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    NRP Username: Otto_de_Adolf Discord Alias: Diomedes 2 Character Name: Diomedes II Dioson Faction: (Prussia or Austria or maybe Both?) Austria GUID: (The number displayed next to your name in the bottom left/chat when you join the NRP server) 1692326 What kind of character do you consider: (Optional but helpful - What sort of character you want, what role you want to have, why you chose it, etc) Heir of a noble named Diomedes I of Innsbruck ( soldier of an important noble ). Diomedes II Dioson is an experienced soldier of an important heir who wishes to fight for his country against the Prussians because he hates them. Diomedes II Dioson was borned in 1822. He fought in many wars but he is mostly experienced as a footguard. He also fought in the British-French-Russian war ( campaing 1 lol ) as a mercenary under the name of Otto_de_Idk, Otto_de_Adolf or just as otto. He was also a officer in his timeline making him experienced with tactics as he also was officer in a battle of the British-French-Russian war. He only fought for the british in that war. He was also involved in the Crimean war wich he fought on the side of the British Empire and French Empire under the name of Otto_de_Adolf.
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    Rip vineyard...
  4. Name Otto_De_Adolf Age 12 Steam https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198379532307/ GUID 1692326 Hours In-game 753 Previous Experience I dont have any other experience as being an admin wich i am concerned about because i might not know to do some things. As for the other servers i played Kaiser Roleplay and Roleplay Central and thats it. Also i played some NRP a while ago but then i left. Vouches 19th WaterPolio 19th WaterPolioToday at 1:25 AM nice Ottos been puttin work in the server lately When you going to apply for admin? Otto Today at 1:25 AM tommorow or in 2 days lel 19th WaterPolioToday at 1:25 AM put me down as a vouch Llama Farmer Llama FarmerToday at 12:24 AM Let me comment on it But yeah put me in the thing actually And then ill comment aswell Reason(s) The reason why i want to join is because i joined back the server and is not as active as when i just joined. Is still active sometimes and in weekends but whenever i play there are some people in server but no admin and so i tough if i apply for admin and get accepted maybe even more people will join when they hear that an admin with some players are on server. Other reason is because some admins arent online when i join because they got work to do and so on so maybe i cant join when people ask for me if i dont got anything to do and of course if i am home cause school. Reason 3 is because i think i know the basic roleplays that are mostly voted by people preety well but not as good as the very good admins. Roleplays Small pop battle rp: balanced team, rules: No teamkilling, ramboing ( may be allowed by some admins atleast from what i saw),trolling, killing surrenderers is allowed, no tnt spam, no delaying and 2 factions ( no matter wich one). Map should be a small to medium one so it doesnt take long for the people to finish it. Winning condition: Killing entire enemy team ( last man standing) Battle rp: balanced team, Inf follows their officer ( ex: blackwatch follows blackwatch officer ), cav follows general ( ex: Napoleon Bonaparte ), No delaying, No bp spamming, No trolling tnt or sapper, No teamkilling, ramboing IS NOT allowed, No delaying, any factions allowed. Map shall be medium or large ( depends on how many people are on server). Winning condition: kill the entire enemy team ( last man standing) Assasin rp: Factions: Balance in Russian favour. Any but not russia ( i say the most used one is France) and of course russia. Enforcing partizani on russia. A general will be picked on Franceand he has to escape to the russian spawn being protected by his guards with their lives. Winning condition France: General escapes to russian spawn or timer runs out. Russian: General is killed. Rules: only inf on france, only partizani on russia, No trolling ( ex: blocking the general as his guard or helping the general as partizani), No delaying, No teamkilling, Ramboing is allowed for russia ( tho idk how they will win ramboing). Trench rp: Balanced teams.Trench map, inf ( and arty ), Both teams go to their trenches and shot eachother until the admin says charge. Some admins give the teams special weapons. Rules: No ramboing, No delaying, No spamming ( tnt ), Killing surrenderers allowed, No teamkilling, Any factions allowed. Winning condition: Kill the entire enemy team ( last man standing) Cav vs Cav rp: Map: Big ( like the waterloo map but is not that used for cav vs cav). Pick 2 Factions ( doesnt matter wich ones) enforce cav and set limit to false. Balanced teams. Ask players ( or leaders ) on both teams for a speech ( completly optional) then the admin puts the players slowly moving until the admin says charge/ charge at full speed! No delaying, No other troop than cav, No teamkilling, Killing surrenderers allowed. Winning condition: Kill the entire enemy team ( last man standing) Cav vs Pike: Balanced teams. Big map ( exactly as cav vs cav ). Teams: Faction 1: doesnt matter, Faction 2: Russia. Same as Cav vs Cav the admin puts the cav slowly moving until says charge/ charge at full speed. The admin puts enforce militia on russia. The russians must form a square and protect eachother agaisnt the cav. Rules: No ramboing ( russian ramboing ), No delaying, Russians must form square, No trolling, No teamkilling. Winning condition, Cav team: Must kill entire russian team. Russian team: Must protect themselves against the cav and kill the entire team. Bassicaly last man standing. Ambush rp: Factions: Faction 1 any but not Russia, Faction 2 Russia. A general is picked on Faction 1 and he must make it to the russian spawn being protected by his guards. Admin enforces partizani and the partizanis must hide in the mountains or trees and wait until the admin calls the asault. Balnace is in russian favour. Rules: No trolling, No helping other team, No delaying, No teamkilling, Russia must pick partizani to spawn, No cav allowed on Faction 1. Winning condition, Faction 1: General escapes to russian spawn, Russia: they kill the enemy general. Naval rp : Factions: France and UK. Map one with ships. Basicaly same as battle rp but with ships. Rules: No delaying, No trolling ( blocking other boats or kicking people of the boats), No teamkilling, If someone falls of the map at beggining admin must revive him, Killing surrenderers allowed. Balanced teams. Winning condition: Kill the entire enemy team ( last man standing ) Western rp: Balanced teams. Pick 2 factions ( doesent matter wich ones) And enforce officer or delete all weapons and spawn everyone pistols. The map will be small. Rules: Ramboing is allowed, No teamkilling, No trolling, Killing surrenderers allowed. Winning condition: Kill the entire enemy team ( last man standing). Town rp; Town map. Factions: Faction 1 doesent matter, faction 2 Russia. Admin enforces partizani on russia. Balance favours russia. Faction 1 are the guards and Russia the townsman. Admin must say when the Russians will revolt. If the admin says: Revolt allowed at 55:00 then the Russians revolt at that time or after. The russians must revolt and the guards defend. Rules: No revolting before time, No trolling, No tramkilling, Killing surrenderers allowed, Ramboing is allowed. Winning condition : Kill the entire enemy team ( last man standing ). Etiquette and Server Rules No spamming in chat. No trolling. No wasting bp. No Ramboing ( if is allowed then go on). No teamhitting. Dont abuse admin tools. Dont abuse admin chat. Dont abuse being an admin ( ex: slaying or banning people for no reason). Dont use racist words, swears etc in admin chat. Beacon the last player alive. Admins must revive player when the round just begun and they cant spawn or just joined. Listen to the admins. Free speech.
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    Big F
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    Rip ethelad. U left discord . F Also i like the map.
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    Keeps blocking my horse on events. He would be goood admin cauae of that.
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    good rtw player make him admun
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    ye stop joining u gonna lose.
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    it seems like 5 men and 2 horses
  12. i have to admit my aplication was shit i didnt even write all the rps i know.
  13. the fatherland thanks you.
  14. Name 47e_Otto_De_Idk Age 12 Steam https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198379532307/ GUID 1692326 Hours in-game 558 Previous Experience nope had not been an admin but i had seen admins doing rules and so on. Vouches turkopole said i would be good https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198135178920/ Reason(s) i want to be an admin here because i never been one and so im curious and i also think i would do a good job. I also want to help nrp cause is my favourite rp server and i also dont want to become like a server i knew *cough cough* jb *cough cough*. and i would also be 2-3 hours a day on nrp and i also wont be a troll ( even if im 12 ) admin or things like this cause i know how it is to be trolled by admin ( central roleplay ). And i guess thats it. Roleplays battle rp ( no teamhiting, bp waste, trolling, no spam in chat and this rules aply for every rp), somalian pirates: basicaly russians with guns vs uk inf with guns. naval: just naval same rules as battle, assasination: france/UK general with some guards vs partizani who try to kill the general if the general escaped to the russian spawn they win or if they kill all partizani, I know Gio horde is basicaly players vs bots ( i know i cant admin it ), cav vs cav ( is self explainatory ), cav vs militia basicaly militia forming a square and defending themself against the enemy cav, Escape rp is duke of welington with guards vs partizani who hide and try to kill him almost the same as assasination. Thats all i know. Etiquette and Server Rules No spaming, teamhiting,trolling,delaying, blocking people, blocking cav, and from what i know free speech is allowed.
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