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  1. Generalissimus Kenway

    I regret to inform you that your ''rule'' is nearing its end, your Majesty
  2. Generalissimus Kenway

    Player name: Generalissimus_Kenway Which faction do you want to lead? Prussia Why do you want to lead said faction? The soldiers need a strong leader-figure to boost their morale and fighting skill merely with his presence. I shall be one such leader :Scandy:
  3. Generalissimus Kenway

    Confederation...? Oh, you mean that meme faction they added just to meet the 3 faction quota?
  4. Generalissimus Kenway

    You can run away from them if you see them being thrown. I think they are fine the way they are.
  5. Generalissimus Kenway

    Wow this would make for a good copypasta
  6. Generalissimus Kenway

    Undeniable scientific proof that the Crown Commonwealth is destined to crush the evil GR and its lackeys
  7. Generalissimus Kenway

    The CC can't lose Also, if you ever spawn projectile admin weapons for the plebs during an RP you will be immediately dewhitelisted by me
  8. Generalissimus Kenway

    rep 4 rep, who down?
  9. Generalissimus Kenway

    You said you were going to merc for the losing factions...
  10. Generalissimus Kenway

    I have a deal-breaker question for you: Do you approve of the use of Sniper Rifles/Rocket Launchers in RPs such as Cav v Cav?
  11. Generalissimus Kenway

    Good evening, NRP. Here is some more freshly-printed CCMoE-approved content for entertainment and enlightenment purposes:
  12. Generalissimus Kenway

    Please disregard any other ''memes'' and enjoy this CCMoE-approved content instead: (Oh, and... DEATH TO GR )
  13. Generalissimus Kenway

    The Crown Colonies was in the First Campaign. Its successor in the 2nd one is the Crown Commonwealth.
  14. Generalissimus Kenway

    NRP Username: Generalissimus Kenway GUID: 1172867 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/DirectorKenway/ Preferred Faction: Crown Commonwealth Preferred Role: General / Minister of Propaganda Why you'd like to lead: I want my name to be forever imprinted in the annals of NRP as one of the people who brought down the evil GR and its twisted minions. I want to cleanse the former CC of its embarrassment and start anew. I want to unite the whole island under the banner of the Commonwealth!
  15. Generalissimus Kenway

    I dab on you, hater

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