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    It's a bit difficult to unban you given that our server itself is banned
  2. So this meme has stayed alive for like a year already mostly due to the potent shitposting of Scandy. Given that all records are going to be deleted today I might as well e n l i g t h e n you on the situation. Sit down kids, grab a snack and get ready for a long af thread Neon became Head Admin somewhere around 2016 when Legs resigned. He tried to create the image of the ultra serious disciplined admin, and expected everyone to follow his example. This wasn't bad by itself as it helped create a team which could pride itself in being both effective and impartial for years to come. However in his quest to achieve that he made one of the most controversial decisions in his career; the demotion of Gregory, an experienced admin who had contributed both in maps, guides and wardening time for months, for seemignly no reason. The outcry of that decision, and Greg's subsequent resignation (he came back later) led to him resigning less than 24 hours later citing ''reasons not related to the incident" After 2 days of absence Neon came back- but not the same. While in the past he was disciplined and serious he fully embraced shitposting the moment he stepped down. This eventually led him to direct conflict with Greg (and me later) over his ''hypocrisy'' of upholding discipline while he himself broke his own rules. It was conflicts like this that reduced him in the eyes of the admin team although everybody dismissed it as this being temporary Spoiler alert; it was not Prelude Neon calmed down eventually and in early June created a revolutionary idea; Jail Siege (or as he tried to push it " Neon RP"). He created a map, some rules and eventually the entirety of the admin team was working hard on this promising project. Indeed, after it's introduction it revolutionized the server, raising average attendance to 40-60 players and 80-120 when JS was on. New maps were created, rules were being added and the server prospered for a period of 2 months. However clouds were indeed on the horizon, as Neon had already refused to update his rules multiple times, ignoring the then HA's (Teabags) orders and later outright ignoring him as a whole. Neon gained an idea of invulnerability which caused him to become arrogant and indifferent to any rules on the server. Eventually a series of incidents prompted Hockey and Dimitry (owo) to report him directly to the HA who took immediate action In a matter of days, Teabags acted on the report by a creating a thread invisible to Neon where admins got to vote on his punishment. A text only (and slightly fucked) version of the conversation can be found attached to this post. 2 factions formed at that point; The Royalists, demanding a complete removal of Neon from the admin team and the opposition, or for all memes and purposes,the Neonic League, arguing that these instances of abuse were not enough to warrant any punishment. The Civil War Shortly after the vote was concluded in 11-9 (approximately) in favor of purging Neon he was tipped off and this happened: He then made his resignation thread (''The consipracy against me") stating that he was forced to resign because of the ''cancerous tumors of Greg, muh dick and Dimitry [who had] taken over the server". The thread was the first battlefield of the civil war, with Royalist forces led by Greg, Muh dick and Dimitry (surprising I know) clashed with Neon's supporters in a conflict spanning over 20 pages (around 200 posts) in a matter of days, the biggest thread at that time. It was subsequently nuked (deleted) by an unknown moderator so no records of it exist. The fighting escalated and engulfed the 2nd Meme thread. Its citizens prayed for the rampaging parties to ''respect the sacristy of low-tier memes" (~Bjorn Ironside) but to no effect. The memes had to be evacuated into nearby threads to save them from the post spam. With total devastation setting in, SAC secretly abandoned the Royalist forces and withdrew to their bunkers, planning the successful coup which put SACLamb on NRP's throne) declaring neutrality and hiding for the rest of the war Eventually a week later Neon after deleting the map and ban list (we had backups because of ted doing the exact same thing a year ago) was banned from the server, site and any future JB related projects. Eventually the fighting calmed down and things returned to normal. A small resurgence of alt account spam, and the threat of sabotage was noted for the following week after which neon withdrew on the NRP discord and after an argument with Shockwave out of all people withdrew himself to hosting EU4 games to this day Scandy's ballad on the war Propaganda leaflets and memes produced by SAC's department of Truth (Scroob) and by Irish mercenaries Neon.docx
  3. This thread was originally posted on the JB forums under the name ''Adventures as HA of NRP'' on May 27th 2018 by Scandy ''Hello! Recently there have been a few isolated incidents of people still coming after me for utterly pointless video-game shit related to NRP. Some very personal insults were made-nothing that I really care about, however it did make me decide that my previous indiscretion in regards to "stupid shit people say when embarrassed/put on the spot" has now gone out the window. With every day I become less involved with the iron-fisted management of NRP and with everyday I grow happier. The current HA-Lamb-is protected from such abuse as I treat myself as the bad-cop for problems to be thrown at whilst he handles the strictly sane. Anyway, to the fun part! I am now going to use this thread-on a forum barely looked at by anyone other than Jailbreak players and NW/NRP vagrants-to dump en masse any and all examples of hilarity or stupidity I had to deal with whilst HA. This includes everything from stupid spam for unbans from otherwise very proud people, stupid childish drama or general nonsense. Absolutely nobody is safe, beyond approximately 3 exemptions as I believe the posting of such content would be detrimental to NRP/I like them enough that they get a pass. As I find more shit, I will happily post it here for your enjoyment. I'd encourage Pew to join in if he ever visits and sees this thread as he likely has an infinitely larger amount than I do. So-enjoy! Autism UNLEASHED Starting off, a set of discord-based conversations. Context is included. =========================================== A very recent one-so not technically "while HA", I am still owner of the NRP discord. The nsfw channel became victim of a few autists posting some very questionable content. The result ensued: In this episode, the NRP Discord was spammed with recruit messages from the individual below. I posted an announcement declaring that their regiment was responsible for several ddos attempts and that their leader was potentially a notorious pervert. The regiment this individual is actually a member of has since dissolved. Lewis-known on NRP (and I guess JB) as "Porkins" was banned for spamming. This followed: My final exchange with dear old CannonFodder. He did end up following my instructions, however his ban was not removed. Not spicy enough? Too tame? You want a taste of some REAL drama? You got it! A big problem I had as HA was dealing with certain admins-added to the Whitelist by Presidente prior to my return-who enjoyed being admin but didn't enjoy adminning. One individual was extremely keen in every OTHER way-messaging me constantly, butting in to "help", baiting for more authority. The appearance of a vacancy in "Head Mentor" was granted to him in the hopes he might find enthusiasm to actually do something in the role. This was incorrect, as he did practically nothing but cause confusion amongst other admins. The removal of the role hit him very hard and he spent weeks upon weeks demanding it back-sometimes ironically, then very seriously. His constant, unending spam toward me and then extremely dramatic responses lead me to throw him off the team. Frustrations such as the ones I had with him are one of the prime reasons I will never return to the role. Before you open this spoiler, know that the person involved is a fine young man against whom I have nothing personally! However nor do I particularly like it when he now and again mentions a version of events which portray him as anything other than what he was. In short-enjoy the reaction he had to his removal, when someone on the team leaked my announcement of it to him. While I had already explained his removal (and he'd taken it well, I thought) my description of events in the admin channel displeased him. Here you go! =========== You might wonder "hey scandy, why do this now?" Because I'm not a particularly malicious person and quite frankly despise being angry and especially despise ill feeling toward anyone. I like getting along with people and most of all love making them laugh. However as it looks like some people will continue to do just about anything to get under the skin of someone who just wants to play a bideo game, I might as well dump the results here for your amusement. I understand some people-should they find themselves mentioned in this thread-may feel hurt or upset. However my response to this is please consider that at one time I likely honestly answered a message from you hoping to keep things happy and civil before being met with unlimited autism. Found another! Though I wish I had the original screens. In January of this year I was added on steam by Hursty-an apparently very skilled NW who cares very much for his appearance to others. He even made "Team Wales" in NW (whatever that means.) Hi slong list of NW achievements are listed on his steam profile so as you can see he is clearly a very important and extremely cool guy. However, he responded a little strangely when he found out that he was one of approximately 130 or so removed from the NRP Whitelist shortly beforehand: The Shockwave Drama needs a little context. Shockwave never got along with Presidente for whatever reason-I think he saw him as a power hungry rankwhore or whatever. Regardless, my mind was made up about Shock when his cancerous behaviour quite literally caused 4 out of 5 current TAs to start trying to act like him which meant pretty much all of them needed to be retrained. When I said this to Shock, he responded with "lol isn't my problem, you fags should train them better. People like my jokes." The boiling point came during an argument in the staff area of the discord between myself, him and Presidente. We started confronting him about how utterly toxic he made the team for everyone, how unpleasant he was to deal with, how he acted like he was above the rules and only showed up when he felt his popularity was threatened. He responded typically; smugly, very arrogant, and self-assured. Once he realised that people were agreeing with me, this surfaced: Shockwave was demanding that Krytenn be brought in or else his maps be removed and the skins. Pew ignored him and sent me these, and then I shared them with everyone. "Dick move scandy" yeah I apologised to Pew and Shock tried to bring a whole "scandy shares private information" but I was on my way out of NRP so decency was beyond me. Shockwave was now lashing out at myself and Presidente before shitposting in a very insecure way realising that he was being insulted by pretty much the entire team. The Nuclear point was when I decided I'd had enough. I had left NRP but Shockwave was continuing to shit things up by suddenly appearing and starting his retarded idea for training TAs which he never really followed through on. Several other admins quit following me, atticus and Shusho detailed this here: His reaction: This is the point where he was removed from the discord: These are the key parts I guess, if anyone wants specifics of anything they know of I'll have a dig but either way-here they are. The tl;dr is that Shockwave's toxic shittery became so bad that admins didn't want to actually be on the team anymore, and when confronted he kicked off at us letting loose over a year's frustrations from Presidente and I which lead to his removal from the discord. When I was given HA by pew (after TEMPORARILY returning to help with HF) I was told I couldn't ban shockwave but regardless his GUID was removed along with the rest of the inactive 59th people.'' Next up is the JB civil war thread haha yes
  4. OP has been updated with videos and text archives. The last step will be to include the screenshots from notable posts and leftover memes that don't quite fit in the Pictures category. After that our Legacy will be preserved for eons
  5. So erm same problem as before, every time the thread is posted, the site dumbs duplicates of all the pictures outside of the spoiler. Deleting them doesnt work as they just reappear After doing some testing it seems that removing the pictures from the attachments like @Ewoksson suggested, deletes all of their instances including the ones in the spoiler
  6. Welcome to Jailbreak's Meme Museum Dedicated to the display of 3 years worth of memes and fun moments in the server. Navigate the museum at your own pleasure and maybe contribute by including a few of your own memes down below-the best ones will be included in the OP! Current Museum Curator; Dimitry Special thanks to Kinree who collected, organised and uploaded memes spread around the site. Classic Memes Scandy's backup meme folder (includes duplicates- see the above spoiler for the organized version Videos Text-memes
  7. I tried that but it just deleted all the pictures from the post, including the ones in the spoilers Edit; did the same thing as Friday, and it somehow worked now... thanks for the help though
  8. Gonna ask again because it probably got buried in the last post Can a community staff boi remove the pictures below the last spoiler if possible? Every time I delete them the site just dumps them back in
  9. Alright after 2-3 hours of work the Gallery is finished! The only problem is that the site dumps all the pictures I attached to the end of the OP and nothing I try fixes it... If any Community Staff boi sees this plz help I wont be putting more pictures in the Gallery for the time being, as there are other threads I would like to move here
  10. For some reason most of the pics committed suicide. I will fix the 2 affected spoilers tomorrow
  11. Jailbreak's Ugliest: The Portrait Gallery®™v3.0 Welcome to the Official Jailbreak Face gallery, where we spend our time sharing the most idiotic and humorous faces, M&B's character editor has to offer! Due to the power of shitposting and memes, this had evolved into one of the most active threads on the whole website, totaling 13 pages of non stop face-posting! Credits: Credits for the images go to their individual creators. Many thanks to KL4R and Dimitry for compiling the images into their respective categories. Also a round of applause to @Kinree who took it upon himself to save every single image, organizing them in a neat folder to make the transmission possible. A full downloadable file of all the notable photos can be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1E6S04bWbCex8cQHloGISnutiWB3HWKVf/view Current Thread Curator: Dimitry Just a big violent family (Group photos) The gang (Iconic duos) Daily Prison Activities Notable Inmates (Single Photos)
  12. First of all, many thanks to @Meow for letting us join the site and to Scandy and @Ewoksson for setting this up. As Scandy mentioned in the rules thread, this is not the place for ANY discussion on the topic of the server being closed/ how or if it should be revived. The new management team doesn't support any of the above to be perfectly clear. This is just a place to hang out, transfer threads from the old website and discuss what was and what could have been. You are all free to do whatever you want provided you go by the rules. I will start by transferring the old Portrait Gallery, feel free to contribute!
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