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  1. Your Steam Username: [KoJ] Hawkeye Steam Profile URL: 145319232023 What was the in-game name under which you were banned/enslaved?: Hawkeye Were you banned or enslaved?: (Sex)Slaved. When were you banned/enslaved? (Please state the exact time, date and your timezone): I cant remember. Your User ID (use this image to help you find it: i.imgur.com/knwzp6o.png ): 1753876 Have you waited for at least two hours after being banned/enslaved from the server? (This is to ensure that it was not a temporary ban/enslave): One week at least. Name of the Admin who banned/enslaved you: I dont know, they slaved me from the panel. What happened before you got banned/enslaved from the server? Please explain in as much detail as possible: When the Jurek left server with 5 players, i started to rdm four-five people. And apologized for that, then i quitted. Why do you wish to be unbanned/un-enslaved?: I thought i'll never get caught and banned. Im sorry for that, i'll not do that again.
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