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  1. Generalissimus Kenway

    and his last words were ''please don't do this''
  2. Generalissimus Kenway

    These days any activity on the NW server/discord is appreciated and so I am giving you this medal; I hope it makes you stay some more
  3. Generalissimus Kenway

    Accepted, even though you were CF trash in the Campaign ;)
  4. Generalissimus Kenway

    Look, gamers, we all make mistakes - one time I got tempbanned, due to a missclick Anyway, I don't think anyone here is deserving of a punishment, however it appears that both of you weren't exactly squeaky-clean in this incident; Here is my verdict after checking the logs myself: @Wilhelm_II - it would appear that you really were running away after the ''all charge'' had been called, so (even though Duke probably mishandled the situation) just suck it up and also try to be on best behaviour in general, especially since you want your Admin rank back @DukeOfWellington - And you should know that when dealing with rambos/delayers/players not charging you should always rely on warnings in Admin Chat the most - you seem to have skipped that part and immediately resorted to freezing Wilhelm (which, by itself, also isn't an ideal punishment - it is almost always better to use ''slay''). And that's that, fellers - so, everyobdy calm down and let go of each other's throats for a bit, at least ~benis
  5. Generalissimus Kenway

    didn't I accept this already, smh my head... anyway, ACCEPTED
  6. Generalissimus Kenway

    Accepted; Good job leading a faction in the Campaign!
  7. Generalissimus Kenway

    2.0, without a doubt; It was a brutal, all out war, both in-game and in the discord
  8. Generalissimus Kenway

    Did the original thread get deleted or something? I remember spending like 20 minutes manually translating this copypasta into Bulgarian and posted it here... but alas it seems that it has been lost forever...
  9. Generalissimus Kenway

    what do you meaning
  10. Generalissimus Kenway

    So, we meet again, after all... My dear CC compatriots, we have been given a second (if not third) chance to secure ourselves a victory in one of the NRP campaigns. If you've been keeping track, we are technically twice-in-a-row losers, I'm afraid to admit... But this time there won't be room for failure! No, there is no other scenario for us this time - we WILL emerge victorious at the end of Campaign 4.0; No other alternate ending exists! Still, I would very much like to wish ourselves ''Good luck'' and greet both the old and new faces in this Campaign's CC roster with this beautiful song, which is to commemorate our wonderful reunion: Godspeed, CC
  11. Name Kenway Requested medal(s) Combat Mastery Vouches My fellow austrian chads Reason(s) I've actually been trying to get this medal the proper way since Campaign 2.0, I always get to 2 kills then die or get my kill stolen or lack the needed weapon diversity and I forgot about it for a little bit. Then, in campaign 3.0 I managed to do it tho I only have 2/3 of the evidence. I forgot to record my first kill with a sword, but afterwards I managed to stab someone with a bayonet and also shoot someone. In the last pic you can see I had 3 kills, tho you could argue I got the first one in the previous round (Spurdo as my witness, it was not so). Visual Proof 1 Visual Proof 2 Visual Proof 3 Visual Proof 4
  12. Generalissimus Kenway

    Edit: Hmm, it seems your GUID isn't anywhere to be found on the banlist, meaning you you shouldn't be banned or the GUID you provided is wrong. Recheck it, and try to remember what name you might've been using when you got banned since we can't find Augi on the banlist either
  13. Generalissimus Kenway

    I will unban you now ; )
  14. Generalissimus Kenway

    oof Well, we can unban you as soon as you give us your GUID, brother - Try joining the server JailBreak_Reborn, it will tell you your GUID once you join and you can write it down
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