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  1. Name: Broke Age: 28 GUID: 628999 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ExecutiveDax/ Hours in-game: 371 Previous Admin Experience: I've never adminned a Warband server before, but I've been an admin on plenty of servers for other games, including Arma 3 Altis Life, Conan Exiles, Ark, Reign Of Kings, and a text-based MMORPG (MUD/MUSH) Vouches: Waterpolo, Greybeard, Wilhelm Reason(s): I've spent quite a bit of time on this server for the Campaign and in the discord chat. I enjoy the community and get along with everyone well. I think I'd make a good admin because I enjoy spectating as much as I do actually playing the game Etiquette and Server Rules: English only No spam Proper sentence structure Follow roleplay rules No ramboing No surrender-killing No team hitting No delaying no bp/tnt spam no hacking no trolling no impersonating admins Roleplays: Battle: Random nations, Infantry follows officer/cav follows general, firing line to kill surrenders (on admin/officer command) Assassination: Random vs Russia. Protect the general. All russians are partizani assassins. Cavalry deactivated. Balance in favor of Russia Hostage: Random vs Random, hostage imprisoned by defenders must be rescued by attackers, defenders win if hostage dies during escape Bastille: France vs Russia; french infantry vs Russian partizani. Balance favors russia. Line battle: Random vs Random. Infantry follows officers. Only light infantry/skirmisher can crouch. Only fire while in formation. Town: Russia vs Random. Maintain control of village; Partizani do commoner work with tools until alloted time passes. Other nation is guards; must maintain order. War & peace: Random vs Random, battle game mode. Generals handpicked by admins. Officers follow generals orders. War only declared by generals. Infantry Vs Cavalry: Random vs Random; Forced infantry or cavalry. Infantry form square, cavalry charge on admin command Cavalry vs Cavalry: Random vs Random (No UK). Forced cavalry; line up and charge on command. Capture the church: Random vs Random. Defenders stop attackers from reaching church bells. Defenders may not pass bridge. Russian revolution: Russia vs Russia (Imperials vs communists); communist must go partizani. European city; in favor of communists. Storm the palace: Random vs Russia. Defenders hold gorund, attackers kill every enemy. balance for russia. Stalingrad: Russia vs Prussia; landshut (night) Melee only every third round Volley: Random vs Random; forced infantry. officers picked by admins. Walk in formation, follow admin commands. Trench: France vs Prussia; german village (morning). Western: Random vs Random; forced officer, spanish farm (day) Ambush: Random vs Random; team 1 tries to reach destination. Team 2 ambushes them. Team 1 cannot attack until after team 2 does. First team must get 5 people to destination Naval: Arabian Harbour (night) if > 100 players, Naval battle (day) if <100; ship crew forced; no steering before admin command
  2. Name Broke Age 69 Steam ExecutiveDax GUID 928999 Hours in-game 337 Previous Experience I ran my own server for Reign of Kings, I was an admin on a text-roleplay community Vouches Nope Reason(s) I saw meow link the application in #announcements Roleplays Cav vs Cav, Ship vs Ship Etiquette and Server Rules I don't really know any rules beyond using common sense.
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    hi my name is broke, the neighborhood friendly discord lurker who never plays NRP