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  1. Sarissa

    The despacito guardians

    Six brave men guarding the man singing holy "Despacito" song against an evil admin Gokibouri and his tryhard minions
  2. Sarissa

    The future

    Year 3781, the last human survivor on the Earth is surrounded by robots rebelling against their creators
  3. Sarissa

    The true hero of JB

    Soviet T-34 heroically jumps down from the way to win to distract the guard and let his comrades escape
  4. NRP Username: Sarissa_the_Russian_Hacker Medal Requested: Clutch, Wounded Vouches: Kenway, Prince_Florian Evidence:
  5. Sarissa

    NRP very small gay so JB >>> NRP
  6. Sarissa

    Are there any official rules about 1 vs 1 melee duels after all charge when theres one player left on one team? Are they to be always allowed when that player asks for them because that is "honorable", to be considered delaying because only one player of the larger team is fighting, or is that up to admin?
  7. Sarissa

    This holy word helped russians to win the round
  8. Sarissa

    Stalker rp Preferably a summer map with lots of trees/bushes(also would be great to have some places that get you stuck/killed like anomalies in actual stalker) One cav flag on each team(pref hussar because that will make shit faster), everyone else inf Everyone except flagmen get frozen, then they place flags aka artifacts somewhere on map(not on spawn) and return They dismount and everyone gets unfrozen, you can rambo, actual goal is to have both flags at your spawn or kill all enemies When a team gets enemy flag to their spawn(or steals a flag from enemy spawn) they get all their dead respawned
  9. That app is only proof that i have admin experience, nothing more.
  10. And why should i metntion rejected apps? Do they actually change anything?
  11. Name Sarissa_the_Russian_Gopnik Steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197981649763 GUID 644977 Hours in-game 1359 Previous Experience On 59th JB Vouches Basically anyone on JB, also this: http://59th.phy.sx/index.php?thread/1356-macedonic-sarissa-admin-application-11-12-16-accepted/ Reason(s) Everyone knows that its quite common that there are like 50 players on the server without any admins, and either none of them on discord agrees to come to the server or no one is online.Even if an admin somehow gets online, most of them (mainly TAs) dont put any RPs except battle and get everyone bored. Also most of the admins dont see/dont want to notice rule breakers like rambos and teamhitters, and slay players for breaking rules they didnt actually break. Thats rather annoying for most of players. Admins often leave the server without turning on polls and setting correct class limits, and everyone has to play with 100% cav/line inf or without musicians for another day. Even if most of admins do any RP except battle they often forget the rules and lose control over players. I want to join the team to free players from everything above. Roleplays Battle - inf follows their officer, cav follows general, no ramboing, teamhitting, trolling. Linebattle - same as battle but line inf cannot spread Assassination - second team only partizani/sailors, they have to kill general from other team and he has to get to their spawn. Hostage - second team only partizani/sailors, one of them is TPed to first team spawn and hid somewhere, he has to get to spawn and cannot be killed until he riots Cav vs cav - both teams only cav, they have to wait in spawn before charging Cav vs inf - same as cav vs cav but one team is inf Partizani vs sailors - same but both teams are partizani/sailors Volley - both teams only line inf, they line up somewhere and fire on admins command Town - second team only partizani, they have to (pretend to) roleplay as citizens, they cant riot before certain time Russian revolution/stalingrad - second team only partizani Helms deep(idk how is this related to nw but still) - siege, second team only partizani/sailors Naval - both team sailors/marines/arty Western - only officers on both teams Trenchbattle(at least the version i played) - both teams get to the trenches near their spawns, they can attack whenever they wish Etiquette and Server Rules No spamming No racist, extremist or sexist comments Only one recruiting message for one regiment per map No hacking aka cheating No teamhitting unless forced by RP No trolling of any sort(sapper props spam, BP wasting, stealing arty, etc, etc, etc) No delaying if admin orders to charge Kill surrenders only via firing line led by admin or officer Admins cannot: Spam admin chat Spawn admin weapons/horses Randomly slay/kick/ban players, if they have to do this, they must state reason Change main server settings like name and password
  12. NRP Username: Sarissa_the_Russian_Gopnik Medal Requested: Marksman Vouches: a shitton of admins who were online then Evidence: (not the corpse nearby, but someone behind all that cav)
  13. NRP Username: Sarissa_the_Russian_Gopnik Medal Requested: Surgeon Vouches: Gay_ningaja and someone else that was online then(dont remember exact name) Evidence:
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