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    Diplomacy without arms is like music without instruments.
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  1. The Guy

    I served under him. His claim is legit. Voucherino
  2. The Guy

    Big lmao, a sapper only server? XD (sorry, that was too rich to pass up) Despite a lack of rules I think we could take you on and teach you more as a TA. You've got my vouch.
  3. The Guy

    Vouch from me ^w^
  4. The Guy

    As a member of the staff who has to manage RPs and as a person who has also invented their own Rps I'd like to ask the rest of the community for any suggestions on new RPs. Please list the title of your RP and the rules/gameplay etc and maybe it'll even end up as an official one if it's good.
  5. Your reasons for wanting to rejoin seem a little too vague for me. I'm not sure whether or not you'll actually help out the server or just become another no-show admin. However, despite your rp list and previous experiences being very enticing I can't make a decision as of right now to vouch or not.
  6. Your reasons and roleplays are terrible, but that's why we have TAs. Your previous experience should speed up the process too. A vouch from me.
  7. The Guy

    As an admin, I feel that it is my duty to weigh in on the issue at least a little bit. I have not interacted with Duke very much in my time as admin here, but when I have I have noticed nothing wrong with him. However, I can vouch for Pres' claim that he was screwing with the campaign maps; he told us which maps would probably be used in CC chat and used maps... other than those few listed. Otherwise, I am happily allowing myself to remain neutral on the topic; Ethelad is right, drama is bad.
  8. I really want to trust you, but everyone else is right. You have no vouches without waterpolo and spamming apps just further degrades the chances of you getting accepted. Also, your RP section is embarrassingly short, especially for an ex-admin. Devouch from me m8.
  9. Forum Name: The Guy Medal Requested: Distinguished Service Vouches: wHaT vOuChEs Evidence: I don't have any screenshots but I read the requirements for the medal and it seems that I already meet all these requirements simply by doing my job as admin. I'm pretty sure that other admins and notable people in the community would agree that I fit the criteria for this award.
  10. Username: The Guy Requested Medal: Marskmanship Medal Vouches: I guess these aren't relevant anynore so... *shrugs* Evidence: Ask any member of the most glorious CC and they will give you an unbiased response as to whether or not this really happened. But the picture shows it all. I screenshot using Steam most of the time because it's easier just fyi. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1593132795
  11. The Guy

    About time I post here, eh wot? I am The Guy, an ardent history buff, military strategy student and fan of NRP since 2015, being the first and only Napoleonic Wars server that I frequent. I am now an admin in the staff and I take good care to offend as many people as possible without offending anyone. (If that makes sense ) Other favoured games of mine are Verdun, Total War games, and Mount and Blade Warband mods. I specialize in light-infantry and line infantry tactics, as well as army organization and politics. I guess that's about it.
  12. The Guy

    Being active only on the weekends is going to be difficult for you as a TA starting out because you'll get overshadowed really easily by not only the large crowds but also by the other higher-ranking admins. I wouldn't advise it for your first few weeks as a TA.