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  1. Gio

    I'm straight
  2. Gio

    Obvious, making the same mistake "definetly" hahahaha
  3. Gio

    Devouch, didn't compliment me when I told him to
  4. Geez calm there, it's not only about his age. Even if he was 21 years old and posted this application, it's not like we would have accepted him then. We've had better applications we had to decline, it wouldn't be fair. 14 is a bit too young tho
  5. You should try again in a few years! Oh nvm this game will be dead by then, see you in bannerlord! you can play with my grandchildren there
  6. +vouch, good guy who can be trusted and not toxic
  7. Gio

  8. There will always be people leaving after a poll when the other side doesn't get what they voted for. You can't just bitch on the forums telling admins they're killing the pop. We're okay with taking criticism but when people like you do nothing more than being negative makes us frustrated. We admin on the server so that everyone can have a good time. Polls are there to determine what people want. The majority didn't want battle at that time and chose for cav vs cav. If we had put battle instead, that would have caused us even more people leaving right?
  9. Let's move on to my roblox game, it can take up to 50 players
  10. My favorite movie is Hacksaw Ridge, it's based on a true story during WWII.
  11. Gio

    US got rekt, but for what?
  12. Gio

    Name(s): David IV of Georgia (David the Builder) Position/Job(s): King of Georgia What did they do/Why do you like them: Removed kebab while being outnumbered greatly in the Battle of Didgori. What country are they from or what country did they serve: Georgia
  13. Gio

    Long live Gio Squad!
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