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  1. NRP Username: The Guy Medal Requested: Arty Medal Vouches: Broke Evidence: I understand that I don't have the individual screenshots but if you check with my faction leader, Broke and the other CF bois in the vc they can vouch that I did indeed get those kills.
  2. The Guy

    Name(s): Carl Von Clausewitz (Or Carl Philipp Gottfried) Position/Job(s): Major-General What did they do: Wrote an excellent book on military theory that is still relevant to this day (On War, Vom Kriege) and helped fight off the French menace for European freedom and inspired the growth of German nationalism that would result in unification many years later. Why do you like them: I read his book and it resonated deeply with me and greatly affected my view of strategy, Prussia is also one of my most favourite countries historically and he was a great hero from there. What country are they from or what country did they serve: Kingdom of Prussia
  3. The Guy

  4. The Guy

    Forum feel empty, no people make post. No post, no people = die. Is forums die?
  5. The Guy

    Is the forums die?
  6. The Guy

  7. Before I met video games I had a great career planned in the medicinal field. I would blitz through college, get my doctorate's as early as possible and eventually go on to founding my own business. Then I played video games: my career path has deviated greatly as my goal has now changed to become ruler of the globe and Reichsfuhrer of a Greater Deutsche Reich. There are 5 guns in my home, three of which are assault rifles and I have numerous grenades. This would have never happened had I played video games, so don't do drugs kids. (Note; I wrote this as soon as I woke up)
  8. Hello there, fellow Europeans, Africans, Asians and Americans (NA folk)! The new HA of the NA server Broke, Vindication and I are organizing a campaign for this new server but we need help. We are horribly understaffed as far as the campaign is concerned and we desperately need people capable of doing anything related to this. Anyone from anywhere can apply, be you an admin or just a regular player as long as you have skills that can attribute to the benefit of the campaign and the server. I have been asked by Vindication to leave a link to the form here and there is also one posted on our discord at dsicord.me/nwrp. Cheers and goodluck to any and all applicants! - The Guy https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeSKPbE48AYepQlrY8_f3n_-8lupxEpQXYB2BhjObzyDT_3dQ/viewform?usp=sf_link
  9. The Guy

    :0 Politics
  10. The Guy

    What do you mean, you're the only foreigner? *coughs in german*
  11. The Guy

    NRP Username: The Guy Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198248669648 Preferred Faction: Königreich Preußen (Kingdom of Prussia) Preferred Role: General Why you'd like to lead: 1. My devotion to this faction is next to unparalleled by other members of NRP. My PFPs are Prussian-based, my banner in-game is the Prussian flag, and I even own a Prussian mug. (Message me for pictures) But I would do my job with devotion and passion, I commit very easily. 1. I served as KGL officer in the last campaign and have quite a bit of experience leading troops in-game, so I would have no problem leading men myself or filling in for missing officers when necessary. I also have a lot of experience in board games and turn-based strategy games such as TotalWar which both bear much semblance to the map mode of our own beloved campaign.
  12. The Guy

    Sounds neat. But would be hard to acheive, but doable...
  13. The Guy

    Very interesting idea. This RP could actually force people on the serve to maybe work with each other for a change rather than against each other. Balance and maps would of course still remain an issue but those can be worked around over time. I personally like the sound of this idea.
  14. The Guy

    The CC will live forever in our hearts, gentlemen. Let the savages claim their victory; but we all know who were the best...
  15. The Guy

    I served under him. His claim is legit. Voucherino
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