definitely feeble-minded. like seriously, prussia is bad. but /vouch
  7. Grandmaster Wootz

    Bully this clown
  8. Name Brendan Requested medal(s) Captain's Medal, LEADERSHIP MEDAL Vouches no one :(( Reason(s) Captain's Medal: - I don't have pictures, but there were plenty of ppl who saw me lead the charge on the right in the last round of the Battle of Böhmen, taking on multiple lines after Florian died. alpha leader medal: - My grenzers performed a pagan ritual around me - Wilhelm dissed my leadership, that has to count for something Visual Proof 1 Visual Proof 2 Visual Proof 3 Visual Proof 4
  9. Grandmaster Wootz

    Name(s): Johnson#7796, Diomedes Position/Job(s): Discord Ranker, head admin of NRP What did they do: Make insightful comments into the nature of NRP's Discord community, demote wilhelm
  10. Grandmaster Wootz

    i vouched for you retard
  11. Grandmaster Wootz

  12. Grandmaster Wootz

    NRP Username: Brendan Discord Alias: Brendan Character Name: Herr von Wootz Faction: Austria GUID: 1295335 What kind of character do you consider: Officer ... OUR STORY BEGINS IN WOOTZ, GERMANY: Herr von Wootz was the lord of his village, the young fellow was excellent at preparing bratwurst for his people. One day, however, an evil Prussiaboo known as Helmet von Moltke, the Elder set fire to the village when he was drunk off church wine. Herr von Wootz saw something in the fire, though... What's that? It's wootz! Now most of you reading this are too simple to understand so I won't get into specifics. The young bratwurst maker moved his talents to MALAGA and established his first church of wootz. It was there that he met and would tame LOS GORILLAS ESTAS Adrián de Toledo y Pimentel and Don Francisco. Pimentel and Francisco were both ghosts for some reason, Pimentel had sailed back from the new world, an old conquistador! as for Francisco he was one of the two Iberian slingers to fall in battle at Cannae. Fastforward ten years later and the hooligans who fight under the Prussian banner now invade Austria? This isn't good! Herr von Wootz rallies his Spanisher friends to battle! The Prussians will prove no match for the forces of wootz! Some even claim to have seen MECHAW00TZ watching from above! WOOTZ VULT - rare image of helmet von moltke shooting civilians
  13. Grandmaster Wootz

    krp? scary. Anyway, solid app, can't see any obvious reason not to let you back on the team you sou have my vouch
  14. Grandmaster Wootz

    it was a good run ;(
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