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  1. gokibouri

    NRP Username: Gokibouri Discord Alias: The green communist Character Name: Karl Engels Faction: Prussia GUID: 1336231 What kind of character do you consider: Want to become a regular officer but didnt understood what role I should take so ://///
  2. He comes from JB, forgive his autism
  3. For me, its not a bad application. Just you should do an effort on spelling (The "rlly" and all that aren't really adapted to that type of request). Otherwise I think you can learn if you have a good will. Some others would see your young age as a default, but I would say you are sure to have more time to dedicate to this job. If you feel you can be active and dedicated to the community, then you are welcome ! Consider, since i'm a TA, its a symbolic vouch for me.
  4. gokibouri

    My crusade was justified
  5. @Gay_ningajaI understand. And to response, if i am admin, i'll try to do the job even on low population, cause i know that if there is low population, presence of an admin makes population growing faster
  6. You read in my mind, Niroc. I wanted to say to @Gay_ningaja that it would be, in my opinion, more fair to compare Inactivity period with periods that just don't have a lot of people on.
  7. Name Gokibouri Age 18 Steam https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198111701194/ GUID 1336231 Hours in-game 2359 Previous Experience I don't have previous experiences as admin Vouches Reason(s) I apply today as an admin because I'm playing on NRP since 3 years now and rarely a community gave me that much of fun, but also of sharing interessant things as culture and all that. I wish to become Admin to make people enjoying their game. I think I have my chance to be efficient because I know already a lot of people on this community. I also have experience in leading lines on the battlefields of NRP, so I think i have some little bases in managing people on a server. Roleplays Battle RP : Ratio 1:1 ; The standard RP Rules of Battle RP : - All people have to follow an officer with beacon. Naturally, rambos aren't allowed then. - Sappers may not waste BP - No teamhit/Spam/Troll - Make a donation to Star Citizen : https://robertsspaceindustries.com/funding-goals Assasination RP : Ratio 1:2 (can be modified to rebalance) Rules : - First team is made of regular soldiers, second is a partizani horde that haves to kill the team 1's general. Team 1 wins if General survives during the whole timeline or if he manages to flee. Team 2 Wins if the general is killed. - Rambo is allowed - No teamhit/Troll/Spam Naval RP : Ratio 1:1, Often made on low amount of players Rules : -People have to kill each other until one team wins, but this goes on boats - Boats have to wait at beginning of each round that every people embarked - Arty can be allowed or not - No teamhit/Spam/troll Bastille RP : 1:2 (Can be modified for balance) Often used with a lot of players Rules : - Team one haves to defend a great bastion against the team 2 : A Standardized and patriot partizani meme horde. Team 1 wins if the partizani are all dead or cannot manage to reach the top of the bastille before the end of the timeline - No teamhit/Troll/Spam Line Battle RP : Ratio 1:1, Often made with a lot of people Rules : -Same as Battle RP, but with reinforced rules about way of fighting : - There is only infantry, but can also be added artillery. - Infantry can't crouch - No teamhit/Spam/Troll/Surrender killing Trench RP : Ratio 1:1, On map "german village", For a great amount of people on the server Rules : Two armies face each others in a trench. A lot of admin management : -Admin haves to enforce peace or not to make people get in trench -Admin can decide of which side charges the other, but can also give initiative to people for that -People can't get out of the trench before admin says to - No teamhit/spam/troll/Surrender killing Volley RP : 1:1, With a good amount of people Rules : - People have to listen to admin's orders : They have to form a strong line and advance on admin orders - When in place to fire, admin decides with "Aim" then "Fire". - No fire out of order is allowed, admin can enforce peace between each volley - A charge is often made at the end. - No teamhit/troll/Spam/surrender killing Cav vs inf : ratio 2:1 (Team 1 = inf, team 2 = cav) -No one can leave his spawn until admin charge order - Infantry is supposed to make the best square to resist to cav charge - No teamhit/spam/troll Etiquette and Server Rules No spamming : Rule about people using too intensively the chat, making it unable to be lisible by other players. We call people that do this Spammers No ramboing : Rule about people going out of their respective line to play as they want, ruining the Roleplay. We call people that do that Rambos No BP waste : Rule about sappers that use their Build points (BP) to defend only themselves or to do nazi cross on the field without protecting their teammates. We call those who do that BP wasters No Team hitting : Rule about people who try to beat/kick their allies (Especially in line up phases, please stop it seriously !). We call these wonderful people Teamhitters
  8. gokibouri

    I would prefer be hitler because at least he choosed who shoot him.
  9. gokibouri

    TEMPLATE APPLICATION NRP Username: Gokibouri Discord Alias: Gokibouri Character Name: Ronan Le goff Faction: (Crown Colonies, Grande République or Rossiyskiy Soyuz) : La Grande République GUID: 1336231 What kind of character do you consider: As I often lead in cooperation with Tax, I assume being in a close mentality in terms of tactics with him. I Want to join the Grande République to enjoy the possibilities that a battle with centralized hierarchy and real team discipline can offers.
  10. gokibouri

    This TV serie is yes in favor of danish memoria. But it can give another point of view than the one of the indestructible prussian army. I think its more complex than a david vs goliath.
  11. gokibouri

    My favorite one is called 1864. Its a danish memorial tv show based on the war of 1864 against German confederacy and austria. To replace the context, remember that the 1860's are marked by a strong willing of the new prussian chancellor bismarck to unify the germans. For that, he enforce the unification of german cultural territories with wars : He takes slesvig from danemark in 1864; gains a lot of influence on the southern german states (bayern, bade etc) in a war against austria (1866) and finally takes alsace-lorraine from french second empire in 1870-1871. We have here the history of two brothers in this war, with a lot of histories, some drama. There is a lot of historical dialogues with importants characters like bismarck, the king of danemark, the queen victoria etc... And most important, there are battles, blackpowder, charges and epicness, be sure you'll love it. Its one of the most interessing black powder tv show ever done in my opinion.
  12. gokibouri

    Actually costa rica dont need a military since they are protected by USA. We can also say Iceland dont haves an army. But personnaly, i feel invading iceland is really hard, see how strong are men in this country
  13. gokibouri

    Ah okay, sorry you are actually capable of divination. Long live emperor and supreme moral leader Goose
  14. gokibouri

    Actually i wrote it after the creation of this section
  15. gokibouri

    I'm not supposed to vouch, but I can say that Tax is a good officer, with a good reactivity in chat and a capacity to adapt to others tactics. We often worked together as officers and I rarely had to explain why i wanted to make an action. He usually is agressive. I often saw during my leads with him that he manages to take back the commandement of my line after an early death. He does manages to make his regiment fighting hard because he does leads by example and haves a good melee skill. Thats makes that he can really be decisive and sometime clutched (especially with cav). With all these elements I would say he deserves : Ruthless attacker, Flanking expert, Anti cav expert, Captain's medal, Old Guard, Battlefield surveyor and as well distinguised service (6 years on oO) If i was admin, i would vouch.
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