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  1. The Guy

    An old 59th player Your previous experience with our server and work within the community pretty much guarantees your addition to the team. Just be sure to do your research and get used to all the changes that the server has gone under. Overall, it's a vouch from me; welcome back!
  2. The Guy

    This is a pretty good application, not perfect but very good. Your hours are a bit smaller than other but I'd be a hypocrite to complain about that. Overall; as long as you can hold to your promise to be professional and fun then it's a vouch.
  3. The Guy

    SOMEONE WHO FINALLY HAS A PREVIOUS VOUCH LISTED ON THEIR APP Seriously tho, this app is very well filled out. It outlines your goals, and shows that you're a professional who can be trusted. You have a solid vouch from me, regardless of the server.
  4. The Guy

    *smashes the vouch button*
  5. Before I met video games I had a great career planned in the medicinal field. I would blitz through college, get my doctorate's as early as possible and eventually go on to founding my own business. Then I played video games: my career path has deviated greatly as my goal has now changed to become ruler of the globe and Reichsfuhrer of a Greater Deutsche Reich. There are 5 guns in my home, three of which are assault rifles and I have numerous grenades. This would have never happened had I played video games, so don't do drugs kids. (Note; I wrote this as soon as I woke up)
  6. The Guy

    "Previous Experience: I have no experience but I know how it works" That's a contradictiom buddy, and only fully posted admins alike myself can make those jokes. Also your grammar is atrocious, fix it up a bit and update the app how Polo asked and you might get a vouch from me.
  7. Hello there, fellow Europeans, Africans, Asians and Americans (NA folk)! The new HA of the NA server Broke, Vindication and I are organizing a campaign for this new server but we need help. We are horribly understaffed as far as the campaign is concerned and we desperately need people capable of doing anything related to this. Anyone from anywhere can apply, be you an admin or just a regular player as long as you have skills that can attribute to the benefit of the campaign and the server. I have been asked by Vindication to leave a link to the form here and there is also one posted on our discord at dsicord.me/nwrp. Cheers and goodluck to any and all applicants! - The Guy https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeSKPbE48AYepQlrY8_f3n_-8lupxEpQXYB2BhjObzyDT_3dQ/viewform?usp=sf_link
  8. The Guy

    I don't see why you wouldn't be accepted... Vouch At the request of the NA Head Admin I am also highly encouraging you to join our discord and chat with those of us in the highest offices of the NA serve to see if you'll be a good pick. Discord: discord.me/nwrp Ping: @Comrade Miles O'Brian, @The Gay, @Rabbi
  9. The Guy

    Your age, info, hours played, all good. You didn't leave any links to the discords you admined or anyone to contact about it. Your vouches section is empty even though you claim to have past experience. This is inexcusable. You referred to the server as a "rp" *facepalms*. Capitalise your "i"s at least please Clean up the app a bit and I'd wholeheartedly vouch for you but I won't do so until then. At the request of the NA Head Admin I am also highly encouraging you to join our discord and chat with those of us in the highest offices of the NA serve to see if you'll be a good pick. Discord: discord.me/nwrp Ping: @Comrade Miles O'Brian, @The Gay, @Rabbi
  10. The Guy

    This app is excellent, I repeat: excellent. You seems to have a lack of RPs and rules but other than that (which can be easily augmented and fixed in the TA stage) this app is so perfect there's no reason to refuse. Voucherino
  11. The Guy

    :0 Politics
  12. *hiccups* Wot? Isaac? Who's that? *hiccups* Oh you mean Minisiege? Might as well accept him I guess *drinks the rest of the bottle*
  13. The Guy

    Hey, i've seen this one before! I had no idea that you were 12 but you at least acted mature and not a jerk when you were on the server earlier today. However, It would seem that you need some more experience simply playing the game to get accepted. Wait a couple months, log a few more hours into the server, get to know the rules and RPs and then come back and re-apply. Right now, I can't see anyone accepting you as TA with such a bare-bones app. (Also try and message some admins personally to get some vouches.)
  14. RP section is a bit lacking but that's no problem since we have a Steam page just for that. He's active a lot in the community and seems to be a decent guy/girl/trap. This lad has my vouch But hey, can I get some oil?
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