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    Name smalljay32 (My discord name) GUID 0 Date I don't know Service Discord Reason(s) I don't think i've ever actually done anything in the discord aside from asking a few questions about the campaign months back, but I logged on today to see i've been banned and was just wondering why that was as I don't think I've done anything wrong?
  2. Ulfric_Stormcloak69

    NRP Username: Ulfric_Stormcloak69 Discord Alias: Rolfe the Peasant Character Name: Ulfric Faction: Crown Colonies GUID: 1329425 Why do you want a character: Make his majesty proud, banish those garlic eaters back to the foul lands from hence they came, keep the subhuman slavic hordes out of Europe. Would like to fight as a soldier (provided there are tea breaks mid-battle). As a brit it is of outmost importance to fight fair, like a game of cricket.
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