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  1. Okay. False. The opposite of true. In context of the quote I was responding to, you claim I said you picked a side. That's not what I said. I said you were using admin commands while playing during an event. That's generally a bad idea. So is that what all this is about? Me being HA of NA? You're getting dangerously close to ad hominems here. Waiting for him may be the best option, but if we can come to an agreement before that then all the better.
  2. Merkel punched me so I turned to the right and looked at him for a few seconds. I tried to swap to my sword and I found an artillery cannister so I dropped it. Then I continued running. I did not see you. Only Merkel. I was running towards the group that was melee fighting, which was on the other side of the bridge that was ahead of me. False. This is what I said. It's completely reasonable and true. You may not have declared for a side to get a discord role, but you were actively participating in the battle on a side. Using admin powers whilst you're playing for any side in the campaign is a pretty poor decision if you're trying to stay objective and unbiased. In this discord exchange, you say I played with my weapon for 10 seconds. "Played with weapons" implies I swung my sword or something as a taunt From the moment Merkel punched me to the moment I started running again, only about 4 seconds passed. I could accept something like what Joe said earlier, "It was an accident/misunderstanding. Lets move on" if I wasn't goaded in internal admin chat. That behavior is unbecoming a Senior Admin of NRP. Maybe a Trial could get away with that. Even a regular admin possibly. Not a senior admin.
  3. Broke

    Who the hell is this random? I never heard of Waterpolo
  4. I would normally accept that, Joe, but sneaky continued to goad me in internal admin chat after the fact. 20:47:32 - [Helmet_von_Moltke]: Sneaky i was charging you fuck 20:47:35 - [Sneakypanda] holy frick im laggy 20:47:37 - [Sneakypanda]: ? 20:47:41 - [Sneakypanda]: ahahahahah 20:47:42 - [Sneakypanda]: yeah right 20:48:11 - [Helmet_von_Moltke]: sneaky why did you slay me 20:48:21 - [Sneakypanda]: Broke ur literally running the other way 20:48:24 - [Sneakypanda]: after seeing me 20:48:28 - [Helmet_von_Moltke]: i didnt see you 20:48:33 - [Sneakypanda]: feel free to report it on nwrp.eu 20:48:33 - [Helmet_von_Moltke]: i was trying to cross the bridge 20:48:36 - [Sneakypanda]: ahahahaha
  5. I want to stress the fact that he was fighting in the battle for the CC. If you've picked a side to play for during a campaign battle, you should have to recuse yourself from using any admin powers whatsoever. Obviously this doesn't include sorting admin slots before live game play. An admin who is an active participant of a campaign battle should never use admin panel to slay, freeze, take ammo, give items to, or otherwise affect the outcome of the battle. Such an action by an admin who is actively participating in the battle will obviously be seen as "admin bias" to a neutral third party.
  6. Template; NRP Username: Broke GUID: 62889 Are you reporting a player or an admin: Admin Who are you reporting: Sneakypanda Date and time: 8/10/2019 (August 10th, 2019) Reason: Slayed me in campaign while playing for the opposing team Evidence: Chat was blowing up too fast for me to get a screenshot in time. 20:47:20 - [SERVER]: Sneakypanda Slayed Player Helmet_von_Moltke. 20:47:21 - [SERVER]: Town 20:47:22 - [SERVER]: Town 20:47:23 - *Admin*[Sneakypanda]: not charging There was an allcharge and I was charging around a bridge towards the blob of people in a melee. Sneaky came behind me and slayed me and then claimed I wasn't charging.
  7. And I'll be happy to have you on the NA server. Accepted
  8. Love to have you on the NA server.
  9. Broke

    me too
  10. Broke

    You are about to embark upon the Great Crusade, toward which we have striven these many months. The eyes of the world are upon you. The hopes and prayers of liberty-loving people everywhere march with you. In company with our brave brothers-in-arms, you will bring about the destruction of the Commonwealth war machine, the eliminations of tyranny over oppressed people everywhere and the security for ourselves in a free world.
  11. Broke

    NRP In-game username: Helmet_von_Moltke Discord username: @Broke#4536 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ExecutiveDax/ Preferred role: Faction Leader Preferred faction: Confederacy of Liberated Lands Why you'd like to lead: As the leader of the CF towards the end of the second campaign, it makes a ton of sense from a roleplay perspective for Field Marshal von Moltke to continue his leadership of the Confederate army. However, I fully support newer people being bought up into leadership and as such, if somebody else is deemed worthy of the role, I'd like the following to strongly considered as the story: Helmet begins to focus more on administrative duties of leadership and therefore delegates command of the army other officers. What makes you a good leader: I understand military strategy. As Helmet von Moltke (the elder) in the second campaign, I started really taking charge whilst I was a second in command and during that time up through to the very end of the campaign I haven't suffered a single defeat.
  12. Nothing is stopping you from doing both, if you so desired.
  13. What are video games?
  14. The North American server is a relatively recent addition. Your steam profile says you're in USA but you want to strictly apply to europe? If that's the case, I'll give you a /vouch.
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