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  1. The Guy

    :0 Politics
  2. *hiccups* Wot? Isaac? Who's that? *hiccups* Oh you mean Minisiege? Might as well accept him I guess *drinks the rest of the bottle*
  3. The Guy

    Hey, i've seen this one before! I had no idea that you were 12 but you at least acted mature and not a jerk when you were on the server earlier today. However, It would seem that you need some more experience simply playing the game to get accepted. Wait a couple months, log a few more hours into the server, get to know the rules and RPs and then come back and re-apply. Right now, I can't see anyone accepting you as TA with such a bare-bones app. (Also try and message some admins personally to get some vouches.)
  4. RP section is a bit lacking but that's no problem since we have a Steam page just for that. He's active a lot in the community and seems to be a decent guy/girl/trap. This lad has my vouch But hey, can I get some oil?
  5. Your grammer and English suck m8. But your app is quite good and meets all the requested fields, also I know you a bit better than other nobodies so you seem trustworthy. Vouch.
  6. Jb admin, lmao Ex NRP admin... Why not? Vouch.
  7. Abuse of vouches and it legitimately hurt my brain to read your reasons. Devouch.
  8. The Guy

    What's with Noval vouching for all these apps? We should make him TA instead
  9. The Guy

    What do you mean, you're the only foreigner? *coughs in german*
  10. The Guy

    NRP Username: The Guy Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198248669648 Preferred Faction: Königreich Preußen (Kingdom of Prussia) Preferred Role: General Why you'd like to lead: 1. My devotion to this faction is next to unparalleled by other members of NRP. My PFPs are Prussian-based, my banner in-game is the Prussian flag, and I even own a Prussian mug. (Message me for pictures) But I would do my job with devotion and passion, I commit very easily. 1. I served as KGL officer in the last campaign and have quite a bit of experience leading troops in-game, so I would have no problem leading men myself or filling in for missing officers when necessary. I also have a lot of experience in board games and turn-based strategy games such as TotalWar which both bear much semblance to the map mode of our own beloved campaign.
  11. App looks a little sloppy and flashy... But otherwise, I think Muss has learned his lesson. Watch him carefully for a while as a TA, then set him free. But for now, he's got my vouch.
  12. The Guy

    Sounds neat. But would be hard to acheive, but doable...
  13. Seems legit. Got my vouch.
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