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  1. Lexxe

    Fucking kill him
  2. Lexxe

    NRP Username: Lexxe Discord Alias: Lexxe Character Name: Lexxe Faction: Prussia GUID: Will add when time What kind of character do you consider: An accomplished and feared officer of the Totenkopf skull hussars, serving as the Faction leaders personal bodyguard and commissar for the faction. Purpose is to be the personification Prussian military tradition. Likes killing, looting and GLORY
  3. Lexxe

    Only Finnish people can meme about benis
  4. Lexxe

  5. Lexxe

    Glorious comeback by the CF forces guided by the Saints!
  6. Lexxe

    The Glorious High Command of the Greussian Army!
  7. Lexxe

    NRP Username: Lexxe GUID: 775161 (i think) Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198039874260 Preferred Faction: Crown Commonwealth Preferred Role: Elite Spec-Ops Marine Captain-Admiral-General Why you'd like to lead: Because i missed out on the last NRP Campaign and i can bring a bunch of old veterans with me to take part. UK lost hard last time, and i always help the underdogs, + my destructive shock charges would be quite the boon to the British. Nothing better to have as a tool in battle than a capable fighter and leader with the ability to make miracles happen.
  8. Lexxe

    I will only allow your existence and offer my protection, when you submit yourself to me fully.
  9. Lexxe

    Fetus Soup Shockwave Lizi (my best melee prodige) Kulum Snowhindu Fisherman Leonidas + Loads more Tbh its been 4+ years, there many different generations of NRP players ive had fun playing with and i really can't remember them all by name.
  10. Lexxe

    Atleast you don't ERP and "date" overseas like a certain CRP staff full of fatties.
  11. Lexxe

    Dunno when i bragged. I just said i rekt Portugal and Spain, which i don't think is hard at all as England if you get all information you can, capture strategic places around the sea where they have outposts in. Not like you can lose warscore cuz they can't get to your island and you use your troops wisely without losing battles and your navy needs extra special attention. Basically using common sense when fighting a war.
  12. Lexxe

    Nah, i only play EU4 on weekends. My timezone is so far from everything else. Even now my MPs last until 2-4AM in the night, and the host is British or sometimes German. Also i'm sure if i did join you, you would have this gangbang of reg plebs targeting me anyway, as it usually is with new players, and especially when invited with a tone of challenging. But if you do want to see the shit i've done, i can just send you the pic of my nation next week Saturday, when i finish off Spain and Portugal players. But Spain already rage guit after i stackwiped his army landing in Africa, so it won't be much of a show.
  13. Lexxe

    Oh i haven't implied that no one else would go colonizing. In the current MP, i beat Spain and Portugal in a 1v2, with my superior navy, strategic troop deployment and actually using my head rather than doomstacking and hoping for good rolls. I rekt Portugal/Spain, and kept warring and breaking them down, resulting in me owning all of New World and Africa. And France trying to do simple diplomacy can be overturned with your own simple diplomacy. The trick is to not just get involved in anything, and let your intrigue/diplomacy make all your competitors to be at eachothers throats. It might sound simple but seem impossible, but trust me, a few fancy words can make a player give up their ally entirely.
  14. Lexxe

    France is already dead in an MP when targeted by all the other big European powers. Also heard of dat sweet steer trade? Gives you +10% from every trade you steer, and it stacks, like from Bengal, Ceylon, Goa, Arab shit, African shit, south african shit, west african shit, and finally English channel. Thats 70% added to your trade power. Then add all the new world steering. In my current game Burgundy who beat France owns all the trade centers other than London, and i have 85% of the trade power, and reking Burgundian trade with my 33% embargo strength which added with my trade power, makes Burgundy using English Channel worthless for them. All of this trade, without me having to bother worrying about continental warfare in Europe. I think its a sweet deal.
  15. Lexxe

    GB gonna be OP in MP. Just sell land to France (cuz players are gonna target GB cuz of buff) so they would have to deal with them instead. Then just stack development modifiers and colonize/genocide natives. Get all provinces in British Isles to 20+ in no time and innovative 100, then steamroll end game everyone with massive economy/army/navy without even having land. Or don't even get involved in wars, and just finance players to fight eachothers.
  16. Lexxe

    Oh those. The green flag seems similiar to a one i keep seeing in CK2. CB or a Fort. Could also be a new colony shiz.
  17. Lexxe

    2nd one you spawn a religious center to spread the religion (funny though, you could make the religion of a different nation all about believing that the ruler of England is their head of religion). 3rd one you stay Catholic (meaby relations with catholica improving and papal influence).
  18. Lexxe

    Strength has nothing to do with war anymore. Iceland is gone with 1 drone strike.
  19. Lexxe

    Lexxe dispatches a group of dismounted TRH/20th Cav, while his useless teammates hide and keep shooting.
  20. Lexxe

    Nothing can stop a Lexxe charge until there is no enemy left alive. You have witnessed this. I will train myself for the first time in a year for the Campaign. So my senses will be sharp and reflexes fast.
  21. Lexxe

    Only the elite shall partake in the Russian rise to glory.
  22. Lexxe

    "Elite" Good thats only in Cav player context.
  23. Lexxe

    Immersion pack will most likely be in Iberia tbh. They haven't done shit there. Same what happened with Third Rome. Add more provinces to Denmark and Immersion pack to Russia (nation which was mostly ignored). Would be cool to see tbh. In my next MP, i will most likely go in Ireland, Scotland or Dutchlands.
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