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  1. Broke

    אַזוי. לעצטנס, עס מיינט דיין פּאַטעטיק "סערווירער" האט פאַרלאָרן זייַן העכערקייַט. זיכער, איר קענען נאָך שלעפּן אין 100 פּלייַערס אויף וויקענדז, אָבער איז אַז אַלע? איך קענען טראַכטן פון אַ סערווירער אַז געץ איבער אַ הונדערט פּלייַערס יעדער טאָג :) מיר אַלע וואַרטן פֿאַר דעם. אַלע די רעגימאַנץ וואָס איר האָט ניט געוואלט צו רעספּעקט, אַלע די לייַטיש מענטשן איר געשיקט פליסנדיק מיט דיין פּראָ-רייסיזאַם און פּראָ-פאָביק כּללים. אַלע דיין ביסל רייד וועגן "פֿרייַ רעדע" טאָן ניט טאָן פיל איצט, טאָן זיי? איך געדענקען, אַפֿילו ווען די קלאַונז אין די 59 זענען טשאַרדזשד זאכן זענען געווען אַ שאַמבאַלז, עס איז פייַן צו זען זיי זענען נאָך. מיר לאַפינג בייַ איר, איר וויסן. אונז אלע. מיר לאַכן אין איר טריינג אַזוי שווער צו מאַכן דיין אַנדערש קאָלעקטיוו אַרבעט. מיר לאַפינג ווי איר פאַרלאָזן צו צוציען קיין נייַ פּלייַערס, ווי איר פאַרלאָזן צו טאָן עפּעס נוצלעך. מיר זענען אַלע לאַפינג בייַ איר, געוואוסט אַז אין דער צוקונפֿט ווען איר און דיין השתדלות זענען לאַנג פארגעסן אַז מיר וועלן נאָך זיין קעריינג מיט אַלע אונדזער סופּפּאָרטערס. פשוט לייגן, מיר דערציילט איר אַזוי. ווי פילע מאָל זענען איר געווארנט? ווי פילע מאָל האָט איר דערציילט איר אַז אַ ביגאַסט סערווער וואָס וויל צו רעספּעקט ריימבערז (געזען ווי רעגימענץ זענען די בלויז סיבה נאַפּאָלעאָניק מלחמות האט קיין פּלייַערס) קען קיינמאָל בלייַבנ לעבן? וואָס איר טראַכטן איז געגאנגען צו פּאַסירן. איך בין לאַפינג בייַ איר רעכט איצט. מיר אַלע זענען. הנאה דיין לעצט טעג :)
  2. Broke

    How familiar are you with our different roleplays?
  3. Broke

    Voucherino Acceptederino (to NA) Join is on discord at nwrp.eu/discord please
  4. Broke

    Come join us on discord at nwrp.eu/discord so me and the other NA staff can get to know you a bit. Otherwise I see absolutely no reason why we shouldn't welcome you to the team. Vouch.
  5. Broke

    NRP Username: Broke Discord Alias: Helmet von Moltke, the Elder Character Name: Helmet von Moltke, the Elder Faction: Prussia GUID: 628999 What kind of character do you consider: Artillery officer. Helmet watches over the battlefield and relays information to other officers. Helmet von Moltke was born into a prominent military family in service to a foreign King and he was trained in the military arts almost as soon as he was able to walk and talk. At the age of twelve he was enrolled in a cadet school where he quickly worked his way up the ranks and became the commander of all cadets in the school. Upon graduation he joined the Prussian Army, where he was commissioned as a second Lieutenant. Despite a drunken brawl in the town of Wootz that led to the entire village being burned to the ground, Helmet was swiftly climbed the ranks and became an integral part of the Prussian high command.
  6. Broke

    NRP Username: Broke Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ExecutiveDax/ Preferred Faction: Prussia Preferred Role: Faction Leader Why you'd like to lead: I joined Campaign 2.0 out of peer pressure. I didn't really think I'd enjoy it but I did. Mostly that enjoyment came because I was asked if I could lead a line, and so I became High Command and permanently led a line. When Chinese quit and polo became the leader I applied for 2IC because I sincerely enjoyed being a part of the leadership and I wanted more. Then when polo left at the last minute, I got to be faction leader for about a week. To be honest that isn't enough time to really experience it, and I would like to get the full experience.
  7. Broke

    and I helped
  8. Name: Broke Age: 28 GUID: 628999 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ExecutiveDax/ Hours in-game: 371 Previous Admin Experience: I've never adminned a Warband server before, but I've been an admin on plenty of servers for other games, including Arma 3 Altis Life, Conan Exiles, Ark, Reign Of Kings, and a text-based MMORPG (MUD/MUSH) Vouches: Waterpolo, Greybeard, Wilhelm Reason(s): I've spent quite a bit of time on this server for the Campaign and in the discord chat. I enjoy the community and get along with everyone well. I think I'd make a good admin because I enjoy spectating as much as I do actually playing the game Etiquette and Server Rules: English only No spam Proper sentence structure Follow roleplay rules No ramboing No surrender-killing No team hitting No delaying no bp/tnt spam no hacking no trolling no impersonating admins Roleplays: Battle: Random nations, Infantry follows officer/cav follows general, firing line to kill surrenders (on admin/officer command) Assassination: Random vs Russia. Protect the general. All russians are partizani assassins. Cavalry deactivated. Balance in favor of Russia Hostage: Random vs Random, hostage imprisoned by defenders must be rescued by attackers, defenders win if hostage dies during escape Bastille: France vs Russia; french infantry vs Russian partizani. Balance favors russia. Line battle: Random vs Random. Infantry follows officers. Only light infantry/skirmisher can crouch. Only fire while in formation. Town: Russia vs Random. Maintain control of village; Partizani do commoner work with tools until alloted time passes. Other nation is guards; must maintain order. War & peace: Random vs Random, battle game mode. Generals handpicked by admins. Officers follow generals orders. War only declared by generals. Infantry Vs Cavalry: Random vs Random; Forced infantry or cavalry. Infantry form square, cavalry charge on admin command Cavalry vs Cavalry: Random vs Random (No UK). Forced cavalry; line up and charge on command. Capture the church: Random vs Random. Defenders stop attackers from reaching church bells. Defenders may not pass bridge. Russian revolution: Russia vs Russia (Imperials vs communists); communist must go partizani. European city; in favor of communists. Storm the palace: Random vs Russia. Defenders hold gorund, attackers kill every enemy. balance for russia. Stalingrad: Russia vs Prussia; landshut (night) Melee only every third round Volley: Random vs Random; forced infantry. officers picked by admins. Walk in formation, follow admin commands. Trench: France vs Prussia; german village (morning). Western: Random vs Random; forced officer, spanish farm (day) Ambush: Random vs Random; team 1 tries to reach destination. Team 2 ambushes them. Team 1 cannot attack until after team 2 does. First team must get 5 people to destination Naval: Arabian Harbour (night) if > 100 players, Naval battle (day) if <100; ship crew forced; no steering before admin command
  9. Name Broke Age 69 Steam ExecutiveDax GUID 928999 Hours in-game 337 Previous Experience I ran my own server for Reign of Kings, I was an admin on a text-roleplay community Vouches Nope Reason(s) I saw meow link the application in #announcements Roleplays Cav vs Cav, Ship vs Ship Etiquette and Server Rules I don't really know any rules beyond using common sense.
  10. Broke

    hi my name is broke, the neighborhood friendly discord lurker who never plays NRP
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