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  1. QeAntonio

    What the N word means? Everyone is talking about this.
  2. QeAntonio

    >Be Panda >Join admin team >Leave admin team >Apply again to join admin team wtf
  3. QeAntonio

    Congratulations! It is your 5th application! Can we get to ten?
  4. Don't know you well. List of Rps is too short for me. Would like to see your activity. For now it's a /devouch from me.
  5. Thinks western isn't played anymore /devouch
  6. I am upset that you didn't asked me for vouch. But I will cause there aren't many TAs to bully now. /vouch
  7. QeAntonio

    Maybe you just had server filters turned on, one of them is ''show only servers with players'' and as nrp is pretty dead (but staff have a good idea how to revive it) as it didn't showed up on server list.
  8. QeAntonio

  9. QeAntonio

    1 Spamming aplications will not help. 2 Don't type someones name in vouches if he does not. (it makes your app looking very bad) 3 When you were a TA I didn't even saw you admining so why would you do now? 4 Wait at least a few weeks if you want to post new app. 5 Only admin vouches count. 6 /devouch
  10. Name QeAntonio Requested medal(s) Marksmanship Vouches Me Reason(s) Omega ultra skilled 360 noscope headshot from 3000 meters. I don't even know where was that guy. Visual Proof 1 Visual Proof 2 Visual Proof 3 Visual Proof 4
  11. QeAntonio

    Chorąży popsuł czołg, best Polish band.
  12. QeAntonio

    Pretty low age, no vouches, and as I know you did not even tried to get them, means that you don't care about getting the admin. For now it's a /devouch from me.
  13. QeAntonio

    @Agelarasgamikoulas(psonaras)If you want to join a regiment just pm anyone that have numbers in his nick (on nrp discord or here, you can even do it in game) there are so much regiments, international or national ones.
  14. Russian Revolution wasn't a peaceful demonstration, and when people fight it's usually called BATTLE. So if you wanted to play BATTLE you could vote on second option. Also while playing cav vs cav you also fight, and it's called BATTLE. I don't know why have you posted this ¿complaint? Maybe you didn't know what BATTLE means?
  15. QeAntonio

    Wootz i think you forgot that Trials have nothing to talk, but anyway if someone cares I will vouch if you leave CC
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