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  1. App looks great. He has vouches, rules and rps. As well as a legit reason for joining. I could not ask for a more perfect application . You've got my vouch, Wootz.
  2. Niroc and Meow are no longer a part of our staff but I'll take Joe's word. Try to add some more rules and rps; but besides that, you've got my support.
  3. The Guy

    A list to select items from that's easier to access than the current one in the admin panel. (A dropdown would be nice) Perhaps a better method of sorting through players when in spectator mode, to make slaying rambos easier. A way to give items to certain players. Also, it'd be nice to list the generic battle rp rules when people join the server in the welcome message or in the rules section of the menu instead of having to explain every time you change maps on low pop. Perhaps it could change with the rp like Tische said with automatic rp set-up? It'd be nice to have selector tool that would allow you to slay people in a group on the battlefield.
  4. Your app looks interesting, there's less RPs than I'd like but those can be taught. The fact that you have no vouches listed really downgrades the quality of your app, please go out and get at least one vouch on your app. I also agree with Polo, you should also explain why you left your previous admining posts. For now it's a devouch from me; fix these issues and you'll have my approval.
  5. The Guy

    TA here, but you guys asked for my opinion so here I am. This app looks okay, there's not as many roleplays and Etiquette rules as I'd like. Good vouch, i'm willing to take Turk's word for this guy. Overall the app seems competent at least and I would recommend at least taking this guy on as a TA.
  6. Ta opinion, please be warned. So, your app was quite intriguing. The fact that you already run a roleplay discord is very important and means that you may be able to help us out a lot on our own discord. However, admining a discord server is very different from admining NRP during-game. Walking into this app without any admin recommendations seems kinda sketchy to me, so I can't quite trust your app or claim to be able to perform well on the server. Both the hours and the rules/rp section look really good. I would suggest going out and getting at least one (Maybe two) admins who are willing to vouch for you (That we can trust) and then I would say this was a good app.
  7. Ta The Guy here. For the record, I have never seen this guy (that I can recollect) however the hours played and the rp-rules section looks very nice. The humor adds a little unprofessionalism which might be a bad thing considering the recent changes to the admin rules. My advice: keep an eye on this guy but watch carefully.
  8. Please pardon my confusion, but how does this relate to his app? Are you being serious or just using sarcasm?
  9. Although I am a TA, (Just as Turk said) I feel that I should say something as well. My thoughts on the app: It looks really unprofessional, and only has a small collection of known RPs. However, the idea of having a reliable person able and willing to help out every single day does sound tasty. I say that we take him/her/it on as a TA, watch how well they perform and adapt and then make a decision on their adminship. This is a cautious vouch from me.
  10. Gay_Ningaja, your Steam-link is not working for me. Could you please send me another link?
  11. Name The_Guy Age 15 Steam https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198248669648/ GUID 1377855 Hours in-game 300 Previous Experience None. Vouches https://steamcommunity.com/id/investigativejournalismlife Reason(s) Of late I've been interested in possibly becoming an admin for the server, but I was unsure if I wpuld be a right fit for the role. Soon after Kaiser Wilhelm ecouraged me to submit an application, and so I did. I have been with the server for almost three years now and it is typically the only NW server i ever play on. I've participated in many roleplays over the years (some I can't remember) and have always tried my best to adhere to the server rules. I feel that the server is growing a little smaller over time for reasons unknown to me, but that is probably not due to the administration. If I am chosen admin, I am typically on in the mornings and late afternoons when no other admins are on, so I could help greatly in that area. Either way, I will respect your descision and await your answer with fervent patience. Your most humble servant: The Guy Roleplays Town RP Balance is set 3 to 1, peace is enabled, one side is forced Partizani which goes into the town to find a job until peace is disabled. Other side guards the town or town exit. Linebattle Both sides are forced to choose one type of line infantry apiece. They both line up and fire volleys on admin or officer command and charge of command. Cav vs Cav Both sides are forced to go cav. Admins order them to line up and charge. Inf vs Cav One side is forced to go all infantry, the other is forced to go cavalry. The admin orders the cav when to charge. Pike vs Cav One side is forced to go Landwehr or Russian militia and get pikes. Oyher side is forced to go all cav. Admin orders the cav to charge. Battle RP No rambo, no troll, etc Prisoner Rescue RP One man is chosen as prisoner and teleported to the admin on the other team. The other team must rescue him before time runs out. If he tries to escape, he may be killed. Russian Revolution RP One side is forced to go partizani and the other side goes Russian. Odds are 3 to 1. Stalingrad RP Use Stalingrad map, one side is Prussia, other side is Russia or forced Partizani. French Revolution RP Use Bastille map, one side is partizani, other is France. Odds are 3 to 1. Naval RP Use naval maps, and usually no camping on islands or mainland. Cossack revolt RP One side is forced to go Cossack cav and the other is forced to go Russian infantry. Etiquette and Server Rules No spam-Spammer No teamhitting-Teamitter No delaying-Delayer No ramboing-Rambo No arty trolling-Arty troll Kill surrenderers via firing line-Surrender killer/Murderer No wasting bp-Bp waster? No stacking/towering-Stacker
  12. The Guy

    NRP Username: The Guy Discord Alias: The Guy#2813 Character Name: The_Guy1813 Faction: Grande République GUID: 1377855 What kind of character do you consider: Soldier for me please. Although I do have experience in field tactics and commanding, I feel for my first several campaigns I should start at the bottom and then maybe work my way up.