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  1. decent app and i believe that you will be a good admin /vouch
  2. Herminius

    Well i think you learned your lesson , i advise you to be more careful in the next time , /vouch
  3. Herminius

    best app /vouch
  4. Herminius

    i support daddy :")
  5. Name Houssem Requested medal(s) Orchestral medal Vouches Reason(s) i made with some pops a cool Party :) Visual Proof 1 Visual Proof 2 Visual Proof 3 Visual Proof 4
  6. @The Guy Diomedes and Ethelad know me . and about the vouchs i thought that i can get them after posting the app (in the comments)
  7. @The Guy 500h in my 2nd steam account (i forget how long i played the game in my old one ) and for my english i started studying it before 3 years . i know the basics and i can understand everything
  8. Name Houssem Age 16 Steam https://steamcommunity.com/id/husamusthegreat/ GUID 1822772 Hours In-game 536 Previous Experience admin in my reg server because i am Sergeant there Vouches Reason(s) fun of nrp server and community before 3 years - wish to help to make the server good for all the players (in my old steam account before years i played soo much in nrp server) and i found that nrp need some new admins so i will be happy to help Roleplays Battles : Random vs Random RULES: Follow your officer and if there is no officer in your selected unit you can follow another one and Cav's follow the general No Rambo everyone need to charge when admins calls for it Cav battles Cav's vs Cav's Rules: everyone need to ge Cav with limited Dragoons everyone need to line up first before the attack Bastille Rp Inf vs Partizani Bastille Map Rules: Partizanis need to take the flag or kill all the french inf players in the french side are outnumbred by the rebels (Partizanis) Navalbattle Inf vs Inf (marines) Naval Battle Map Rules: everyone need to go to their ship AssassinationRp Inf Vs Partizanis Rules: Balance like Bastille rp partizanis need to kill the enemy general the other side can win by kill all the enemy's Trench Rp Inf vs Inf Trench map Rules: no one get out of his Trench or he will be slayed (only arty bois can) in every round the admin select one of the team to charge the enemy line so if you are playing with the nation that admin selected it you need to charge or you will be slayed Cav vs Inf Rp Cavs vs Russians Militia Rules: russians need to form a defensive formation cavs will charge when admin call for it Etiquette and Server Rules No Teamkill - No rambo - no troll - respect other players - obey admins - No spamming in chat - no teamhitts
  9. Herminius

    NRP Username: Houssem / [Kingdom_Sgt_inf]housse Character Name: Husadin Faction: Grande République GUID 1822772 What kind of character do you consider: Inf officer because i have a little experience in that as a sergeant in Kingdom clan/reg
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