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  1. Weedlord

    We where on the march, then bullets in the air - disorganized and confusing going on. and then we got it and send some nice volley to the Blee s :)
  2. Weedlord

    Hy, I am Weedlord I dont now how long i played NRP, but i love this server ;D Verry nice that the server alive . i m a quiet guy but mostly in a good mood I was in two reg s but now I have enough Maybe I'm the oldest here Sry for bad english . thanks God for Google translator feel free to add me on steam is the same Name
  3. Weedlord

    NRP Username: Weedlord Character Name: Weedlord Faction: Russiyskiy Soyuz GUID: 1082636 Why do you want a character: Why not ;). Wonna be a soldier of blee
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