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  1. 47e_SoD_Otto_De_Adolf

    Keeps blocking my horse on events. He would be goood admin cauae of that.
  2. 47e_SoD_Otto_De_Adolf

    good rtw player make him admun
  3. 47e_SoD_Otto_De_Adolf

    Jb is coming back? This is so sad can we get 666 likes?!?!?!
  4. 47e_SoD_Otto_De_Adolf

    ye stop joining u gonna lose.
  5. 47e_SoD_Otto_De_Adolf

    it seems like 5 men and 2 horses
  6. 47e_SoD_Otto_De_Adolf

    i have to admit my aplication was shit i didnt even write all the rps i know.
  7. 47e_SoD_Otto_De_Adolf

    thanks turkopole
  8. 47e_SoD_Otto_De_Adolf

    the fatherland thanks you.
  9. Name 47e_Otto_De_Idk Age 12 Steam https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198379532307/ GUID 1692326 Hours in-game 558 Previous Experience nope had not been an admin but i had seen admins doing rules and so on. Vouches turkopole said i would be good https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198135178920/ Reason(s) i want to be an admin here because i never been one and so im curious and i also think i would do a good job. I also want to help nrp cause is my favourite rp server and i also dont want to become like a server i knew *cough cough* jb *cough cough*. and i would also be 2-3 hours a day on nrp and i also wont be a troll ( even if im 12 ) admin or things like this cause i know how it is to be trolled by admin ( central roleplay ). And i guess thats it. Roleplays battle rp ( no teamhiting, bp waste, trolling, no spam in chat and this rules aply for every rp), somalian pirates: basicaly russians with guns vs uk inf with guns. naval: just naval same rules as battle, assasination: france/UK general with some guards vs partizani who try to kill the general if the general escaped to the russian spawn they win or if they kill all partizani, I know Gio horde is basicaly players vs bots ( i know i cant admin it ), cav vs cav ( is self explainatory ), cav vs militia basicaly militia forming a square and defending themself against the enemy cav, Escape rp is duke of welington with guards vs partizani who hide and try to kill him almost the same as assasination. Thats all i know. Etiquette and Server Rules No spaming, teamhiting,trolling,delaying, blocking people, blocking cav, and from what i know free speech is allowed.
  10. 47e_SoD_Otto_De_Adolf

    wtf siege
  11. 47e_SoD_Otto_De_Adolf

  12. 47e_SoD_Otto_De_Adolf

    so i was playing a little bit of mount and blade just came in the server and i see this his name is xXNiggerSlayerXx and he is racist. I will report him cause i dont want nrp to get banned by talewards.
  13. 47e_SoD_Otto_De_Adolf

    Phineas and ferb duh. Until theyr mom come home
  14. 47e_SoD_Otto_De_Adolf

    I really wanna see the star wars map, the pirates maps and the alien ones! and from the photos they look very nice. good job!
  15. Name 47e_SoD_Otto_De_Adolf Requested medal(s) orchestral medal Vouches photos should be enough Reason(s) i sing for my mates and with my mates Visual Proof 1 Visual Proof 2 Visual Proof 3 Visual Proof 4